Last updated on - Thursday, December 16, 2010 
Bihar Water Development Society

Bihar - Patna
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 bwds - Bihar Water Development Society
 P.O. Sadaquat Ahsram,,Patna
 Patna - 800010.
 Karmayogi : S. Kallupura - President
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Category  1 - Women
Category  2 - Agriculture
Category  3 - Rural Development
 coverage - Bihar
 audited accounts given to karmayog : No
 Notes -
BWDS is functioning as the official relief and development agency of Patna Archdiocese, having its office at SEWA KENDRA, Kurji, Patna.

It came into existence in the year 1967 and was registered in the same year under the Societies Registration Act. XXI of 1890. It was a time when the people of Bihar were facing severe drought. In such a situation, the prime task of the organization was to relieve people of the havocs of drought and consequent hunger and thirst. Thus BWDS took the initiative to help people of the affected areas by undertaking various development projects related to agriculture and irrigation.

One of the main objectives of BWDS is empowering village women. We intervene in different ways such as through health-care programmes, preventive health care, self-help groups, etc. for women. Through these programmes, we aim at enhancing their self-confidence, power of decision-making, self-respect, self-reliance and ultimately uniting them together at the grassroots level to fight for their rights and dignity. When they are united, they will be able to help one another to fight for their cause. Thus, they will take each step forward with inner strength and self-confidence.