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Memorandum of Understanding Between II WORKSHOP II and Karmayog          Feb 3, 2007 


1. The media plays a critical role in shaping public opinion on important issues that affect society, first by highlighting such issues, and then by encouraging and supporting informed debate and dialogue amongst people. The print media, and in particular, magazines and periodicals, play a critical role in addressing issues that are beyond the popular and short-term, and thus help to formulate and create awareness on such issues.


2. II WORKSHOP II  is an English monthly magazine that highlights current issues and generates debate and dialogue between its readers who are from different ideologies, faiths, opinions and persuasions. Some of the themes proposed to be covered in forthcoming issues include Disaster Management, Education, US in Indo – Pak relations, India in 2050, the Working of Democracy, Human Resource Utilization in India, etc. II WORKSHOP II  also intends to have a special focus on the work of NGOs and developmental agencies at the grass roots level.


3. Karmayog.org is a non-profit organisation, set up in June 2004, in Mumbai, India, enabling concerned citizens to support and be involved with social and developmental causes in India and civic issues in Mumbai. Karmayog acts as a free platform and a bridge for citizens, NGOs, Citizen Groups, government, media, business and other interest groups. Karmayog is also the Convenor of the NGO Council, a Mumbai-based networking platform of NGOs.


4. II WORKSHOP II and Karmayog.org, having similar objectives of raising awareness on critical issues, and increasing people’s participation in areas that affect them, have decided to collaborate in the following ways:

  • Karmayog will contribute one article to be published every month in


  • Karmayog will encourage volunteers & NGOs to contribute to & promote


  • Karmayog & II WORKSHOP II will invite NGOs to contribute articles for the monthly themes planned by II WORKSHOP II
  • Karmayog will display the II WORKSHOP II issues online on the Karmayog website
  • Karmayog & II WORKSHOP II will mutually promote each other, as required




Signed by



Vinay Somani                                                 Sunil Kadam                                   

on behalf of                                                    (Editor)

Karmayog                                                      II WORKSHOP II 

Shreeniwas House, 2nd floor,                         9/174, Sahakar Nagar 5,              
Hazarimal Somani Road, Fort,                        Chembur,              

Mumbai 400 001                                            Mumbai 400 071

Original MoU