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Old Age Homes charging Monthly Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 5000/-

Sr. No.

Name of the OAH






Justice Chainani 
Home for the aged

Navghar road, near Shahani estate, Mulund East, Mumbai 400081.

Chainani trust, Navjeevan Co.Housing society, 
Dr Bhadkamkar Marg, 
Mumbai 400008.


Sindhi management but all are welcome. 1(a)50,1(b)none vacant,2) 55yrs,3(a)4)monthly Rs. 1250/-, Deposit Rs.10,000/-5)four per room, Monthly Rs 660/- deposit Rs.10,000/-,6)6(c)7(a)8(b)9(a)one month, on monthly charges, 10(a) per day Rs.50/-11(a),12).


Shraddhanand Mahilashram Vasai OAH.(estb 1927).

Adv. Rajani Marg, Near Deep mala, Zenda bazaar, Vasai, District Thane 401201

Shraddhanand Mahilashram, Shraddhanand Marg, Maheshwari udyan, 
Matunga, Mumbai 400019.

95250  320124 / 322187

visiting hours 8am to 11am and 3pm to 6pm.


Only for ladies,1(a)for the homeless 50,1(b)none vacant,1(a)paid seats 35,1(b) seats available,2) 60yrs,3(a)5)monthly Rs. 1000/-, Deposit Rs.5,000/-6)6(a)6(b) milk provided,9(a)monthly Rs.1000/- deposit Rs.5000/- 3 months.8(b) paid people are not kept back,10(b) 11(a),12),the homeless are given free lodging, boarding and medical facilities.8(a) the homeless are kept back.


Matrusadan OAH.

Plot No.30 sector No.10 phase No.11, opp Terna Medical college, Nerul, New Bombay.



Only for ladies,1(a)35,1(b) 10  vacant,2) 60yrs – 80yrs,3(a)4)one per room,monthly Rs. 1900/-, Donation Rs.55,000/-4) two per room, Monthly Rs 1200/- donation Rs.25,000/-,6)6(a)7(b)8(a)9(a) monthly Rs.3000/- deposit Rs.5000/-, 10(b)11(b),12).


“Narmada Niketan“ (estb 2/10/1984)

Plot no 2, sector no 8, CBD, Belapur, Navi Mumbai

12 noon to 5 pm.


1(a)90,1(b) some vacant,2) 60yrs,3(b)expenses borne by the organization. Other reports borne by the inmate. 4) 1person/room,

Rs. 2400/-pm, deposit Rs.7,500/-,

Rs 3000/-pm. deposit Rs.10,000/-,

Rs.3400/-pm. deposit Rs.10,000/-

Rs.1800/-pm, deposit Rs. 5000/-

Rs.2200/-pm, deposit Rs.7500/-

8(b)9(a)7days Rs.1000/-, 10(a) guests per day Rs.150/-11(b),12).


Ramkrishna Niketan, (estb5/11/1986)

Shantivan, Post Nere, Taluka Panvek, District Raigad 410206

Gandhi seva mandal,

Near National Library, 

Panvel 952143/238153


Bombay 26423226

1(a)20,1(b) none  vacant,2) 55yrs,3(a)4)monthly Rs. 1400/-, Deposit Rs.6,000/- entrance fee Rs.1000/-,6)6(a)6(b)7(a)8(a)take the help of the relatives,8(b)9)per day Rs.100/- eight days. 10(a)per day Rs.100/- two days,11(a).


Nirala OAH

Neral, Central Railway 410101

Smt. Thakoor, Pearl Centre, Senapati Bapat Marg, 
Mumbai 400028


24301796 between 11.30am to 2pm.

Looks after both the independent and mobile elderly as well as the ill. 1(a)30,1(b) 12 vacant,2) 60yrs,5)monthly Rs. 1800/-, Deposit Rs.1,200/- 6),8(a),9(b),10(b),12).


Navadurga OAH (estb15/8/1982)

Near Aptewadi, Shirgaon, Badlapur, Taluka Ulhasnagar, District Thane.

Smt. Uma Bhandare


25403735 thane between 9am to 12noon & 
4pm to 7pm.

1(a)100,1(b) 20-25  vacant,2) 58yrs. Occasionally below that.3(b)4)1per room, monthly Rs.3500/-, Deposit Rs.5,000/- 5)3per room charges monthly Rs.1200/- deposit of Rs.5000/-,6)6(a)6(b)7(a)8(a),9(a)monthly Rs.1200/- six months. 10(a)per day Rs.80/-,11(b),12).


Tushar Pawar OAH 
and Nature cure center run by Dr. Keluskar

Savara Road, Vangani(W) Taluka Ambernath, District Thane.



Monthly charges for the mentally and physically handicapped ir Rs.2500/-, for the independent and mobile Rs.2200/- Elderly in any state are welcome, no deposit. Total seats 40.


Pitashri  OAH (estb 24/5/2003) run by 
Dagdu Sheth Halwai Ganpati Trust

Bhagyoday nagar, Kondhwa khurd, Survey No.55, Pune 411048.



1(a)150,1(b) some  vacant,2) 55yrs,monthly Rs. 2000/-, 6 months advance payment Deposit Rs.6,000/- entrance fee Rs.1000/-,6)6(a)6(b)7(a)8(a)take the help of the relatives,8(b)9)per day Rs.100/- eight days. 10(a)per day Rs.100/- two days,11(a).


Ramadham OAH (estb 6/6/1990)

Adoshi, Khopoli-Pen Marg, Taluka Khalapur, District Raigad.

Visiting Hours 
7 am to 7 pm


1(a)134,1(b) nine  vacant,2) 60-70yrs,3(a)4)monthly Rs. 2100/-, Deposit Rs.10,000/- 5)monthly Rs 1000/- deposit Rs.5000/,6)6(a)6(c)7(b)8(b)9(a)charges as above,10(a)per day Rs.40/- only one day/night,12)Library, Temple, auditorium and place for a walk.


Ananddham OAH run 
by Lokmanya seva sangh Parle, (estb 6/12/97)

Jambhulpada,Taluka Sudhagad, District Raigad 410205.

Lokmanya seva sangh, 
Parle tilak mandir, 
Rammandir road, 
Vile Parle west, 
Mumbai 400057.


Enquires only at 26141276/26142123.

1(a)42,1(b) none  vacant,2) males 60yrs and females 55yrs,3(a)4)monthly Rs. 1650/-, Deposit Rs.20,000/- deposit for a couple Rs.30,000/-,6)6(a)6(b)Milk provided.7(a)8(b)9(a)pl enquire at the trust office. 10(a)per day Rs.175/- two days, no deposit 11(a) 12).


Mohor OAH 
(estb 1995)

Karle khind, Post Kamarle, Pen –Alibag road, Near Petrol Pump, Taluka Alibag, District Raigad.



1(a)25,1(b) some  vacant,2) 60yrs,4)monthly Rs. 1500/-, Deposit Rs.1,500/-,6)6(b)8(b)9(a)Rs.100/-per day10(a) Rs.100/-per day,visiting only on Sundays. 12).


Smt. Vimal Dandekar 
run OAH

Narayan Aali, Revdanda,Taluka Alibag, District Raigad.



1(a)5,1(b) some  vacant,3(a)5)monthly Rs. 2000/-, 6)7(a)12)8(a)takes extra charges and retains,9(a). the information is old there is a likelihood of a change.


Maauli OAH

Borwadi, Taluka Mangaon, district Raigad 402120

Dr Marathe


hospital 02140-68448

4)monthly Rs. 1500/-, Deposit Rs.5,000/-,5)monthly Rs.1200/-,deposit Rs.3600/-,6)6(a)8(a)7(a)9(a)10(a), 12) Bedridden Persons Rs3000/-per month and deposit Rs.15,000/-.


The Goa Hindu Association’s “Snehamandir”(estb1993)

Bandiwade, Fonda.


Bombay Add: 
The Goa Hindu Association,
358, Dr Bhadkamkar Mrg, Mumbai 400 007

2387 0811

1(a)32,1(b) four vacant,2) 60yrs 3(a)4)monthly Rs. 1000/-, Deposit Rs.10,000/- entrance Fee Rs.5000/-6)6(a)6(c)8(a)9(b)10(a)per day Rs.100/- three days, 12).


“Home for the Elders” Run by Radha Keshav charitable trust OAH.(estb 1996)

14-17, nand Darshan, Near Octroi Check Naka No.6, Lam road, Devlali, Nashik.

Visiting hours 9am - 12 noon 
& 4pm -6pm.


1(a)37,1(b) 15  vacant,2) 60yrs 3(a)4)monthly Rs. 2000/-, Donation Rs.10,000/- 6)6(a)6(b)7(a)8(a) admitted in the local hospital,9(a)one month, Rs 2000/-,deposit Rs.1000/- 10(a)per day Rs.150/- three days, 11(b) 12).


Nirmala Home for the aged.

HPT College, D’Souza Colony, Nashik 422005



1(a)45,1(b) 5  vacant,2) minimum 70yrs,3(a) 4)monthly Rs. 1800/- one per room, 5) monthly Rs.1500/- two per room,6)6(c)7(a)8(a)9(a) one month,10(a) Rs100/-per day,11(a)


“Vanprastha Nivas” management by Desai Sahajeevan trust.

Opp “Bal vihar”,186 F Bhangarwadi, Lonavala.

Dr Desai, 
Nana Nivas, 
behind Dadar Police Stn, Mumbai

02114-72850 visiting hours 8am - 8pm.


2422 7281/2422 6438

1(a)28, 15 permanent and 13 on trial basis,2) 55yrs,3(b)4)monthly Rs. 1500/-, Deposit Rs.20,000/- donation Rs.5,000/-,6)6(a)6(b)7(a)8(b)9(a)8days Rs.950/-15 days Rs.1500/- deposit Rs.1000/- 10(a)per day Rs.200/-if there is place 11(a) 12).


“Savali” OAH (estb 2/1/1992)

Plot No. 32, Mascarenhas Colony, opp Atomplast factory, Talegaon, Dabhade, Pune-Mumbai Highway, Distict Pune 410506

Smt Chanda Amdekar.


visiting hours

9am to 12noon & 
4pm - 7pm.

Mumbai No.24376519

1(a)24,1(b) none  vacant,2) 60yrs,3(a)4)monthly Rs. 1500/-, Deposit Rs.20,000/- 6)(b)6(c)once a week7(a)8(b)12)9(b)10(a)per day Rs.125/- two days.


CKP Sabha, Dadar management’s Late K A Bhise OAH (estb 22/12/1991)

Satyakamal Colony, Chakan road, Talegaon, Dabhade 410507, district Pune.

Contact office: CKP Sabga, CKP Community house, 
Ram Maruti Road, Dadar, Mumbai 400028.



Mumbai 2430 5716

(a)22,1(b) ten  vacant,3(a)4)monthly Rs. 1000/-, Deposit Rs.5,000/  donation Rs.30 000/-5) monthly Rs. 1000/- deposit Rs.5000/- donation Rs.5000/-6)6(a)6(c)7(a)8(b)9(b)10(b)11(a) 12).

Visiting all day.



(estb 1993) Joint Scheme of the Maharashtra Pensioners association Pune and Retired seva sangh .

Near Yashogatha Auditorium chowk 20/A, Tapodham colony, Talegaon, Dabhade, Taluka Maval.

Smt Veena Kadekar 
Tel. No. 02114-224292.


1(a) 6 1(b) some vacant,4) monthly charges Rs.675/-one cot deposit Rs.500/-couple per room Monthly charges for 2 beds Rs.1350/- deposit Rs.1000/-


Dadasaheb Natekar Morya Trust’s OAH.

Post Chikhali, Taluka Haveli District Pune 412154.

Shri Laxman Shankar Limaye



(a)20,1(b) few vacant, 4)monthly Rs. 1500/-, Deposit Rs.25,000/- 6) 6(a) 6(b)7(b)12)8(b)9(b)10(a)per day Rs.50/- two days.



“Shatayubhavan” run by Pune Students hostel (estb 4/4/1980)

In the compound of Muktangan Educational Institute. Pune student hostels Vidyanagari, Survey No 44, Parvati, Pune 411009


9520 24222575

only from 10.30am to 12.30pm

 1(a)40,1(b)none vacant,2) 60yrs,3(a)4).Monthly charges Rs.1000/- deposit Rs.30,000/-without interest  6)6(a)6(b) not breakfast instead only milk is served, 7(a)9(b) 10(b)11(a)12).


Maharshi Karve women’s educational trusts OAH(estb 1/10/1933)

Karve Nagar, Pune 411052.


9520  2542 5254          

1(a)66,1(b)none vacant,2) 58yrs,3(a)6)7(a)12)8(a)  9(a) 10(a).


Janseva Foundation Run OAH (estb 15/1/92)

Ambi, Ranwadi, Panshet, Pune

Proprietor Mr Shinde, 
Janseva Foundation office, 
Indulal complex, 
Shastri road, 
Pune 411030

9520 24338787

9520 24265059

1(a)150,1(b)few vacant,2) 60yrs,3(a)4).Monthly charges Rs.1500/ donation Rs.25 000/-5)monthly Rs.800/- donation Rs.15,000/-6)6(a)6(b)milk is served once daily, 7(b)8(a)expenses borne by the organization,9(a)one month 10(a) three days at Rs.15/-11(a)visiting hours morning 10 to 12 and evening 4 to 6. Old Homeless and the ill are looked after.


“Sadhakashram Tapodham” (estb 1988) run by Dharma bhaskar Koparkar Buwa trust.

Varje, Pune 411028


9520 2544 6682

1(a)30,1(b)four vacant,2)  no minimum age limit,3(b)5).Monthly charges Rs.1000/- donation Rs.15,000/-for one per room, two per room donation Rs7 500/-, one can stay without giving donation Per month Rs 1800/- 6)6(a)6(b) 7(a)8(b)12) 9(a) Rs.100/-per day 15days.10(a) Rs. 50/-per day,2/3 days,11(b).



working womens hostel and girl students hostel and OAH

17, Parvati base, Pune 411009

Pune Mahila Mandal Management. 
Smt. Phadke.

9520 24443548

visiting hours 4pm to 7pm.

Only for ladies,1(a)30,1(b)six vacant,2) 55yrs,3(a)4).Monthly charges Rs.1400/-+Rs.200/- deposit Rs.3,000/-others Rs.25/-5)monthly Rs 1400/- no donation deposit Rs.3000/- others Rs.25/-6)6(a)6(b)7(a)8(b)12)9(a)monthly Rs.1800/- for one month,deposit Rs.2000/- 10(a)2 daysper dayRs.115/-11(a).



Senior Citizens Home, Dhayri, Sinhagad Road, Pune 411041

Smt Kadurkar

9520 24392623

1(a)32,1(b)five vacant,2) age no bar,4).Monthly charges Rs.1500/- deposit Rs.20,000/-  6)6(a)6(b)7(a)8(a) additional charges levied.9(a)10(a) only relatives for 2 days at the rate of Rs.100/- per day,11(b)12).


“Adhar” Sevavrati OAH(estb29/6/1997)

Sukh sagar nagar, Katraj, Pune, 411046.


9520 2510028

visiting hrs 7am to 12noon and 5pm to 8pm.

1(a)12,1(b)six vacant,2) nothing in particular,3(a)4).Monthly charges Rs.1600/- deposit Rs.20,000/- advance Rs.4800/-  6)6(a)only the big fasts day 6(b) 7(b)12)9(a) one month Rs.1600/- 10(a) Rs.15/-per day 11(a) deposit non refundable within a year.


“Parivar Mahila Nivas”(estb 1994)

Near Parvati Water Purification centre, Ganeshmala campus, Vithalwadi Road, Behind Kinara Bungalow, Pune.

Smt. Urmila Datar.

9520 24335173

For females only majority are working women and girl students stay here. Elderly ladies only 6. Only mobile and independent elders are admitted. Ages between 60 -70yrs,Monthly charges Rs.1200/- Entrance Rs.20/- registration fee Rs.10/-deposit Rs.2,000/- 6)6(a)6(b)8(b)12)10(a)11(a)7(a)9(a).1st April to 15th June ladies of all ages can stay here for vacation at a charge



Plot No. 13, Girinagar society, Dhankawadi, Pune 411043. 


9520 2575509

1(a)13,1(b)vacant,2) 60yrs,3(b)4).Monthly charges Rs.2500/- deposit Rs.20,000/-5)monthly Rs 1600/-deposit Rs.10,000  6)6(b)8(b)10(a)12.


“Uma snehashram”

Gate No 41, Kasurdi, (Khe. Ba) Taluka, Bhor District Pune.

Mr. Barve, 
Shweta Terrace,
40/29 Bhode Colony,
Erandwana, Pune 411004 Ph.9520 2411004 / 25410702



1(a)16,1(b) vacant,2) 58yrs-85yrs.only independent elders,3(a)4).Monthly charges Rs.1200/- deposit Rs.10,000/-  6)6(a)6(b)7(b)8(b)12)10(a) Rs. 50/- per day for a week.9(a)one month Rs.1500/- monthly 11(b).


Sangam sarvajanik seva samiti’s OAH(estb 15/8/1999)

Chandan nagar, Kharadi road, Pune.

Mr. P N Gole on 
9520 25511869

9520 25511869

1(a)40,1(b) vacant,2) males 60yrs females55yrs,3(a)at own expense4).Monthly charges Rs.1500/- deposit Rs.15,000/-donation Rs.10,000/-6)6(a)6(b)7(a)8(b)9(a)10(a)Rs.100/-per day.


“Adhar Vad vanprasthashram”

26 Shivpuri Ali, Bhor, District Pune.


Nadurkar Bandhu


02113 22261

1(a)18,1(b) vacant,5).Monthly charges Rs.1000/- deposit Rs.2,000/-2)60yrs.6)6(a)6(b)8(a)9(b)10(b)11(b)12.


“Mai” OAH(estb 13/4/2001)

Sangise, Post Takwe, Taluka Maval, District Pune.


9522 11463471

1(a)10,1(b) vacant,2) 65yrs, 3(b) 4).Monthly charges Rs.1000/- deposit Rs.5,000/-  6(a)6(b)7(b)8(a)9(a)10(a)Rs.100/-per day.11(b).



E 5/2, Popular Prestige Society, 141 Varjenaka,near Hotel Yashodeep, Mumbai Bangalore Road, Pune 411052.


9520 25293444

1(a)18,1(b) vacant,2) 60yrs independent elderly, 4).Monthly charges Rs.1000/- deposit Rs.15,000/-6)6(a)6(b)8(b).

Mandatory to sit for Satsang 4times daily.


H.B.P.R.G.Boravake Senior Citizens Home.

Tandalwadi, Taluka Baramati, District Pune 413102

Secretary – (02112) 22941

(02112) 23225

1(a)16,1(b) vacant,2) males 60yrsLook after ill elderly at a cost, 5)Monthly charges Rs.1500/- donation Rs.10,000/-


“Matoshree” OAH(estb.15/5/1993)

R K Nagar,Panchgaon,Kolhapur.



1(a)40,1(b) 9 vacant,2) no age bar,3(a)4).Monthly charges Rs.1500/-5)monthly Rs1000/-6)6(a)6(b)7(b)8(a)9(b)10(b).


“Mukti Sopan Nyas”

178 Samarth nagar, Aurangabad 431001

Shri B B Belsare



1(a)10,1(b) vacant,2) males 55yrs females50yrs,4).Monthly charges Rs.1000/- deposit Rs.15,000/-5)Monthly Rs.750/-deposit Rs.15,000/-6)6(b)7(a)8(b)9(b)10(a)12).


Shri Gopal, OAH

Lokmanya Goshala, Gograswadi, Dombivali (E) 421201 district Thane.

Dube Karyalay   

95251-2451076 /

1(a)281(b)vacant2)60yrs.5)monthly Rs1200/-deposit Rs.2500/-.


“Snehabandhan” OAH(estb19/2/03)

Post Kansal, Taluka Sudhagad, District Raigad.

Shri Bapu Pandit


1(a)40,1(b) vacant, 4).Monthly charges for one person per room Rs.3000/- deposit Rs.25,000/- two per room Rs 2000/- deposit Rs.25,000/- for couple deposit Rs.45,000/-. In case of severe illness, person is admitted in a hospital at personal expense.


“ Shri Saidham” OAH.

Near Khidkaleshwar Mahadeo Mandir, Padle gaon, Taluka /District Thane.(Bus from Dombivili)

Smt. Kulkarni


1(a)27,1(b) vacant,2) no age limit 3(a) medical certificate required. 5).Monthly charges Rs.1200/- deposit Rs.10,000/- 6)6(a)6(b)7(b)8(b)9(b)10(b)11(a)12). Looks after the mentally retarded.


“Adhar” OAH (estb7/6/02)

Plot No. 6, Chaitraban, Souroli road, Shahapur, District, Thane. Asangaon, Central Railway.



1(a)8,1(b) 6 vacant,2)60yrs,3(b) at the Organizations expense.4).Monthly charges Rs.3000/- deposit Rs.5,000/-6)6(a)6(c)7(b)8(b)9(a)10(a)per day Rs.50/-11(a).


“Vanaprasthashram” OAH. (estb 26/1/2003)

Mukkam Karadhe Khurd, Post. Gulsude, after Anthony garage near Reliance, Company. Taluka Panvel, District Raigad. 410207



1(a)3,1(b) 2 vacant,2) 55yrs 3(a),5).Monthly charges Rs.2000/-no  deposit 6)6(a)6(b) milk is provided daily,7(a)8(b)10(a) per day Rs.70/-11(a).


“Tanmayee Senior Citizens Home”(estb. 6/2/2003)

Valhekar wadi, Survey No. 140/12, near Akurdi station, behind Gurudwara, Pune.

Mr. Anil R. Sahastrabuddhe.

9520 7656182

Looks after the ailing. Per day Rs.150/-, deposit Rs.10,000/-1(a)10,1(b) 4 vacant,2) males 60yrs females55yrs,3(a) medical certificate required, 4).Independent persons Monthly charges Rs.2000/- deposit Rs.10,000/--6)6(a)7(b)8(a)11(a)12).



Chinchoti, Near Grampanchayat, Post, Kaman, Dhabdhaba road, Taluka Vasai, District Thane.( Western railway, Naigaon stn.East) Take a shared Auto and get down near Check naka and 5-7 minutes walk from there.

Mr.Shyam Patil


Organizer : Dr. Asawari Paradkar Tel. 23841326


No age limit, looks after independent elderly, Monthly charges Rs.2500/- entrance Rs.2000/- deposit Rs.1,000/-Ill people Monthly Rs.4000/-deposit and entrance as above.


Shri Manav Seva Sangh’s “CU Shah Senior Citizens Home”(estb.24/8/1997)

255-257, Sion road, Sion West, Mumbai-400022.

Shri. Adulja

2401 5561

2409 2266

2407 1553

2407 7327 Ext.41-42.

1(a) 61,1(b) 43 vacant, 2) age limit 60 yrs.3(a)4).Four per room, Monthly charges Rs.2500/- deposit Rs.20,000/-3 per room Monthly Rs.3000/-deposit Rs.20,000/-2 per room monthly Rs.3500/- and deposit Rs.20 000/-6)6(a)6(b) milk provided,7(a)8(b)9(a) temporary appropriate charges and deposit levied. 10(b)12).


“Adhar”OAH (estb. 5/4/2000)

Daulatnagar, Jain Mandir road, Behind Hinduja Hall, Borivili East. Mumbai 400066

Visiting hours 10am to 12 noon. And 4pm to 7pm.

2894 6463

1(a)96,1(b) 85vacant,2) 60yrs,3(b)4).Monthly charges Rs.2100/- ,Rs.3100/-,Rs.4100/-deposit advance of 12 months payment.6)6(a)6(b)7(b)8(a) Kept in a Nursing Home.9(b)10(b)11(b)12).


“Sharan” OAH (Estb. June 1997)

Sector No.9, Near Father Agnel Polytech. Vashi, New Bombay.


2765 9455

2766 1849

1(a)112,1(b) 87vacant,2) males 60yrs females little younger,3(a) Registration form Rs.100/-4).two per room,Monthly charges Rs.3500/- deposit Rs.14,000/-, one per room Monthly Rs.5000/-deposit Rs.20,000/-,per couple monthly Rs.6000/- and deposit Rs.24 000/-.6)6(a)6(b)8(a)9(a)10(a) Rs.700/-per day 11(a)12).



“Abhiruchi Vanprasthashram”


Sector No. 56/5, Vadgaon, Budruk, Pune 411 041.

Shri. Satish Bhide. (Has a farm and a cottage restaurant next to the OAH)


1(a)15,1(b) vacant,4).Monthly charges Rs.3000/- deposit Rs.25,000/-,donation Rs.10 000/-, 7(a)6)6(b)6(c)8(a) as per affordability,9(a) as per affordability,11(a)12). For occasional stay monthly Rs.6000/- deposit Rs.10,000/- and donationRs.10000/-



Wing Commander Choudhary Samadhan Home.

Paraspada, Jamshet, Dahanu, Ambesarai road, Dahanu East, 401602


Mumbai contact. 26323464

1(a)100,Monthly charges Rs.3000/- deposit Rs.15,000/- Medical Rs.10 000/-, no age limit for admission. Ill persons are looked after.


“Shati Niketan”OAH

Chamunda nagar, Narangi fata, next Matruchaya apartment, Virar (East).

Ajay Moreshwar Mhatre.


Monthly charges Rs.3000/- entrance fee Rs.2000/-deposit Rs.5,000/-10(a)9(a)Independent or ill elderly are looked after. There is no age limit.


“Snehabhavan old peoples Sevashram”(Estb.April 2000)

Plot No.7, Dube nagar, Kesnand road, Taluka Haveli, Vagholi, Pune 412307.


445 2385

445 4287

705 2921

1(a)28,1(b) 24vacant,2) no age limit,3(a) medical certificate, 4).Monthly charges Rs.2500/- donation Rs.25 000/-5)Monthly Rs.2000/-donation Rs.15,000/-6)6(a)6(b)7(b)8(a)per day Rs.100/-11(a)12).


“Anandashram”OAH (estb. July 2002).

Nangurle,Taluka Karjat, District Raigad, Karjat Khopoli road, 4 kms from Karjat.

Dr. Dilip Sathe.

2430 6764

1(a)10,1(b) vacant,2) after 55yrs 4).Monthly charges Rs.2500/- donation Rs.5000/- deposit Rs.25,000/-6)6(a)6(b)8(b)9(a)10(a).


“Kamaldham”OAH, (Estb. June2002)

On the way to Kakolgaon, near GIP Tank, Ambernath (East). Central Railway.



Vacancies available,4).Monthly charges Rs.2200/- deposit Rs.25,000/-5)Monthly Rs.1500/-deposit Rs.15,000/-.


“Sanjeevan Ashram” run by Ahilya Mahila Mandal, Pen. (estb. 25/6/2003)

Dr. Gajanan V. Ghate, Near Ganpati temple, Zeeral, Pen, Raigad.



1(a)15,1(b) vacant,2) 60yrs3(a),4).Monthly charges Rs.1800/- 5)deposit Rs.15,000/-for couple Rs.25000/-.6)6(a)8(a)9(a)10(a) per day Rs.100/-11(a)extra charge levied for the ill.




Dr. Abhyankar.



List of facilities and amenities at the Old Age Home:


1.      Number of people that can be accommodated: (1a) Total capacity, (1b) Vacancies.

2.      Eligible age.

3.      Medical check up before enrolling: (3a) self paid, (3b) OAH paid.

4.      Self contained room on monthly rental, deposit or donation, etc.

5.      Common room charges on monthly basis, deposit or donation, etc.

6.      Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 3 times tea, coffee is included. Milk is served at some places. (6a) Fasting food is served, (6b) where Non Veg is prohibited, there sweet dish will be served. (6c) Non veg is served.

7.      Medicines, etc. for minor illnesses: (7a) at the cost of the individual, (7b) at the expense of the OAH.

8.      If the inmate becomes bedridden: (8a) inmate is retained, (8b) inmate is sent home.

9.      On temporary basis: (9a) can stay for a few days on payment, (9b) cannot stay.

10.  Temporary arrangement for visitors/ relatives to stay for some days: (10a) accommodation at cost, (10b) Not accommodated.

11.  If the inmate does not stay in the OAH for a long time: (11a ) concession on monthly rent is given, (11b ) no concession.

12. The medical bills for any chronic or serious illness is to be paid by the inmate.

Note: Updated July 2004. If you find there are any changes, please inform us. Thanks.


Source : Lokmanya Seva Sangh