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This section is a must for Ngos , Interested citizens ,students to about the various procedures & tools required to start & sustain an NGO .

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Once you have decided to start an NGO  First of all you have to go the office of Charity Commissioner/Asst charity Commissioner's office and you have to prepare by laws according to the performa

The procedure is as follows:

You have to conduct meeting of the proposed NGO. In the meeting you have to
mention aim, objective, president, vice president, treasurer, advisor,
member etc. You have to pass the resolution of forming NGO and all member
must sign on it with date and proposed name of NGO

Therefter you have to go to Charity Commissioner/Asst charity commissioner's
office and buy the form (it cost 5 or 10 RS)

Thereafter according to the performa you have to complete following

1) power of attorney in the name of president/secretary
2) Consent letter of all members/trustees
3) Resolution
4) by laws of NGO as performa (Draft an MOA)
5) NOC from the premises owner of the address in which NGO to be registered
6) Declaration of all movable and immovable assets of NGO on 20 RS non
judicial stamp
7) other document as required

There after, you have to apply to the same office under Registration of
Societies Act 1860 and Public Trust Act of respective states (In Maharashtra
it is Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 /section 25 of the companies act .

You should get your registration certificate within 1 months of Society and
within 2 months of Trust and you will get registration number

if you want tax exemption, as soon as you get registration number, apply to
Income Tax department for tax exemption under section 80(G)

In case of Foreign Funding then one needs to Apply for FCRA

Once the procedures our completed then you need to take care of the
Other  Important Departments Of the NGOs like

  • Fundraising
  • Marketing techniques
  • Strategy Management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Accounting guide

Each of these are given in detail in this Module.