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              Proposal to MCGM Regarding Setting up Ham Radio Communication for Disaster Management By JNA Wireless Association, Malabar Hill Residents’ Association, NGO Council

                                                    Proposal to MCGM


Setting up Ham Radio Communication  


Disaster Management


JNA Wireless Association,  

Malabar Hill Residents’ Association,  

NGO Council    

A short note on how Hams in Mumbai can work together with MCGM and Citizen Volunteers for Disaster Management in case of a Flood, Earthquake or Electricity Breakdown Disaster in Mumbai  

JNA Wireless Association

3A Valmiki,

Near Pharmacy Association

Sunder Nagar, Kalina

Mumbai 400 007

Mob: 98210 27556  

Ham Radio:  

An Introduction to the hobby:  

Ham Radio or Amateur Radio as the Hobby is formally known, traces its roots to the invention of the Wireless Radio as a means of communication. It is the only Hobby that is internationally regulated by a UN Body, The International Telecommunications Union. In India the Hobby is governed by the Wireless Planning and Co-ordination Wing ( WPC ) of the Ministry of Communications.  

The Hobby involves Licenced Hams using wireless transmitters to establish communications with other Licenced Hams worldwide for the purpose of scientific research, friendship and enjoyment.  

It is important to note that both the sides have to be Ham Radio Operators, who are licenced by the provisions of their respective Governments. They can own and operate transreceivers, use the frequency spectrum for scientific research, friendship and fraternity. They are prohibited from using it for commercial gains.  

In India , Hams have to procure a licence for this purpose, which is issued by the WPC after due examination.  

JNA Wireless Association:  

JNA is the oldest and longest non profit, volunteer driven association, formed in Mumbai, and wholly devoted to the promotion of Ham Radio as a Hobby. It is duly registered and as part of its activities conducts:  

-         Regular classes in order to coach aspirants to study and take the licence examinations.

-         Club station for new hobbyist to gain proficiency

-         Only library of its kind devoted to the hobby.

-         Regular field trips to keep the members well trained.

-         Scramble team. Our dedicated and well trained corp of members ready to provide disaster communications.  

Disaster Communications:  

It is well known fact that during most disasters, communications break down. Especially man made channels of communications. Antenna towers topple down. Electricity is cut. Batteries give away. Wires get ripped. Frequencies get jammed.  

And while there is a break down in normal means of communications, communications needs themselves peak well above normal situations. Communications that are vitally required for assessing the situation, managing logistics of medical relief, disposal of dead, rescue of survivors and never ending stream of welfare messages.  

Disaster Managements agencies worldwide are always caught in this ‘double whammy’ and consequently look clueless. It does not matter whether it is the Katrina or the 26/7. A Major metro in the US or the ‘Urbs Prima de Indes’.  Even worse is being ‘all at sea’ in front of the media who seem to have all the information even before the disaster management agencies have grasped the situation.  

Worldwide it has been accepted that Ham Radio operators provide a ‘Vital Link’ in being able to establish communications when all normal means of communications break down. Even when normal means are not much affected, Ham Radio can provide an exclusive channel for dedicated communications until normalcy is restored.  

JNA’s Scramble Team:

JNA’s Scramble Team is a dedicated, trained and well equipped corp of Hams who are ready to spring into action during all Disasters. The Scramble Team represents:  

-         More than 2 decades of hands on experience in the hobby and Disaster communications.

-         Regular training to keep the team well honed in operating skills

-         Dedicated equipment to avoid last minute mobilization

-         Volunteer driven. High level of motivation.


The floods of 26/7 have highlighted and need for a comprehensive disaster management plan for the City of Mumbai . And the need to be handle disaster communications.  To this end  JNA proposes to work with the BMC in the following manner  

  1. Understand BMCs state of preparedness and planning.
  2. Identify communication needs for JNA Scramble Team to meet
  3. Co-ordinate and establish action plan on both sides for preparedness at all levels.