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 Child Welfare Ashram, Manipur - Imphal
 childwa - Child Welfare Ashram
 N.C. Road Lakhipur
 P.O. Jirbham (Via Silichar),State-Manipur
 Imphal - 795116.
 Karmayogi : .
 Tel : 0385- 221235
 Website on Karmayog -
Category  1 - Children
 coverage - Manipur
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes -
Child Care (Health & education) Women (Health & socio economic development. Services of HIV/AIDS)


 Citizen Volunteers Training Centre, Manipur - Imphal
 citivtc - Citizen Volunteers Training Centre
 Citizen Volunteers Training Centre
 Imphal - 795001.
 Karmayogi : .
 Tel : 0385- 2451431
 Website on Karmayog -
Category  1 - Community Development
 coverage - Manipur
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes -
To aid assist, finance, guide undertake and carry on all sustainable development and welfare activities connected with health, economic, education, culture, environment and appropriate technology.


 Council For Anti Poverty Action And Rural Volunteers', Manipur - Imphal
 CAPARV - Council For Anti Poverty Action And Rural Volunteers'
 New Checkon,Simdailong
 Sangom Building
 Near Brighter Academy,Imphal East
 Imphal - 795001.
 Karmayogi : CAPARV was born in 1988 as a n
 Tel : 0385- 2441388  (10 am to 4pm)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Contact Person - Mr.Nizamuddin Shah
 Phone Work - Secretary  (10am 5pm)
 Phone Cell - +919863239127  (7 am 6pm)
Category  1 - Agriculture
Category  2 - Community Development
Category  3 - Capacity Building
 coverage - Imphal East,Imphal West,Manipur
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes -

Name :- Council for Anti Poverty Action & Rural Volunteer’s (CAPARV)

Regd.Office :- Urup Litan Makhong, Imphal East, P.O.Lilong-795130,Manipur(India)

Telephone :- +91-9774226097(m)

E-mail :-

Administrative office :- New Checkon (Dimdailong) Imphal East, 795001, Manipur(India)

Background: CAPARV was born in 1988 as a non-profit making non-government voluntary organization without sectarian of cast, creed, and cadre. It has been registered under Act 1 of 1990,Registration .No.400 of 1988 (S.R.Act 1860),Dated,16th December 1991, F.C.R.Act-1976,Registration No.194130085,dated 14th August 1992 and, Registered under section 12 AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961, F.No.RA.78/12A/CIT/JRT/02-03, Date .9th August 2002

Organizational Structure:

General body :Consist of 25 members out of which 25 ( 8 female + 17 male)

Executive Committee :Consist of 7 members and looks over all Organizational activities.

Secretary/Chief Functionery cum Director: In-charge of the whole administration, Coordination,Communication of the Organization

Project Coordinator:Incharge of project responsibilities and programme coordination.

Field staff:They carry out programme in the field and support programmes coordination

Support staff:They support organizational Administration activities and to carry out organizational activities.


CAPARV visualizes a just and peaceful coexistence society where in all sections of community and people live in harmony, enjoy in equal participation in all developing and changing of societal scenario through a value base in equality ,transparency, Liberty ,sustainability of livelihood and non-violence.


Our mission is to work in democratic way with right base approach, create meaningful space for welfare, development and Livelihood for addressing critical affecting dignity of poor people, backward and Minorities such as –“Economy, Socio-politics, Education, Unemployment, Environment, Health”- by harnessing resources of both internal and external sources and other critical issues of conflict, Human Rights, gender violence, women & Child , HIV/ AIDS.

CAPARV highly thrust in network and networking with various likeminded organization & Institutions for active tackling and addressing of issues and facilitates a place for active involvement
of reference community with due and equal respect to all poor,weakers,marginalized people. Build capacity, organize, workshop, seminar, consultative meetings, and Training.

CAPARV commits and strives for equality, transparency, liberty, equity & justice and in doing all above, promotes peace and altruism and follows non-violence (AHIMSA).

Main goals of the organization:
Develop relevant capacities and promotes a well inform global alliance on the vulnerability,potentials and transformation of the poor/weakers and marginalized peoples of the region,effectively Promotes gender balance,equity and economic freedom,Restore inter-ethnic connectivity and regional peace,Ensure a just and good governance.

Main objectives:
:- To reduce harm to promote peace,non-violence and tackling the issues of Violence & conflict situations such as Arms Conflict,Ethnic Political Conflict,Human Rights violation,gender violence and violence against women & girls and child,Education and Employment etc.

:- To create Community based Rehabilitation programme for people with disabled and capacity building of poor & needy persons for sustainable livelihood.

:- To encourage employment generation activities and participatory process and create people platform for self –sustainance.

:- To promote women in development and progressive people empowerment.

:- To build capacity and stress & strive to realize our vision & mission on a sustainable basis.

:- Good governance for promoting local responsibility & initiatives for the above works and task.

Area of operation: Imphal East and West District, Manipur.

Main Focus Area of issues  (Present):
Livelihood and Peace

Of 13 Identified problems

● Conflict situation
● Poverty stricken
● people Economic
● Employment
● Welfare & Development of communities
● Human Rights
● Education
● HIV/AIDS/TB/Malaria
● Environment
● Reproductive Child health
● Gender violence
● Globalization and
● Food in security & Health hazzard

Present working area and community served:
a) Area of coverage : Imphal East and West District, Manipur.
b) Community served : Muslims, Meiteis, Hindu and Schedule Tribes and Schedule Cast
community (General Communities,Minorities and other backward

Name of Bank : Punjab National Bank (Irilbung Branch), Thangal
Bazar,M.G.Avenue, Imphal.Manipur.

Account No. : i) S/A 2775000100002453 (F.C.R.A)

ii) S/A 2775000100011626

Current Paid staffs :

I. Full time:
Male - 05
Female - 03 Total = 08
II. Part time
Male - 02
Female - 01 Total = 03
Grant Total = 11 nos.

Development Approach:

-Participatory approach (planning,monitoring,Implementation and Evaluation) : -
▪ Apply participatory learning & teaching methodology like PRA & PLA
exercise in the community.
▪ Provide skills, data collection and documentation.
-Capacity building :-
▪ Organise Awareness, campaigns and community sensitization workshop,Seminar
programme of different issues related.
▪ Conduct training on survival skills and capacitation of rural community to
become a self- reliance or sustainability.
- Networking with NGOs,CBOs,POs:-
▪ Capacitation and Strengthening existing local bodies like NGOs,CBOs,Pos, youth
clubs,Women Organisations,SHGs, and students bodies, and non- government
organizations Who are concern with livelihood,Local capacity for peace and
- Established linkage with Government Departments, Banks and Financial Institutes:-
▪ Empowerment of SHG members.
▪ Building a good raport between SHGs & Bank official concerned and other
Government Departments like-Rural Development & Panchayeti Raj Institutions,
Department of Handloom and Handicraft, Ministry of Textile, Govt.of India.
▪ Teaching cash record, decision making and documentation to the SHG members.

- Exposure programme:-

▪ Conduct field exposure/knowledge sharing exchange programme with
various beneficiaries concerned.
- Land Development:-
▪ Making ownership of land
▪ Utilized & Improved of westland.
▪ Introduced using of organic fertilizers by the local farmers.
▪ Growing cash crop and other indigenous plants and species.

Funding History for the last 3 years :
Sl.No. Project/Programme Name of Funding Agency/Doner
1. Network Capacitation on LCP and Development(Imphal East District) VDO/UNMM under EED/ICCO
2. Peace Promotion Programme. PPP/Manipur & Nagaland under
(Action Aid)
3. T.B.Controle Programme. RNTCP/T.B.Controle Society, Govt.of Manipur.
4. Sensitization on Rural Industrialization programme & Skill Development Training Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)
5. School Education programme for HIV/AIDS Indian Aids Consortium/MACS
6. Empowerment of Women through Promotion of SHGs. Indo Global Social Service Society
7. Micro credit programme through members of SHGs. Revolving fund
8. Survey programme and Capacity building of
CBR workers and team members.( a programme for PWDs) CBR Forum/CARITAS India

Work done so far and achievements.

a) Poverty alleviation & Women Empowerment:
- Sensitization, Awareness programme of Rural Industrialization programme, Economic
Literacy Workshop and consultation on Income Generation Programme, Globaliza-
tion, Gender etc.
- Capacity building of women from poor families, leaders building, organization
building analyse issues & problems of Violence Against Women,Human Rights.
- Promotion of SHGs.
- Skilled Human Resource Development training.
- Savings & micro-credit, initiative of friendly economic development programme for
Employmnt & Income generating programme.

b) Network Capacitation on LCP and Development:
- Capacity Building of NGOs, C.B.Os, P.Os and other C.S.Os on .C.P, Conflict, transfor-
mation, Peace building, Networking, and Globalization, Vision & Mission and

Perspective building of Networking members, Programme Monitoring & Evaluation,
Exchange & Exposure for cross learning of LCP.

c) Environment Development:
- Awareness Campaign on changes of Environment & climatic conditions in the region.
- Tree plantation.
- Formation of Eco-clubs and Village Task Force group.
- Agro-Forestry training.
- Capacity building of local Farmers, youth/students on biodiversity conservation &
protection of local forest resources.
- Training for Chula making.
d) Basic Education:
- Enrollment of children in formal schools and conduct coaching classes.
- Literacy Campaign in the communities.
- Adult Education.
e) Health & Sanitation:
- Construction of Low Cost Latrine.
- Youth Camp for Clean of drains and Canals.
- Training of local indigenous dias groups.
- Health Camp.
f) HIV/AIDS /T.B./Meleria:
- T.B. & other Vector born disease Control programme.
- Awareness, Seminar, workshop & sensitization through School Aids Education & Essay
Competition, community intervention programme on HIV/AIDS.
g) Disable welfare programme:
- Survey and capacity building of CBR worksers,team members
- Awareness, Mother & Child health care programs
h) Advocacy, Lobby/Campaign:
- Peace making & sustainable development planning
- Democratic Intervention.
- Observation of International Human Right Day with political leaders/policy makers
and follow up.
- Mass rally & protest for setting up a state Women Commission.
i) Support services:
- Flood & Drought and Disaster Management and relief.
- A micro-development experiences.
- Health service.

Achievement of the Network Capacitation:

CAPARV is being done Network and playing a major role of District Network Coordination in Imphal District as a part of UNMM.The main activities of the Network is closely involved in Capacity building of NGOs,C.B.Os, Panchayets,Women groups on Local Capacity for peace(LCP), Peace Building,Gender,Conflict transformation, Globalization, Women Empowerment and Advocacy it has been strengthen the district Network services with member NGOs, Associate member NGOs, C.B.Os, P.Os and student organizations actively.

The tremendous and generous contribution and cooperation of the organization stretched out to the Network will vastly help towards the struggle of bringing a better earth and change society. And we have achieved the following:-

☞ Different ethnic NGOs are emerged in our Imphal East District Network as a part of United NGO
Mission (UNMM).
☞ Communities are understood the impact of conflict and they have initiated the movement for peace and
Integrity amongst communities.

☞ NGOs and civil society organizations developed appropriate strategies in development process base on
Local capacity for peace (LCP).

☞ Enriched trained facilitation team of Network members and sharing of experiences especially on Local capacity for peace, women Empowerment, conflict transformation and Livelihood programmed and more effective in the process of District network and networking through UNMM.

Weaknesses of CAPARV:

1. Lack of manpower
2. Need to build capacity of staff and volunteers
3. Infrastructure facilities for equipments,machineries and own building of organization for training and
other facilities.
4. Strengthen the capacity of staff on issue based approach.
5. Lack of fund/financial resources to response sustainanability to the identified issues/problems.

(Md.Nizamuddin Shah)
Secretary, CAPARV



 Department of Anthropology, Manipur - Imphal
 depanthro - Department of Anthropology
 Manipur University
 Imphal - 795003.
 Karmayogi : .
 Tel : 0385- 2435738
 Website on Karmayog -
Category  1 - Children
 coverage - Manipur
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes -
24 hour help line for children


 Educational and Social Upliftment Organization,, Manipur - Imphal
 ESUO - Educational and Social Upliftment Organization,
 D.M. Road,
 Koirengei Bazar to Sekmai.
 Koirengei to Mongjam Via Maibakhul,Mongjam Village,
 Imphal - 795002.
 Karmayogi : Strongly belive to help each
 Tel : 0385- 9436890825  (7 am to 9 pm.)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Own Website - nil
 Contact Person - Mr.S. N. Singh
 Phone Work - 9436890825  (7am to 8 p)
Category  1 - Social Welfare
Category  2 - Rural Development
 coverage - Manipur
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes -
The ESUO is non profit making voluntary organization in Manipur under Manipur Registration Act of 1990.


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