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WARN (Write A Report Now) via Karmayog.org
Complaint No. 0287      Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Regarding Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank, Bahuara branch, Bihar , Bhabua , Bihar
Bank Manager is ignoring my request to Education Loan

A: Details of the organisation complained about
1.Organisation: Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank, Bahuara branch, Bihar
2. State: Bihar
3. City: Bhabua
B: Details of complaint
1. Subject: Bank Manager is ignoring my request to Education Loan
2. Period: 2009 - Jul
3. Details:
I have just got admission in Indian Institute of travel and Tourism Management (IITTM) Gwalior (approved by AICTE). I went to the nearest branch of Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank for an education loan ( 2 lacs).My father has his saving account in this branch. Bank Manager told me that there was only one seat for education loan in the branch cota and that is already sanctioned to someone. So he will not give the loan. When I requested for a written explanation of reason for not providing the education loan, he simply denied doing so. When I contacted other Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank in Bhabua, some one from Bhabua branch asked him to process the request by forwarding the application to the Sasaram branch. I visited the bank second time and this time branch manager told me that education loan form is not available in the branch. He asked me to come after 2 days. When I contacted him after 2 days, he said that form was still not available. When I asked him that when form would be available in the branch, he told me that he can not say. When I requested him to arrange the form from any other Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank in the area, He simply told me that he'll not arrange form from another bank, Same time he told me no other branch will give form to me(?). He suggested me to go to the Sasaram branch for the education loan form. When I asked him that if other Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank branch in the area will not give the form then how sasaram branch will give the form. Hi simply smiled. Sasaram branch is located in other distt.( Rohtas), 85 kilometer away from my nearest Madhya Bihar Gramin Bank branch. I have all document required for the education loan. The institute in which, I have taken admission has a very good placements record. But I do not know why the Bank manager is treating the applicant in this manner.
4. Additional information: Nil
5. Current status:
Bank manager has given a print out of the education loan form. contents on the farm are hardly visible. He has given the form but same time told me that he do not wish to give the education loan.
6. Solution desired:
I want my education loan to be processed and if all documents required for education loan are satisfactory then loan should be sanctioned. I also want some legal action must be taken for this type of bank manager. Because this manager will not provide the required services to the villagers living this bank area.
C: My Suggestions
1. For the organisation: I have following suggestions. 1. Bank must have its web site and all application form should be their in downloadable format. 2. Their must be a provision to give receipt of every application bank receives from an applicant.
2. For the public:  If you want to go for higher education forget about the education loan. If you can not afford the institution fee leave the study or arrange the fee yourself, because all facility and rules runs into files only. Nothing is implemented on these bank/s desk.
3. For government: Take the legal action against such employee.
D: My Contact Details
1. Name: Gyananand Jee
2. Organisation: IITTM
3. Profession: Student
5. Email: singhgyananand@gmail.com