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State Delhi
City Daryaganj
Name of NPO Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital
Area of Activity To provide quality eye and ENT care to all socio-economic classes; to eradicate visual and hearing impairment


Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital
Address 5027 Kedar Nath Road, Daryaganj New Delhi 110002


011-3251564, 3251581, 3252435






Dr Steven Roy, CEO


A non-commercial trust founded in 1922; Registrations: Trust; FCRA; 35AC.


To provide quality eye and ENT care to all socio-economic classes; to eradicate visual and hearing impairment; treat at least 50 per cent of patients free of cost.

Geographical reach

Daryaganj area, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Rajasthan.


Has treated over 4.5 million patients and performed over 2,50,000 eye surgeries since inception; established an ENT department in 1967; has six departments -ophthalmology, rehabilitation and development of people with visual impairment, anesthesia ENT, and internal medicine and laboratory. Quality assurance systems monitor postoperative surgical results to assess patients' satisfaction; holds training workshops for frontline members; networks with NGOs involved in visual impairment-eradication programmes.
126 outreach clinics in 28 slums within Delhi and 11 villages outside Delhi; brings volunteers from villages and slums to the hospital and trains them to identify ophthalmic conditions that need attention; screening camps take patients to hospital for surgery; has introduced a low-vision centre in the department of rehabilitation of people with visual impairment. Concentrates on visual aids, special lenses and technology-enhanced devices. Department of paediatric ophthalmology for childhood visual impairment began a school-screening programme with workshops for school teachers in Daryaganj.
Established a separate department of paediatric ophthalmology, with the aid of Orbis International, whose activities include preventive education/ screening in Delhi, Rajasthan and specialised paediatric ophthalmology surgery; invites visiting faculty to present, critique and discuss case studies; holds conferences and workshops in association with Alcon, Allergan, Bausch and Lomb; conducts weekly, on-going, training programmes for nurses, optometrists and doctors; trains government ophthalmologists in microscopic techniques and IOL surgery and implantation.


Newsletters to paediatricians, manual for teachers/ field workers in screening for vision and identifying eye problems. 



To upgrade infrastructure; day-care centre; perform more cataract surgeries every year on patients from poor and remote areas; to intensify outreach programme to adjacent states of Rajasthan, Haryana, UP and to expand the ENT programme to set up community preventive programmes including the audiology screening of school children for hearing impairment.


includes Dr Minoo S Shroff, Chairperson; Brij Dadachanj, Bansoi Dhar, Naresh Gujral, Trilochan Singh.


160; 23 doctors; 6 volunteers.


Eicher Goodearth Ltd, Ambassador Hotel, Shroff Eye Centre, Delton Cables Ltd, S J Jindal Trust.


Income for 2000-2001, Rs1.3 crore.
Registered Date 5/14/2005