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A.M.Singhvi FCA, FCMA (Lon) Ph.D, D.Engg (Lon)


 Dr. Ajit Singhvi is a management thinker par excellence. An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Manchester Business School, School of Engineering-Middlesex University, Japan Institute of Plant Management, Ashridge Management College, Institute of Chartered Accountants, and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants amongst others. He was awarded two research degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) and Doctor of Engineering (D.Engg) for his work in the areas of Transformation for Superior Performance.


Since 1964, Dr. Singhvi has worked with May & Baker, British Insulated Cables (BICC), British Leyland, GEC Alsthom and CarnaudMetalbox Groups, in many countries in Europe, Latin America, Caribbean, Africa and Asia, in positions ranging from Financial Controller to Managing Director. He created exceptional value in difficult circumstances, and trained successors in short periods.


During the period, 1997 to 2003, as one of the Corporate Presidents reporting to the Chairman, he conceived, authored and provided leadership for successful deployment of a new Model and Methodology for World Class Manufacturing at Aditya Birla Group’s several locations in  India, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Egypt engaged in diverse businesses.  Since mid 2003, he has been guiding businesses in India and Overseas, as a Management Advisor.  .He is teaches to MBA students.  


Dr Singhvi ensures concurrent development of Strategy, Processes, People, Performance, and Potential. He specializes in management systems that help evolving of Mindset, Culture and Techniques for Superior Sustainable Productivity and Performance at all levels.


Dr Singhvi has shared his thinking, model, methodologies and experiences with Board and Management members of several Businesses including L & T, Tata, Aditya Birla Groups, Industry Associations, and Defense personnel.  As a guest speaker and visiting faculty member, he has been interacting with the students and faculties of IITs, IIMs, Colleges and Universities in India, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Vietnam and China.


He has also contributed a number of articles and presentations on national and international forums. He served on the panels on corporate governance, quality, productivity, finance and business planning.  He has been an office bearer of different Chamber of Commerces in many countries to promote bilateral trade and investment.


Dr. Singhvi has passion for preparing the next generation to face emerging global challenges. His knowledge and inspirational abilities command respect from the masses, and which in turn helps quicker and deeper deployment of his suggestions for enhanced competitive abilities and good governance.


He is married with two children. His son, a MBA from Harvard Business School and MBBS from Guy’s Medical College, works in London.  His daughter, a postgraduate from Cornell, is engaged in consulting in the United States.


His passions include relaxing and entertaining on a Part T Indoor Golf Simulator at home. He commutes between UK, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China.  


Dr Singhvi provides free education, training, and consulting to not so fortunate people and organizations, under the auspices of International Centre for Excellence and Competitive Advantage (ICECA) Trust in many countries.  


FCA, ACMA(Lon), Ph.D, D.Engg(Lon)
President, ICECA Trust for Enhancing Competitive Abilities of People & Processes

(free Consulting on Mindset & Culture for Sustainable Superior Performance),
Management Advisor & Professor.    London-Lausanne-Bangalore
































Email: dr.ajitsinghvi@yahoo.co.uk, asinghvi@amp110.hbs.edu