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 Aastha Welfare Society - Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh - Agra
 aastha_up - Aastha Welfare Society - Uttar Pradesh
 Sharma Complex, 5/81,
 Madia Katra,,Agra
 Agra - 282002.
 Uttar Pradesh
 Karmayogi : .
 Tel : 0562- 2214467
 Website on Karmayog -
 Own Website -
Category  1 - Women
Category  2 - Environment
Category  3 - Children - Education
 coverage - Uttar Pradesh
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - The Aastha Welfare Society, Agra is an initiative of a few individuals who are already working in the field of education by providing Computer Training Program, Distributing books for poor students. The society was registered in the Feb, 2000 under the Uttar Pradesh Societies Act of 1860.

The member of the societies includes Technical Professionals, Educationist and Academics.The society is registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976, 80G(5)(vi), Income Tax Act, 1961, 12A IT Act 1961, PAN card, and also registered under provisions of 35AC of IT Act, 1961,approved project by the National Committee.


 Animal Lovers Association, Uttar Pradesh - Agra
 ala_agra - Animal Lovers Association
 4 Garden Road Agra Cantt,,Agra
 Agra - 282001.
 Uttar Pradesh
 Karmayogi : Col. Y.N Upadhyaya, VSM
 Tel : 0562- 332283
 Website on Karmayog -
Category  1 - Animal Welfare
 coverage - Uttar Pradesh
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - Mission:

- To campaign for the ethical treatment of animals.

- To promote vegetarianism and to stop the export of meat.

- To set up animal hospitals and shelters and to stop the killing of stray animals.

- To preserve wildlife in its natural habitat.

- To ban the misuse of animals in movies.

- To campaign for proper animal rights laws and to work for their welfare.


 Antardrishti - Agra, Uttar Pradesh - Agra
 antardrishti - Antardrishti - Agra
 70, Tagore Nagar
 Dayal Bagh,Agra
 Agra - 282005.
 Uttar Pradesh
 Karmayogi : Akhil Kumar Srivastava
 Tel : 0522- 9412258575  (9 am - 6 pm)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Own Website -
 Contact Person - Mr.Akhil Kumar Srivastava
 Phone Cell - 9412258575  (9 a - 6)
Category  1 - Disabilities - Visually - Challenged
 coverage - UP, Uttaranchal
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - Agra based social development organisation is committed to the cause of blind people in our society. Towards this we had made a humble beginning in 2006. It is registered as a Public Charitable Trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882.  


 Balwant Rai Charitable Eye Foundation, Uttar Pradesh - Agra
 brcef - Balwant Rai Charitable Eye Foundation
 72A,Professors Colony
 Hari Parvat.,Agra
 Agra - 282002.
 Uttar Pradesh
 Karmayogi : .
 Tel : 0562- 351676
 Website on Karmayog -
Category  1 - Social Welfare
Category  2 - Medical - Services
 coverage - Uttar Pradesh
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - Ours is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing the best eye care facilities to the poor and needy.

We have the latest equipment, such as the Yag Laser, computerized field testing, Phacoemulsification, Auto Refractor, Operating Microscope, etc.

We are also striving to make it one of the best courses with your help.

We have three well qualified doctors who are providing free medical care to patients.

This foundation is totally dependent for funds on people and organizations who wish to donate money for human welfare. Any donation from you will be more than appreciated.


 Centre for Artisans Artists Peasants Professionals, Uttar Pradesh - Agra
 AADHARCAP - Centre for Artisans Artists Peasants Professionals
 48, Tota Ka Tal,
 Behind Neeraj Dairy
 Madiakatra Lohamadi Road,Madiakatra
 Agra - 282002.
 Uttar Pradesh
 Karmayogi : Dr. Meenakshi Srivastava
 Tel : 0562- 9837009329  (8 am - 9 pm)
 Website on Karmayog -
 Own Website -
 Contact Person - Mr.Abhinay Prasad
 Phone Cell - 9837009329  (8am - 10pm)
Category  1 - Self - Employment
Category  2 - Business - Management and Research
Category  3 - Vocational Training
 coverage - UP, MP, Raj, Bihar, UA
 audited accounts : Not Submitted to karmayog
 Notes - Training in Employability Skills and Skill Assessment and Certification  


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