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Corruption Report On Karmayog Online - Corruption ROKO is a complaint and suggestion form to reduce corruption in any government department in India.
This section displays filled Corruption ROKO forms.
If you have faced any problem in any government organisation in the past and would like to help in improving the system there, please fill details of the incident in www.karmayog.org/roko/rokoform . You can fill the form anonymously if you so desire.
Filled forms will be: a) displayed on Karmayog for the authorities and media to take action, and b) will be formally forwarded to the relevant government authorities
Your active participation is necessary to make India a great country!
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Corruption ROKO - Corruption Report On Karmayog Online
Form No. 0178 Thursday, March 19, 2009
Raigad Collector Offfice TNC Department, Alibaug, MH

We have received a complaint as per the details below.
The filled form will also be displayed at www.karmayog.org/roko along with any feedback that is received from the concerned government authorities.

A: Details of the government organisation
1. Name of government organisation: Raigad Collector Offfice TNC Department
2. State: Maharashtra
3. City: Alibaug
4. Department: Land and Tenancy Department
5. Location: Collector Office
6. Designation of government officer involved: Additional collector and all staff
7. Website: raigad.nic.in
8. Address of the government organisation: 1st floor, Collector Office compound , Alibaug, Raigad
B: My Complaint Details
1. Period of incident: 2008 - Dec
2. Services that were sought: obtaining permission for purchasing agricultural land in the name of Agricultural Company.
3. Problem/s I faced: Inspite of continous 1 year follow up, no permission was issued, every time new reason were given, while in same cases , other companies obtained permissions after paying huge amount as part of corruption.
4. Bribe amount: 30,000/-
5 a. Was the bribe paid? NO.
5 b. Could the work have been done without paying the bribe? If so, how? new person at my place has obtained permission after paying 30,000/- to Additional Collector and his staff
6. Result: I never obtained permission.
C: Additional Informtion attached
Details of Content: At raigad Dist, in collector office, starting from clerk to Ad. collector asks for bribe for 43/63 permission.and the rate is 20,000/- for private person and 30,000/- for company which is distributed.
D: My Suggestions
1. For head of government department:
Suggestion 1: Young Collector is doign well efforts for avoiding Corruption but subordinates are so shame less, they dont feel shy to ask for bribe, especially at Collector office, renwal of various licences, 43 / 63 permission for selling and purchasing of lands.
2. For the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) / Centra l Bureau of Investigation (CBI):
Suggestion 1:  
3. For other citizens:
Suggestion 1: afterall every system is run by human being, how we can assure whateve suggestion is given will be follwed? Rather everybody should take care so as to finish corruption!
E: I am not ready to reveal contact details because
 day today work is dependent on officials.
 Maharashtra, mumbai, Thursday, March 19, 2009