Last updated on - Friday, April 02, 2010 
Bal-Jeevan Trust

Maharashtra - Mumbai
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 bjt - Bal-Jeevan Trust
 A/14, Sterling Apartments
 38 Pedder Road,Pedder Road
 Mumbai - 400026.
 Karmayogi : Mrs.Firoze H.Sethna
 Tel : 022-.
 Website on Karmayog -
NPO Rating by Karmayog - C
 coverage - Mumbai
 audited accounts given to karmayog : No
 Notes - For Bal Jeevan to have its own residential building for girl child. To increase the number of children from the present 75 by opening new branches within Mumbai. Objective: Mainly for rag- picking street children: Health care, Nutrition, Litracy and basic education, Support services and Income generating schemes.