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 Profile of Sanskar India Foundation
 Name of Organisation : Sanskar India Foundation
One Line Descriptive Slogan : Reaching out, changing the world bit by bit...
About us : Sanskar India Foundation (SIF) works toward the cause of environment, social, health and civic issues. Our major projects are:
1. ‘Sanskar’ – a through-the-year practical environment education programme conducted in schools.
Sanskar is being taught in over 90 schools including municipal, private and aided ones through the year. Each week, our teachers introduce children to topics like waste management, water, air and noise pollution, importance of greening and conservation of resources, encouraging them to come up with eco-friendly ways of dealing with each of these issues.

The sessions are interspersed with a number of interactional and innovative workshops, campaigns, games and quizzes besides involving activities like making posters on relevant environmental themes, organizing signature campaigns and spreading the word, all of which keep the children enthused.

Several hundreds of children who have been introduced to the Sanskar program have willingly given up bursting fire crackers, reduced use of plastic bags, are conscious of conserving resources and more importantly have reached out to several individuals sensitizing them to the issues that they learn as part of the Sanskar program.

2. ‘Tohfa Zindagi Ka’ – an organ donation awareness drive targeted at college students and corporate houses.
The ‘Tohfa Zindagi Ka’ project is aimed at dispelling myths about organ donation and to create awareness on the issue. SIF conducts workshops on the subject in colleges, offices or any other fora to raise awareness about the dearth of organ availability for those in need and sensitizes individuals on cadaver organ donation. Since the project began in March 2009, SIF has conducted over 30 workshops.

3. ‘Newsmakers and Gifting Love’ – paper bag projects aimed at reducing use of plastics and helping women earn a living for themselves.

As part of Newsmakers, SIF provides newspapers free-of-cost to underprivileged women. After being trained by SIF, the women use these for making paper bags and sell them to shopkeepers.

The Gifting Love project involves training of women by SIF to make quality gift bags from handmade paper. The bags are then embellished by artists to be sold to prospective buyers.

Both these projects serve dual purposes – they empower women to make a living for themselves and also help reduce use of plastics thus contributing to conserving the environment.

- Workshops and Campaigns - SIF also organizes one-day workshops on environmental themes such as ‘Waste to Wealth’, ‘Eco-friendly Holi colours’, ‘Eco-friendly Ganeshas’ and ‘Recycling Paper.’ Besides, SIF also organizes campaigns on themes like ‘Say No to Plastics’, ‘Say No to Fire Crackers’ and ‘No Horn Day,’ among others.

- Tree Plantation Drives-SIF organizes tree plantation drives in schools and other locations in association with corporate houses.

- Summer/Theme Camps-The organization also conducts day camps for children on personal hygiene, social, and environmental themes which integrate fun with learning.
Vision : SIF aims to create a class of citizens who are not just sensitive to environmental, social and civic concerns but are also committed toward developing solutions for a better tomorrow.
Mission : Sanskar India Foundation’s mission is to constantly strive to create awareness and sensitization among children and adults alike on various social, civic, health and environmental issues along with promoting practices that foster such thinking.
Services Offered : -The ‘Sanskar’ programme can be conducted in schools in three languages – English, Hindi and Marathi.

- The ‘Tohfa Zindagi Ka’ presentation on organ donation awareness can be made in colleges, corporate offices or any other fora.

- SIF also accepts orders for paper bags – plain ones or fancy gift bags with embellishments, proceeds of which will fund the ‘Newsmakers and Gifting Love’ projects.

- SIF can organize day camps, tree plantation drives, one-day workshops in schools and other institutions.
Impact Data / Statistics : Thousands of children have imibed civic, social, healh and environmental values through the Sanskar program.

Several adults have been sensitised and made aware about the importance and need for cadaver organ donations through the 'Tohfa Zindagi Ka' project.

At least 30 women have been shown a path of economic independence through the 'Newsmakers and Gifting Love' projects.
Brief History : Year 2003-04 –
Sanskar India Foundation, after a study of existing curricular lacunae, designs ‘Sanskar’.
Sanskar encompasses environment, civic, health and social values.

Year 2004-05 –
Sanskar launched in three schools as a pilot project.
Response from schools is overwhelming and impact on students is encouraging.
In March 2005, SIF gets registered as a nonprofit organization under Section 25 of the Companies Act.

Year 2005-06
Encouraged by the positive response, SIF expands the number of schools to 34 (including private and Municipal schools) and the program is conducted in two languages – Marathi and English.
MMRDA funds the Sanskar project during this year under the MMR Environment Improvement Society.

Year 2006-07, 2007-08 2008-09
Each year, the number of schools and children being reached out to as part of the Sanskar program keeps increasing.
The program is now being conducted in three languages.
MPCB decides to support the Sanskar project for a period of two years from 2008-2010

Year 2009-10

The Sanskar program is now being conducted in over 90 schools across Mumbai.

SIF successfully completes a series of ‘Waste to Wealth’ workshops in 20 schools across Mumbai.

SIF decides to diversify into other projects.
‘Tohfa Zindagi Ka’ – an organ donation awareness project, ‘Newsmakers and Gifting Love’ – two paper bag projects aimed at empowering women and reducing use of plastics are launched.
Brief Projects / Achievements : Since the Sanskar programme began in 2004, over 25,000 children across Mumbai have been familiarized and imbibed with environment, social, health and civic values. The Sanskar programme has been highly appreciated by teachers, principals and students in participating schools.

Several corporate houses highly value SIF’s expertise in conceptualizing, organizing and conducting workshops, day camps, tree plantation drives, among other activities and have continued to be associated with the organization.

Between November 2009 and January 2010, SIF successfully completed a series of one-day workshops on ‘Waste to Wealth’ in 20 schools across the city. The workshops were sponsored by LG Electronics.

SIF has organized 5 tree plantation drives in 2009 and 2010, three of which have been sponsored by KPMG.

Several underprivileged women have found economic independence and a means of supplementing their family income after being trained by SIF in making paper bags. These women sell the paper bags to grocers and shopkeepers thus also contributing toward reducing consumption of plastic bags in the city.
What do you exactly do for a beneficiary?: We run an environment education program called 'Sanskar', raise awareness or organ donations by making presentations as part of 'Tohfa Zindagi Ka' and train underprivileged women to make paper bags for a living as part of our 'Newsmakers and Gifting Love' projects.
Info sources: brochure, Annual Activity Report,
Programmes organised during the year: Special Campaigns on "Say no to Plastics" , "Say no to Fire Crackers", and "Use Eco-friendly Idols" have been conducted as a part of "Sanskar".
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- Yearly Budget: 6 lacs
- Revenue Sources: Individual donors, trusts, corporate and government agencies
Donations to Sanskar India Foundation are tax-exempt under Section 80 G of IT Act
Individual donors, trusts, corporate and government agencies
- Key Sponsor:
- A corporate can adopt us at yearly funding of Rs.
- full time: 9
- part-time: 1
- volunteers:
- trustees: Mr. Vijay Agarwal, Chairman Ms. Kiran Madan, Director
Registration Data:
Public Trust Act - .
Income tax Act - 80G
One moving testimonial:
Comments:An excellent way to network.

 sanskar - Sanskar India Foundation
 503, Jolly Bhavan 1
 New Marine Lines,Marine Lines
 Mumbai - 400020.
 Karmayogi : Ms. Kiran Madan
 Tel : 022- 9867019761  (11:00am-5:00pm)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Contact Person - Ms.Kiran Madan
 Phone Work - 7208016858  (10.30am)
 Phone Cell - 9867019761  (11:00-5:00)
NPO Rating by Karmayog - B
Category  1 - Children
Category  2 - Environment
Category  3 - Women
 coverage - Mumbai
 budget - under Rs. 15 lakhs
 audited accounts : to karmayog
 Notes -
Sanskar India Foundation (SIF) works toward the cause of environment, social, health and civic issues.