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 Bharath Youth Association, Andhra Pradesh - Kurnool
 BYA - Bharath Youth Association
 Bharath Youth Office
 Car Street
 Main Road,Holagunda
 Kurnool - 518346.
 Andhra Pradesh
 Karmayogi : G.Kanna Rao , President
 Tel : 08523- 289444  (9 am - 6 pm)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Contact Person - Mr.G.Kanna Rao
 Phone Work - Reporter , Social wo  (9Am - 10PM)
 Phone Cell - +919014479244  (12AM -12PM)
Category  1 - Youth
Category  2 - Children - Education
Category  3 - Education - Literacy
 coverage - ALUR assembly constituency in KURNOOL District
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - Aware the rural children & Youth to com petite with advanced city students & city guys  


 Bharti Integrated Rural Development Society - BIRDS, Andhra Pradesh - Kurnool
 birds_ap - Bharti Integrated Rural Development Society - BIRDS
 26/130 B1, Gnanapuram,
 Nandyal,,Kurnool Dist.
 Kurnool - 518502.
 Andhra Pradesh
 Karmayogi : Paul Raja Rao - Founder
 Tel : 8514- 24611
 Website on Karmayog -
 Own Website -
Category  1 - Children
Category  2 - Women
Category  3 - Agriculture
 coverage - Andhra Pradesh
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - BIRDS is a non-profit organization established in 1991 at Nandyal, in Kurnool district of Andharapradesh, India.

Founded and directed by Paul Raja Rao, BIRDS has grown in the past six years from a grassroots attempt to empower the Dalits and provide a few microfinance loans to groups of women attempting to form cooperative business ventures, to a major NGO non-profit, touching the lives of stens of thousands of untouchables each year.

BIRDS works with Dalits, women, children and farmers on several issues like:

social discrimination
human rights
women issues
gender rights
women''s empowerment process
health issues
child labor
bonded labor
farmer suicidal issues
organic agriculture practise
ground water management programs
farmer field schools
HIV prevention programs


 Kurnool - 518502.
 Andhra Pradesh
 Tel : -  (9 AM - 6 PM)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Contact Person - Mr.B.VIJAYA BHASKAR RAO
 Phone Work - OFFICE  (9AM - 6 PM)
 Phone Cell - 9347005158  (10 am -6pm)
Category  1 - Children
Category  2 - Women
Category  3 - Agriculture
 coverage - nandyal,all india,ap
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - we aim to serve the people  


 BLUE CROSS YOUTH SEVA SANGAM, Andhra Pradesh - Kurnool
 Kurnool - 518442.
 Andhra Pradesh
 Karmayogi : PRUDHVIRAJU. B
 Tel : 08517- 284344  (6 AM - 10 PM)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Own Website - NO
 Contact Person - Mr.PRUDHVIRAJU. B
 Phone Cell - 9849092941  (9849092941)
Category  1 - Animal Welfare
Category  2 - Ambulance
Category  3 - Animal Welfare - Cows
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - Mr. PRUDHVIRAJU. B has relentlessly worked in the field of animal welfare, and wildlife protection for the last 32 years, He has worked as Bluecross youth seva sangam, Erraguduru for 15 years and as president, blue cross for 10 years. Mr. B. PRUDHVIRAJU. B has faced many life threatening situations while implementing the Preventions of Cruelties to Animals Act in Andhra Pradesh, the Birds and Animals Sacrifices Prohibition Act and the Andhra Pradesh Prohibition of Cow Salughter and Animals Preservation Act. Due to his efforts, animal sacrifices were completely stopped at 250 temples in Rayalaseema, and kurnool districts in Andhra pradesh and he has played a major role in educating people to give up the rural of animal sacrifice. Mr. PRUDHVIRAJU. B has set up animal hospitals and animal care centres to rehabilitate sick and injured animals. He has been sucessful in stopping the killing of stray animals and rescued preforming animals. He was also instrumental in cattle. Mr. PRUDHVIRAJU. Bis also responsible for setting up 1000 Kindness or "Karuna" Clubs in elementary primary and high schools in Andhra pradesh.  


 Centre for Human Activity in Rural Development, Andhra Pradesh - Kurnool
 CHARD - Centre for Human Activity in Rural Development
 H.NO. 5-3-29
 Khammam,Andhra Pradesh
 Kurnool - 507001.
 Andhra Pradesh
 Karmayogi : Samala Babu
 Tel : 08742- 221013  (9.30Am - 7PM)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Own Website - ----------------------
 Contact Person - Mr.Babu Samala
 Phone Work - 221013  (9.30am7pm)
 Phone Cell - 9440145153  (7am-10pm)
Category  1 - Social Welfare
Category  2 - Community Development
 coverage - A.P
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - Establisbed 1994,12 MEMBER Staff, Environmental related works,child rights protection, Human services like man power supply to govt agencis
Our Activities
1.Hiv/Aids Prevemtopm
2. Women and child welfare
3. Sustainable agriculture
4. Organict forming
5.Mid day meal to school children
6.Elimination of child labour programe
7.1)Rural environment with the environmental programmes.

2)Agriculture Development.
3)Animal Husbandry Development.
4)0Women & Child Development Programme.
5)Youth Development Programme.
6)Health Education Programme.
7)Illiteracy abolisation through community education.
8)Anti Alchoholism programme and untouchability abolisation programme.
9)Child bonded labour abolisation programme.
10)Education for all programmes.
11)Physically, Mentally Handicapped Welfare and Educational programme.

12)Drug Edicts and Old age people rehabilitation programme.

13)Legal awareness creation among the various groups of people in the society.
III The Vision
The concentration on Rural Livelihoods and our effort to facilitate better human resource mobilisation and utilisation etc. led us to achieve the following Vision:
Ensuring establishment of rural society wherein the rural livelihoods thrive on their own human resources in a manner to utilise the natural resources and other economic resources available therein to reap optimum utilisation in a sustainable manner.
IV The Mission
Having said that the organization thrive for optimising the human resources among rural livelihoods, CHARD adopted the following Mission to facilitate appropriate atmosphere to achieve the Vision:
Ensure capacity building efforts among rural livelihoods across the caste and creed, facilitate peoplesí participation in planning, implementation and promotion of development programmes, undertake skill development and upgradation programmes etc. to ensure identifying opportunities, utilising the resources and spread equity among the target group.
Programme Implementation Strategy
CHARD believes that appropriate strategy in programme implementation would lead to optimum utilisation of resources and enhance the efficacy of programme implemented. Keeping this in view, a flexible structure of strategy, depending on the type and duration of programme to be implemented, has been adopted. In fact, the strategy has been laid with emphasis on peoplesí participation to tune the programmes more closer to the needs of the target group. The general programme strategy has been:
- Maintain voluntary facilitators at village level in the operational area and maintain a documentation process on economic and social requirements at village level as well as livelihood level;
- Consolidate the data base at regular periodic intervals;
- Form Village Committees to identify the need or requirement assessment;
- Dovetail such assessments with the resources available with the organization;
- Chalk out programme structure with the resources available through Programme Advisory Committee after due interaction with target group;
- Facilitate financial requirements for the programme through internal or external sources; and
- Implement the Programmes through field level staff as well as Village Committees.



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