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 Profile of Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE)
 Name of Organisation : Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE)
One Line Descriptive Slogan : Let's make a Ragging-free India!
About us : The Society Against Violence in Education is a registered non-profit , voluntary organization working against violations of Human Rights in the name of "RAGGING" in Indian educational institutions.

SAVE is possibly the FIRST and (till date) ONLY Registered Anti Ragging NGO in India.
Vision : A society with an educational system free of “ragging”.
Mission :  To promote healthy and positive learning environment in educational institutions.

 To provide medical, legal and counseling supports to students who are victims of ragging.

 To proactively promote measures to eliminate ragging, through the formation of anti ragging campus units.
Services Offered : (i) Supports to the victims.
(ii) Awareness campaigns.
(iii) Promotion of anti-ragging campus units, by involving the students, the staff and the faculty members.
(iv) Promotion of healthy and humane modes of interactions among the juniors and the senios.
(v) Assistance to institutions for prevention of ragging.
(vi) Misc.
Impact Data / Statistics : This is a long term project, main result would take much more time and funding.

Some victims have been provided help, some campuses have been visited and several awareness drives have been conducted.
Brief History : Ragging has been taking a huge toll of innocent lives and careers for long. But there had been no single civil movement against the evil of ragging. There were websites and online groups, from where some conscientious youths gave birth to a non profit organization, which later came to fame in the name of the "No Ragging Foundation". Later, the No Ragging Foundation was registered as the Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE).
Brief Projects / Achievements : Organized several awareness drives. Set up some Campus Units. Received appreciation from diverse fields of the society including those from the Govt. officials and the state Human Rights Commission.
What do you exactly do for a beneficiary?: Support the victim, in every possible way, within our limitations. Trying to eradicate the evil of RAGGING and thus to create a better future for our unknown brothers and sisters to come.
Info sources: brochure, Annual Activity Report, Financial Report, website, miscellaneous
Programmes organised during the year: Several awareness drives, including seminars.
Victim supports provided.
Other links:
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- Yearly Budget: 1
- Revenue Sources: Subscriptions Donations
- Key Sponsor:
- A corporate can adopt us at yearly funding of Rs. 24
- full time: 0
- part-time: 0
- volunteers: 10
- trustees: Dr. K. Banerjee Mr. P. Khan Mr. S. Acharya Mr. J. Karmakar Mr. S. Basu Mr. R. Das Miss G. S. Prajapati Miss S. Mitra
Registration Data:
Public Trust Act - S/1L/49236 under WB Act of XXVI of 1961
Income tax Act -
One moving testimonial:
Comments:There were some mistakes in an uploaded document (project proposal). I am uploading a fresh one, I would be highly thankful if you kindly remove the older project proposal only.

 no2ragging - Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE)
 Banamali Banerjee Road,Kolkata—700082
 Calcutta - 700082.
 West Bengal
 Karmayogi : Dr. Kushal Banerjee
 Tel : 0- 9836042919  (8am - 11pm)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Contact Person - Dr.Kushal Banerjee
 Phone Work - 9433384293  (6pm - 12am)
 Phone Cell - 9836042919  (8am - 11pm)
Category  1 - Human Rights
Category  2 - Children - Education
Category  3 - Youth
 coverage - All-India
 audited accounts : to karmayog
 Notes - SAVE is most probably the FIRST and till date ONLY registered Indian NGO dedicated to eliminate violations of human rights in the name of RAGGING.

SAVE needs you to be part of the organized movement against ragging.

For details, please visit