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The message below on 'Volunteers Needed' has been posted by Sanjay Shinge on Feb 14, 2013.

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Volunteers Needed  (0 Responses)
 Subject Volunteers Needed
 Main Point Volunteers Required for Awareness Campaign against Air & Noise Pollution in Mumbai named "Haritam".
 Category Climate Change
 Message Humanity Foundation is organising "Haritam"-A Movement Against Spreading Awarness agianst "Air & Noise Pollution" In this campaign we are demonstrating with "Play Cards" , to aware people about "Air & Noise Pollution" . The event will be takes place on 16th March 20113,Saturday, 11.00, at outside of MCGM F/South Office. Hereby we are requesting you to kindly support this event by providing some "Volunteer" for this event. We are not giving anything to volunteer.
 Additional Information NA      
 Help needed NGO's/ Volunteers Can join us by Participating, By spreading Message of this event,by providing slogans , Sponsors Etc.
 Name Sanjay Shinge
 Organisation Humanity Foundation
 Location Kalachowki,Mumbai
 Websection on Karmayog
 Information about myself Sanjay Shinge President Humanity Foundation (Environmentalist) 9029542186 9029282482
 Posted Date Feb 14, 2013
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