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Firm takes up Khadi cause, nominated for Ethical Business award........Parimal Dabhi
A nascent Ahmedabad-based business group, Moralfibre, which has been working to re-invent traditional ‘khadi’ and make it contemporary, has been nominated by a London-based organisation, Ethical Fashion Forum for an award under the category of ‘Ethical Business’.

It is a network of designers, businesses and organisations focusing upon social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. The award will be announced on November 13.

Highlighting khadi’s relevance in the modern world, the group has adopted a unique approach of making quality khadi products first popular abroad, which will automatically make it a style statement in India.

Shailini Sheth Amin, the founder CEO of Moralfibre and niece of veteran Gandhian, Late Indumati Chamanlal, said: “The concept of khadi was associated with the ideals of self-reliance in Mahatma Gandhi’s time, which I think is less relevant today. To bring khadi into the mainstream, we need to highlight its other features like zero-carbon-footprint and environment friendliness.”

According to Shailini, the present system in Gujarat to manufacture and sell khadi products is badly run and needs to be refurbished.

“We are bringing those reforms in our business model by making no compromise on the quality of products while taking care of the artisans,” she added.

Moralfibre, which sells only hand-spun and hand-woven products in wholesale through its website, www.moralfibre-fabrics.com, has identified certain organisations in Gujarat, which are maintaining a high benchmark of khadi products.

The group employs artisans of these organisations by getting wholesale orders from various designers and other customers across the world by convincing them of the relevance of hand-spun and hand-woven clothes.

The group has been selling various fashion products, furnishing products and fabric—all hand-made. It is also producing products in wool and silk.

Shailini says that the principle of ‘social responsibility’ has also been taken care of in her business model where 75 per cent of the profit goes to a charitable trust, Sah-Unnati Foundation. The foundation uses the fund to train the artisans in new techniques of manufacturing khadi and to do research on improving the traditional khadi production methods.

The former Chairman of Education at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Himadri Ghosh, said, “Moralfibre is a social enterprise that has ventured into a previously unexplored domain. The business model is very good but it is to be seen how successful they can be in promoting khadi while making it viable for business.”

URL: http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/local-firm-takes-up-khadi-cause-nominated-for-ethical-business-award/383528/