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The message below on 'The Padur Walk and a field trip Mamallapuram' has been posted by Sureshkumar M on Feb 15, 2013.

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The Padur Walk and a field trip Mamallapuram  (0 Responses)
 Subject The Padur Walk and a field trip Mamallapuram
 Main Point OMR Green Initiatives : - The Padur Walk and followed by a field trip ro Mamallapuram waste-to-energy conversion plant
 Category Environment

Dear Friends,


How long are we going to murmur and accept the worst condition of road, Spitting everywhere and Garbage pile up all over the streets etc. OMR green, a self-volunteer group has taken up many initiative and started their walk towards the CLEAN and BETTER INDIA.


This week end, Sunday Feb 17th, morning 8.30 am to 10.00 am, OMR Green Organizing, The Padur Walk, starting from Mantri Synergy (Google Map for Mantri Synergy) , would stop by at Hindustan campus gate,  Rosedale complex across the road,  before proceeding to Padur.  We make our way through side streets in the neighborhood to wind up in front of the Padur Panchayat office.


After the walk we have lined up a field trip to Mamallapuram organic waste recycling plant (Most Probably 11 am -1 pm). Some Mantri residents have volunteered to drive us in their cars to the waste-to-energy conversion plant.


Full details:

The Padur Walk on Feb 17th Sunday Morning


Kindly Join with us in good numbers and spread this information to all your friends/relatives.



Sureshkumar M,

Nothing will change until WE change.”

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 Name Sureshkumar M
 Location Kelambakkam
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 Posted Date Feb 15, 2013
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