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Microfinance Focus

A monthly Magazine on Microfinance

We are glad to release the March 2008 Issue of Microfinance Focus. Microfinance Focus is a monthly magazine on Microfinance focusing on Indian microfinance landscape. It is a not for profit initiative and collaborative effort of a group of development professionals.

This month, we are bringing following write ups and Features for our reader.

Download the issue: 

Issue: Microfinance Focus March 2008

File Size: 1.39 MB

To download, click over link
Articles section:

Indian MFIs Need Enabling Environment - For Poor to Access Financial Services, Not Credit Alone
By, Dr Amrit Patel & Dr [Prof] Arvind Kalyani                
Chartering into Unventured Frontiers Targeting the Hard Core Poor (CUF-THP)"

By, Chandrasekhar Ghosh,                      

Focus Cover story:
Micro enterprise training for sustainable livelihoods Gender perspectives   

Dr. N. Lalitha, Gandhi Gram Rural University               
Focus: Interview

Networking and Development: An Interview with Mr.D.T.Reji Chandra, Director PWDS [India]                           

Focus: Extra

Budget excerpts related to Microfinance and allied sector  

Focus: New Initiative

The Alliance for Fair Microfinance     

Robbie hogervorst                                                    

 We are trying to make this magazine to serve the sector better for update knowledge and information need. We request you to provide your feedback and inputs to make this magazine better.

With warm Regards,


Download the issue: 

issue: Microfinance Focus March 2008

File Size: 1.39 MB

To download, click over link


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