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Corruption Report On Karmayog Online - Corruption ROKO is a complaint and suggestion form to reduce corruption in any government department in India.
This section displays filled Corruption ROKO forms.
If you have faced any problem in any government organisation in the past and would like to help in improving the system there, please fill details of the incident in www.karmayog.org/roko/rokoform . You can fill the form anonymously if you so desire.
Filled forms will be: a) displayed on Karmayog for the authorities and media to take action, and b) will be formally forwarded to the relevant government authorities
Your active participation is necessary to make India a great country!
Karmayog's Anti Corruption initiatives are tracked by organisations world-wide, e.g. See the Business and Anti Corruption website at www.business-anti-corruption.com/country-profiles/south-asia/india/ .

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