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State West Bengal
Capital Kolkata
City Kolkata
Name of NPO Association of Voluntary Blood Donors - West Bengal
Area of Activity To create awareness about blood donation; motivate people to donate blood voluntarily


Association of Voluntary Blood Donors - West Bengal
Address 20 A Fordyce Lane, Kolkata 700 014 West Bengal









Subrata Ray


Established in January 1980 by 89 voluntary blood donors; has expanded to a fraternity of over 5,00,000 donors, organisers, motivators, associates and members; consultant to World Health Organisation, Geneva, Government of India and Government of West Bengal; de-facto representative of voluntary organisations related to blood donation in the country. India's sole representative in the International Federation of Blood Donor Organisations, Paris, France. Registrations: Society; FCRA; 80G.


To create awareness about blood donation; motivate people to donate blood voluntarily; fight against superstition and propagate the message of optimum utilisation of blood; improve transfusion services in various districts of West Bengal by building a healthy donor base and collection infrastructure.

Geographical reach

West Bengal.


Conducts blood donation camps (694 camps in 1999 and collected 54,818 units of blood for government blood banks); conducts mass blood donation camps on important days where over 1,000 voluntary blood donors donate blood; helps government and other regulatory bodies frame policies, rules and regulations; conducts three-month diploma courses to train blood donor motivators; 2,000 trainees enrolled in three-day certificate courses conducted at over 30 centres to train honorary blood donor motivators; networks with universities and medical colleges in West Bengal.
School Education Programme - exposes children in the over-14-year age group to facts relating to blood and the concept of blood donation. Master Motivator Training Programme} - is conducted in several states in English; participants are expected to conduct similar programmes in their states in their local languages. Honours blood donors and donor organisations every year on the Foundation Day j of the Association; has a comprehensive database of donors in West Bengal; issues credit cards for donors; coordinates and associates with social workers in other states to further the cause of blood donation; undertakes survey and research work for the Government of India under the Ministry of He and Family Welfare.


Gift of Blood, an English quartei and Rakta Rakhi, a half yearly in Bengali, posters and booklets on blood donation.


Received the International Best Pa Award at the First Asia Pacific Conference on Donor Recruitment at Bangkok in 1997. Received the second best award in the international film festival on Blood Donor Motivation and recruitment held at Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1996.


To formulate and implement a well thought out National transfusion policy for India


Run professionally round the clock by a group of volunteers from all walks of life; no paid staff.

Registered Date 5/14/2005