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Daily Open House Meetings of NGOs, Volunteers, Concerned Citizens at our Fort Office from 4.30 to 6.00 pm Tuesdays to Saturdays (except Bank Holidays)


Whenever you are in the Fort area, please drop by and meet like-minded socially-concerned people.


If you would like to discuss a particular topic, please inform beforehand the topic and the date so that we can circulate it so that interested people can attend.


If you are going to be visiting Mumbai, please inform beforehand about your interests so that interested people can come and meet you.


If you are an NGO, please ensure that you are properly listed in Karmayog. It would be nice if you can bring your brochure, annual activity report, annual audited accounts, and also notes pertaining to any cause that you would like circulated.


If you are a volunteer, please ensure that you have filled the Volunteer Registration form in Karmayog.


If you are a concerned citizen, and want to discuss some particular issue, please email your points beforehand, if possible. In any case, do bring them in writing for proper follow-up after the meeting.


The objectives of such meetings are: to know each other better, to provide and get support for different social and civic issues, etc.


Directions to our office are in the Contact Us link on every page of www.karmayog.org .


It would be nice if you can email us or phone and tell our Mrs. Parvathy if you are attending. Her phone number is 22013535 / 22000478.