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Work done so far by NGO Council 

October / November 2005:
Policy Framework for Cleanliness in Mumbai approved by BMC
Cleanliness Daily Reports software developed and implementation begun

December 2005:
- 12/12 - MCGM - NGO Council MOU signed
- Draft Stray Dogs Policy Framework Document made -- not yet taken up for discussion with BMC
- Inputs to BMC on:
    - Construction & Demolition Rules
    - Transport Tender Documents
- BMC - NGO - Citizen meetings held on various civic issues and social causes.
January 2006:
- BMC - NGO - Citizen meetings held on various civic issues and social causes.
    - Relevant information collected and displayed on Karmayog website.

    - Guiding Principles framed reg. NGO Council - BMC interactions
- BMC - NGO Council joint drafting of proposed Littering & Segregation Rules
- All ALMs contacted. Draft ALM Policy Framework begun.
- Public Health Policy Framework Document being made.
- BMC - NGO Council Dattak Vasti Yojana workshop held.
- Concept note prepared on Shelter-cum-Study Centre for Street Children - to be discussed with BMC.
February 2006:

- Joint BMC-NGO Council websection launched
- Useful information about BMC circulated widely
- NGO Council mentioned in BMC budget speech
- BMC Solid Waste Rules 2006 notified (prepared with inputs of Cleanliness Group)
- Draft Public Health Policy under preparation with BMC and public discussions held for that
- Draft Local Area Citizen Group Manual under preparation with BMC
- Concept note prepared for proposing a BMC policy for Ragpickers
- Communication Campaign for BMC Solid Waste Rules initiated 

March 2006: 
- 1st March: Get-together of Cleanliness Group with M.C. and Addl. M.C 
- 9th March: BMC Press Conference to announce BMC Solid Waste Rules 2006 
- 9th March: Formation of the Swach Mumbai Abhiyan Committee headed by the Mayor and including the NGO Council 
- Cleanliness Drives announced - responses received - compiled and forwarded to OSD and Ward Offices. 
- Meetings (3) for Communication Campaign for BMC Solid Waste Rules 2006 
- BMC Budget 2006 uploaded for public information and discussion 
- Meeting with ALMs on Mar. 11th between 11-1pm to discuss draft LACG Rules 
- Draft Public Health Policy - developed further - Patients Bill of Rights and Responsibilities 
- Meeting of Support Group for Mental Health -16th March 2006 at Karmayog Office and 23rd March 2006 at the HELP library. 
- Meeting (2) of rag -pickers organisations - to prepare draft policy for dry waste collection centres 
- Draft Rules for MCGM-Local Area Citizen Group Partnership prepared 

April 2006:
- 1st April: Charter for the MCGM-LACG Partnership 2006 notified
- 6th April: NGO Council Meeting
- 6th April: Manav Foundation organised Mental Health Support Group meeting in HELP Library
- 8th April: Presentation of MCGM-LACG Partnership to invited MCGM Ward Officers and Lead LACG coordinators ( Mr. Kanade, Principal Secretary, GOM, present)
- 10th April: initiated discussion on hawkers
- 10th April: presentation on MCGM-LACG Partnership at seminar at NMIMS
- 14th April: meeting at MCGM to discuss the hawker issue
- 15th April: meeting at MCGM with UNICEF and AAMRAE regarding disaster management training
- 18th April: circulated status report of 648 ALMs by S P Jain institute students
- 19th April: meeting at MCGM with S P Jain Institute regarding Operational Manual for LACGs
- 22nd April: presentation on MCGM-LACG partnership at IIT Alumni meeting at IMC
- 25th April: meeting with TCS for incorporating LACG Charter requirements into MCGM eGovernance plans
- 25th April: Disaster Management - initiated updating of MCGM's NGO resource directory
- 28th April: presentation on MCGM-LACG partnership to Ward Officers
- 29th April: Draft for Discussion circulated -- MCGM-NGO Council Public Health Policy Project
- Follow-up by S P Jain Institute MBA interns on the LACG concept
- Some Lead LACGs identified
- Applications for LACG formation and letters of interest received and under process
- Various BMC related information posted on www.karmayog.org
- Responses and views on hawker issue received and compiled
- Discussion on Public Toilets initiated

May 2006:
- 1st May: Meeting with BMC re: hawkers 
- 1st May: Meeting with TISS and Garbage Concern and BMC re: SWM 
- 5th May: Meeting with BMC re: LACG implementation 
- 8th May: Letter to Chief Minister requesting inclusion of NGO Council in hawker committee
- 15th May: Draft Recommendations on hawkers circulated 
- 17th May: Meeting with BMC (legal and licence dept.) re: hawkers 
- 18th May: LACG Operational Manual prepared by S P Jain College - DOCC students 
- 18th May: Meeting with BMC (legal and licence dept.) re: hawkers 
- 20th May: Meeting with BMC re: hawkers 
- 24th May: Meeting with BMC re: LACG implementation 
- 25th May: Meeting and Presentation to BMC CBOs regarding LACG implementation 
- 26th May: Meeting with BMC (legal and licence dept. and DMC) re: hawkers 
- 29th May: Further Draft recommendations on hawkers circulated 
- 30th May: Felicititation of NGO Coordination Committee members by BMC for 26/7 flood relief work

June 2006:
- 5th June: Recommendations for a Scheme for Hawkers in Mumbai submitted to BMC
- 6th June: 6 Month Review of the MCGM-NGO Council MoU by BMC
- 8th June: Meeting with Dean, Sion Hospital and his team, regarding Draft Public Health Policy for Mumbai
- 9th June: Invitations for new members to NGO Council 
- 10th June: Draft Index of Contents for Policy for Pay-and-Use Toilets for Mumbai - responses and discussions invited
- 16th June: Felicitation function for Shri Ratho, ex-Additional Municipal Commissioner (City)
- 16th June: Approval by the Municipal Commissioner for setting up of Ham Radio Communication for Disaster Management 
- 23rd June: Recommendations for a Scheme for Hawkers in Mumbai submitted to Chief Minister
- 26th June: Letter to the Prime Minister regarding role of Civil Society in Governance
- 27th June: Data about Delimitation of 227 Councillor Wards posted on website
- 28th June: Meeting of NGO Council with the Planning Commission
- 30th June: National Policy on the Voluntary Sector - draft circulated for responses

July 2006:
- 3rd July: Meeting with World Bank rep: Sanitation project in Mumbai
- 7th July: First Meeting of the Mayor's Swachcha Mumbai Samiti
- 8th July: Pay-and Use Toilets Policy preparation
- 12th July: Expansion of NGO Council members to include 36 additional members
- 12th July: Meeting with Addl.M.C., Mr. Rajeev
- 21st July: Submitted compilation of responses received to Draft Voluntary
Sector Bill, to the Voluntary Action Cell of the Planning Commission
- 26th July: Submitted compilation of responses received to Draft Approach
Paper to the 11th Five Year Plan, to the Planning Commission
- 31st July: Submitted compilation of responses received for BMC Education
Advisory Boards, to BMC
... July: Submitted template for policies to BMC

August 2006:
- 4th Aug: NGO Council Meeting at BSE
- 9th Aug: Formation of sub-groups and Focus groups
- 13th Aug: Lecture at NM College
- 21st Aug: Colaba NGOs meeting hosted by CED
- 22nd Aug: Meeting of sub-group on Accreditation for NGOs
- 23rd Aug: Meeting of sub-group for Best Practices of NGOs
- 24th Aug:Meeting of sub-group to discuss accessing Govt.funding for
- 25th Aug: Meeting of sub-group for membership and structure of the NGO
- 29th Aug: Fund-raising workshop for NGOs by Mr.N.Dadrawala, at BSE
- 30th Aug: Meeting of sub-group for education
- 31st Aug: Meeting of sub-group on Vocational Training for NGOs.
Aug.2006: NGO Council activities in the media via Karmayog
FPJ = Free Press Journal
- 3rd Aug: 1st FPJ article: Disaster Management
- 10th Aug: 2nd FPJ article: Stray Dogs
- 17th Aug: 3rd FPJ article: Public Health in Cities
- 24th Aug: 4th FPJ article: Hawkers
- 31st Aug: 5th FPJ article: Hearing challenged

September 2006:
- 1st Sept: Responses to PAWS Zoo report compiled and forwarded to BMC
- 1st Sept: Responses to Noise Pollution compiled and put in Noise Pollution Forum
- 5th Sept: Meeting with Free Press to review one month of tie-up
- 11th Sept: Response to Draft Cleanliness Rules submitted to BMC
- 13th Sept: Talk at Rotary Club of Cuffe Parade
- 14th Sept: NGO Council meeting
- 22nd Sept: Colaba citizens meeting
- 22nd Sept: Meeting at JJ College re: Public Toilets
- 25th Sept: New Karmayog homepage went live
- 27th Sept: Meeting with BIG 92.7 FM
- 30th Sept: Hearing with the Mayor regarding BMC's Draft Cleanliness Rules
Sept. 2006 - Lectures held at HELP Library:
- 4th Sep: 4.00 p.m. - Sanskar India - Ms.Kiran Madan
- 5th Sep: 4.00 p.m. - Navdrushti - Dr.Nagesh
- 7th Sep: 4:00p.m- Helpage- Mr. John Thattil
- 8th Sep: 4.00 p.m. - Disability Rights Inititiative- Mr.Nilesh Singit
- 19th Sep: Vanaprastha
Sept. 2006 - following articles published in the Free Press Journal:
- 7th Sept: PAWS condition report on Mumbai Zoo
- 14th Sept: Noise Pollution
- 21st Sept: Communal Harmony
- 28th Sept: NGO Products available for Diwali

October 2006:
- 3rd Oct: Tie-up with BIG 92.7 FM regarding tackling civic issues in Mumbai
- 4th Oct.: Independent uploading facility offered on Karmayog.org
............: Project with Sir JJ College of Architecture re: design and use of Public toilets
.............: meeting with ACB regarding tie-up with NGO Council
- 31st Oct.: Final Draft MoA and Rules and Regulations for the NGO Council prepared
Oct. 2006 - Publications: In Free Press Journal
- 5th Oct: Dream Community Projects for the City - Part 1
- 12th Oct: Dream Community Projects for the City - Part 2
- 19th Oct: The Foundations of Lifelong learning
- 26th Oct: World Bank and Civil Society

November 2006:
- 5th Nov: Mumbai NGO Trial ratings released
- 10th Nov: Announcement of partnership between ACB and NGO Council under M-PAC
- 18th Nov: First Meeting of M-PAC held at ACB office
- 22nd Nov: MoU signed between NGO Council and AIESEC
- 23rd Nov: Meeting for constitution and registration on NGO Council
Published in the Free Press Journal
- 2nd Nov: Social Books, Magazines, Films
- 9th Nov: M-PAC: Mumbai - Pact Against Corruption
- 16th Nov: Child Sexual Abuse
- 23rd Nov: Empowering Villagers via ICT
- 30th Nov: Pay and Use Public Toilets

December 2006:
- 6th Dec: Meeting with Mood-I representatives regarding participation of NGOs in the festival
- 11th Dec: Submission by the NGO Council to Mumbai Congress of Citizens' Manifesto for
the Mumbai Municipal Corporation Elections 2007
- 11th Dec: Meeting with Save the Children India regarding the formation of
a NGO Council - Focus Group on Education in BMC Schools
- 21st Dec: First meeting of the Focus Group on Education in BMC Schools
- 22nd Dec: First Meeting of the Core Committee of the Focus Group on Education in BMC
- 24th Dec: Panel discussion on "Evaluating the Quality of Governance" at Pan IIT 2006 -
Global Conference
- 27th Dec: Meeting with Shaina N.C, Secretary, BJP, Mumbai on meeting with NGOs and
civil society groups for the preparation of a citizen's manifesto for the BMC elections
Articles in Free Press:
- 7th Dec: E-Waste
- 14th Dec: Educational Toys - vital for encouraging self-expression
- 21st Dec: Inspire, Involve and transform, drive towards nation-building: IIT Alumni