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Corruption Report On Karmayog Online - Corruption ROKO is a complaint and suggestion form to reduce corruption in any government department in India.
This section displays filled Corruption ROKO forms.
If you have faced any problem in any government organisation in the past and would like to help in improving the system there, please fill details of the incident in www.karmayog.org/roko/rokoform . You can fill the form anonymously if you so desire.
Filled forms will be: a) displayed on Karmayog for the authorities and media to take action, and b) will be formally forwarded to the relevant government authorities
Your active participation is necessary to make India a great country!
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Corruption ROKO - Corruption Report On Karmayog Online
Form No. 0401 Sunday, February 14, 2010
Health and Family Welfare, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, UP

We have received a complaint as per the details below.
The filled form will also be displayed at www.karmayog.org/roko along with any feedback that is received from the concerned government authorities.

A: Details of the government organisation
1. Name of government organisation: Health and Family Welfare, Uttar Pradesh
2. State: Uttar Pradesh
3. City: Lucknow
4. Department: 13-Establishment
5. Location: Kaiserbagh
6. Designation of government officer involved: Director Administration
8. Address of the government organisation: Principal Secretary (Health and Family welfare) Uttar Pradesh Government Lucknow
B: My Complaint Details
1. Period of incident: 2010 - Feb
2. Services that were sought: I am employed in Directorate of Medical Health, Lucknow. I only want to do my work on my seat. But they dont let me.
3. Problem/s I faced: They transfer me many times without any reason in last 2 years. I cant constant on my work properly weather others are working since last 5-6 years on same section seat.
4. Bribe amount: I dont know, what they want from me.
5 a. Was the bribe paid? No
5 b. Could the work have been done without paying the bribe? If so, how? No
6. Result: I am still suffering.
C: Additional Informtion attached
Details of Content: Nil
D: My Suggestions
1. For head of government department:
Suggestion 1: Director Administration who is an IAS officer, should inquire well before make any decision.
Suggestion 2: Dont let corrupt selfish persons to force him to make any wrong decision.
2. For the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) / Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI):
Suggestion 1: Issue directions to Principal Secretary (Health and Family Welfare) and Director Administrator - Medical Health to find the reason catch the corrupt officials and do the needful to prevent these type of activities.
3. For other citizens:
Suggestion 1: No any suggestion
E: My Contact details
Name:  Avinash Kumar Srivastava
Organisation (if any): Directorate of Medical Health
Profession: Jr. Clerk
Phone: 9839387782
 Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, Sunday, February 14, 2010