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 Profile of izad
 Name of Organisation : izad
One Line Descriptive Slogan : IZAD is a Social Organisation
About us : IZAD is an idea of social change. It is still embryonic because the idea sprouted on 5th September, 2002 has just started taking shape. ‘IZAD” is derived from the Urdu word IZAD means ‘Invention’. It is not merely a word; it is a dream to put in continuous efforts to lessen human pain and suffering and to foster development of weaker sections on sustained basis. The founder of the organization has a professional education of social work from different Institute Of Social Service, Bihar and had dedicated his golden 20 years in practicing and translating the theory into action.
The Organization firmly believes that the essence of development is contained in the fact it is about human and the quality of their lives. It further feels that the issue of inequity can be corrected by addressing problems in the existing institution, relationship and Social Organizations
Vision : The Vision is to develop an institution embedded in the community to serve as a unique point of excellence for promoting innovative methods to establish a just society.
Mission : Our Mission is "Transformational development of the people” through planned interventions with respect to participation, focus on women and children, social justice through inclusion of all sects of deprived, sustainable rural development and equity based socio-economic-governance systems.
Services Offered : Thematic Focus of the Organization

• Women Empowerment Programme
o Single women empowerment programme
o Women Leadership Promotion and Empowerment through PRI Election Process
o Legal Training to Women
o Women and Land Rights
• Programme on Education of the Deprived
o Education Progamme focusing Muslim Girls and Boys
o Child Labour Eradication Programme
• Livelihood Programme
o SHGs empowerment cum group Capacity Building Programme
o Capacity Development and Training programme for Adolescents Groups
o Skill Training to SHGs
o Vocational Training programme
o Leveraging on MNREGA
• Access to Rights and Entitlements through Advocacy Programme
o On Rights of the Single Women
o Food Security Campaign
o On Dalit Rights
o On Rights of the Disabled
o On Land Rights
o Right to Employment
o On Right to Education
o Farmers’ Rights
o Promotion of ‘Maulik Adhikar Lok Manch’
• Environmental Education programme
o Environmental Awareness
o Climate Justice Campaign
o Natural Resources and Agriculture
o Sanitation and Hygiene
• Organization Development
o Organizational Networking
o Regular Administration
o Exposure and in-house Capacity Building
Impact Data / Statistics : 300 children
Brief History : The organization specifically concentrates on the whole geographical area of the State of Bihar except for some particular projects which also has operations in the state of Jharkhand.
What do you exactly do for a beneficiary?: SINGLE WOMEN EMPOWEMENT AND CHILD EDUCATION
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Programmes organised during the year:
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- Yearly Budget: 5000000
- Revenue Sources: AJWS
- Key Sponsor:
- A corporate can adopt us at yearly funding of Rs.
- full time: 25
- part-time: 20
- volunteers: 20
- trustees: 1. Asrita Toppo-President
2. Akhtari BEgam-Seceretary
3. Shivani Choudhary-Treasurer
4. Minu Malakar -Member
5. Shyama Devi-Member
6. Mrs. Pramila Kumari-Member
7. Mrs.Pratima Devi –Member
Registration Data:
Public Trust Act - Society Ragistration Act
Income tax Act - 12A: 21/2007-2008,80G:AA/PATNA80G/2007-2008/1005-0
FCRA - 031170419
One moving testimonial:

 izad - izad
 Rajendra Nagar
 Road no.13-C
 Rajendra Nagar,patna
 Patna - 800016.
 Karmayogi : akhtari begam
 Tel : 0612- 2336611  (any time)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Contact Person - Ms.akhtari begam
 Phone Work - secratary  (morning)
 Phone Cell - 9430559191  (any time)
Category  1 - Children
Category  2 - Women
Category  3 - Children - Education
 coverage - bihar and jharkhand
 budget - under Rs. 1 crore
 audited accounts : to karmayog
 Notes - izad is mass based social orgnisation and promote the develop muslim women and child labor so we are working without support