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The message below on 'NGOs for tree plantation in Mumbai - Needed' has been posted by Nikhil Mehta on May 08, 2010.

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NGOs for tree plantation in Mumbai - Needed  (17 Responses)
 Subject NGOs for tree plantation in Mumbai - Needed
 Main Point Looking for NGOs involved in tree plantation in Mumbai
 Category Trees
We are 15-20 students who are looking for NGOs / foundations that can get trees planted in Mumbai if we provide them with the necessary resources.
We would like to know where in Mumbai can we get involved for planting trees.
Apart from providing the necessary resources, what else can we do with the help of the NGOs for tree plantation in Mumbai.
 Additional Information NA      
 Help needed Apart from NGOs that we would like to work with for planting trees in Mumbai, we would be happy to receive help from volunteers who want to get involved in tree plantation activities.
 Name Nikhil Mehta
 Location Mumbai
 Websection on Karmayog NA
 Information about myself my contact no. is 9819144061
 Posted Date May 08, 2010
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   17    Akash,     Sep 05, 2011
          I would be interested to volunteer for plantation activity, please share info.
       16    sandeep patil,     Aug 25, 2011
              Hi,Are you organizing any event of tree plantation? I am student of Final year Engineering ,I will love to join the program of tree plantation.Ya there is much of busy schedule i am following but i will definitely try to come if possible for me. So let me know if you are organizing any event?
          sunita godbole,   Aug 25, 2011
                 Dear Sandep,

        Thanks for your interest  in the Tree Plantation.

        Our next plantation in M.Ed. College Bhiwandi.

        Will inform you the ur.mail id n phone no.


        Sunita Godbole
            jonas,   Aug 26, 2011
                   Please go through and should be helpful in your efforts to paint mumbai green. Farel Jonas
         15    Mehul Desai,     Aug 24, 2011
                Hey i am a member of a NGO called Leo Club and we wanted to organise an event on tree plantation. If there is any event or need of help i and my club members are ready to support.
            sunita godbole,   Aug 25, 2011
                   Dear Mehulji,

          Yes Our Next Tree Plantation is in the M.Ed.College Bhiwandi.

          Date not yet fixe,if you all wants to participate pl.join with us.


          Sunita Godbole
           14    Sandeep Wadkar,     Jul 24, 2011
                  I wish to join such an organisation can you mail the details.
             13    sunita godboleFounder Forever Green Foundation,     Jul 23, 2011
                    Forever Green Foundation doing the Tree Plantation in Mumbai. Previous events, we planted trees in the mumbai court premises, Schools nursery. This year we started with Police in Police premises Worli police camp Police Head Quarter Santacruz For further information pl.visit our face book side Forever Green Foundation. Contact Sunita Godbole 9594150430 Manisha Rangnelkar 9819648103
               12    Shafiqul Alam Bulbul,     Jul 08, 2011
            I'm Bangladeshi School Teacher and Coordinator Connecting Classrooms by British Council in Bangladesh. I arranged for tree plantation by my school students  for the world. I want to join this program. So help

            Shafiqul Alam Bulbul
            Bogra Zilla School
                 11    jonas,     May 27, 2011


                   10    sandeep patil,     May 17, 2011
                          I also want to join in tree plantation program..
                     9    VINAYAK MOHAN KULPE,     Apr 26, 2011
                       8    Ambal,     Apr 05, 2011
                              We are planning to start a NGO in Chennai for Tree Plantation. Please share your knowledge of NGOs in Mumbai
                         7    Saumya,     Mar 21, 2011
                                Hi, I would like to volunteer for any tree plantation activities around goregoan in mumbai.
                            mehul mehta,   Jun 20, 2011
                                   hi saumya,   my name is mehul mehta 40 year old man having business office in goregaon, i am also intrested in tree plantation as my soical duty for hamari mumbai , i dont know any thing about this but still i am intrested can you sujjest me how to spent some time of day for tree plantation near goregaon areya
                              jonas,   Jun 20, 2011
                                     please visit
                              Ashutosh,   May 11, 2011
                            Did you found any organisation? I am also very much interested in this.
                             6    kishore more,     Feb 16, 2011
                                    yes friend here in goregaon (west) there is a re-development is going around 200-300 tress have removed due to this development process and do take some action against such action which leading to glabal pollution
                               5    Rohit Gujral,     Jan 20, 2011
                                      Hi I would like to get involved with yurl for such a good it would be my pleasure that I can do anything for environment .If u think that I can be helpful to you in any way than plz let me Know and for yur information I am a Hotel Management Graduate and working with Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana az Ex-Research & Development
                                 4    dannydaniel,     Nov 11, 2010
                                        first of all i really thank all the team members  who are associated with this organization for this cause. today one has to take the initiative to save this planet. its the duty of every person to know that our planet is being destroyed daily and we have to stop it. my message to all is, "smell the coffee before it stops growing"    All the best !
                                   3    amita sirohi,     Oct 29, 2010
                                          itsreally good that u have taken initiative in this area. i belong to meerut (UP)and want to work with for planting trees in our of now i am involved in planting trees in my closeby surroundings. we all remember weather never used to be that bad when we were never used to be so hot and humid in summers and we have no idea about future.its high time that we should wake up and do something to SAVE OUR PLANET.please let me know what else can I do ?suggestions are most welcome.
                                      somil,   Dec 25, 2010

                                    Good to c someone from my city that is Meerut.
                                    Please mail me at my ID, call me 9990704323.
                                    We can work to make meerut green.

                                     2    Tathagat,     Jul 03, 2010
                                  This is Tathagat from Larsen & Toubro. We, a handful of people wanted to be involved in Tree Plantation drive of any NGO as volunteers.Can anyone give me an idea about next drive?
                                        sunita godbole,   Jul 23, 2011
                                               We the founder of Forever Green Foundation Every year organizing the Tree plantation in Mumbai. This year also we planted around 600 tree in various areas. If you would like to support us. Sunita Godbole 9594150430 Manisha Rangnekar 9819648103
                                          NEHA A. DHOMKAR,   Jul 23, 2011
                                                 hello mam; i am NSS volunteer ,i and my team would like to participate in the programme of tree plantation in mumbai.
                                       1    sarahat,     Jun 24, 2010
                                              Hi Nikhil,
                                                    Its really nice to hear that u wld love to plant tree.
                                    I just wanted to know whether do u have total knowledge  of plantation of tree, depending upon soil condition which tree to be planted & availability of water, etc

                                    Kindly email me on