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The message below on 'Private helipads -health, accident, security risk' has been posted by Sumaira Abdulali on Feb 20, 2010.

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Private helipads -health, accident, security risk  (69 Responses)
 Subject Private helipads -health, accident, security risk
 Main Point please write letters to Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh to oppose private helipads which are a health, security and accident risk to citizens of Mumbai.
 Category Environment
 Message 5th February 2010 Helipads in Mumbai – Security risk, accident risk and health risk Recently, the State Government of Maharashtra has introduced a policy to allow private helipads atop residential buildings of Mumbai. This will result in severe noise pollution, risk of accidents, may be a security hazard, and there is wide spread opposition to it from citizens. While acknowledging, in a hearing at the Bombay high Court recently that neighbours of helipads would be ‘irritated’ by high noise levels, the State Government nevertheless says that they must learn to bear it as helipads are inevitably a fact of life. Apparently, the State Government is influenced by the private interest of some Industrialists including Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, and the Essar Group from which it has received applications, as also private builders who have advertised helipads atop luxury residential buildings. While we value the contribution of these Industrialists to our nation's progress, we are opposed to fulfillment of their personal interests at the cost of the larger public interest. While the Union Government has recently moved to make noise pollution rules more stringent, the State Government is apparently seeking ways to by pass them. According to a recent affidavit, so long as ambient noise levels from helicopters (and other individual noise sources) is maintained at an ‘average’ of the statutory level of 55dB from 6am to 10pm, the Noise Rules would technically not be violated and there would be no upper limit. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board recently measured noise from helicopters and recorded 100-120dB at take off and landing. It will be impossible for any Government agency to monitor duration on private rooftops, as evident from State Government guidelines which emphasize self monitoring. Helicopter traffic noise will be in addition to existing ambient noise levels from road traffic of 80-100dB which, already higher than prescribed in most areas would increase even more. We are concerned about the security of Mumbai and appeal to you to place our security above any private interest. We understand that no helicopter flights are permitted over your own personal residences for security reasons. The entire city of Mumbai has proved to be a security challenge and the State Government has acknowledged the security risk of private helipads with their high potential for mis-use by terrorists. We are also concerned about the risk of accidents in high-density areas after the series of recent helicopter accidents in India. We understand that accidents in New York have resulted in the shutting down of some heliports. The risk of accident in a high-density metropolis such as Mumbai is an unacceptable one, and would seriously compromise our lives and property. The potential for accidents, security risks and adverse health effects of unbearably high noise levels are unacceptable to us. We sincerely request a personal appointment where our concerns on behalf of Mumbai residents may be discussed in further detail and addressed. Thank you. Sincerely,
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 Name Sumaira Abdulali
 Organisation Awaaz Foundation
 Location Bandra, Mumbai
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 Posted Date Feb 20, 2010
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   69    Karmayog,     Apr 08, 2010
          Corporators oppose private helipad policy.......Sujit Mahamulkar Following the Centre, the civic body on Friday also objected to the construction of private helipads on rooftop of buildings. On Friday, the civic Improvement committee unanimously referred back the proposal to the civic administration. Although Union Environment Minister, Jairam Ramesh, had clearly denied permission for building private helipads atop residential buildings in the city, the civic administration had put forth a proposal before the Improvement committee that deals with land related matters. As directed by the state, the civic administration put a proposal for making necessary changes in the development control (DC) rules. On Friday, corporators across the political spectrum strongly opposed the proposal. Congress corporator and member of the committee, Rajendraprasad Chaube, objected on noise pollution. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena corporator Mangesh Sangle objected over the security issue. He said, "If private operators could fly on the skyline of the city it would not be secured from terrorist attack." Advocate Manmohan Chonkar, a Shiv Sena corporator demanded that helipads should only be permitted on government or semi-government buildings and not private. Vinod Shekhar, Congress member alleged: "The proposal is to favour few high profile industrialists and would not be useful for citizens." After a discussion that lasted for more than half an hour, the proposal was sent back to the civic administration. An official from the civic development planning (DP) department said that a reply would be sent to the committee. Speaking exclusively to Hindustan Times on March 13 Ramesh had said: "There is no question of the MoEF (Ministry of Environment and Forest) giving permission for any kind of private helipads considering the implications the move can have on noise, health and security." According to the proposal, the state has directed to the municipal corporation (BMC) to incorporate rule number 71 for the construction of private helipads atop of the buildings. According to the proposal, anyone can build helipad on the building terrace by obtaining a no objection certificate from the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, Chief Fire Officer (BMC) Urban Development Department, Police, Environment Ministry and Civil Aviation Department. URL:
       68    Joaquim Crasto,     Mar 25, 2010
              Lets have these heli-pads but not at tax payer's cost. Let private companies / operators bear the cost. Having these helipads will then not cause traffic jams whenever some VIP comes/leaves town!! Make sure there are very very strict safety measures in place - both at the helipads as well as with the operation/maintenance of the choppers themselves. Re. accidents - commercial aircraft now fly over town and so do choppers every single day - out/in to the oil fields (Bombay High). Just make sure its safe.
          B.P.Udwadia,   Mar 26, 2010
                 If one cant for see the broader perspective of actions, there is a built in faiure in giving suggestions. 1) OK let the guys pay for it. (As if so far they got everything free? (Bribes ) 2) OK let them bear the cost. (1/10000000000th of their income. Its too small a price to look big and swanky) 3) Real needs are to serve the people only. Where are the helipads going to be? Atop buildings? Maybe you have'nt read previous communications. Please do. When a "VIP" lands cars and people and stray dogs too jam the road to see. Traffic does not move. Even in daily accidents, people block the roads to see what has occured. Ever read that the injured take more than twice the time reach hospital? Call the police? Now who pays them for executing the measly duty to those who pay for the helipds? Ever noticed VIP's caring for anyone else? At the oil rigs, fools don't gather around. There are no fools there. At landing sites (airports) for them, same is the situation. So choppers every day to rigs is a poor example to quote. I guess the whole thing boils down to emergency use in times of distress like accidents and fire. Get an example from this utility and then let us think more. People who have money don't much care about paying. Their business will be not ruined if they reach the office/ venue 4 hours late. (better for all of us). There are cellphones too. Their physical presence is not required. they can have tele cons etc.
            captainjohann,   Mar 27, 2010
                   Sir, Excellent comment.Rich guys are NOT going to pay or feel for the poor as if they are doing now.Now you make the condition that when an accident victim is nearby they have to use the helicopter to evacuate and they should bear the cost of the helilift.Otherwise no helipad. How about that?
         67    RCSHREEYAN,     Mar 08, 2010
                jai HINDIA! GOOD DAY, GOOD LUCK!
      To protect the common people from the hazardous way of living by the certain wealthies houses this is the right time people should know about the correct way of democracy & the social system so that people can have the government & the social system of their own to stop the misconduct going on every where without being opposed.
           66    Alok,     Feb 25, 2010
                  Here is a pssimistic prediction : Over time, those who stand to profit from it will not sit idle. Politicians and courts will be paid-off, papers will be paid to publish articles touting it as 'development' , a sabotage will be staged and blamed on SivaSena, politics will be skewed to turn it into a moderniziers Vs backward, old-timers who are against development... and helipads WILL make a landing in Mumbai. I hope this vision stirs us into action to prove it wrong. HELL with Helipads
             65    Anil Darshetkar,     Feb 25, 2010
                    I had not recommended or was in favor of the Helipads, in fact I had compared with parking space and have technically justified not to permit the Helipad.
          So my observations may please be read in that perspective
               64    kapil kaushik,     Feb 25, 2010
                      sir, it is not a good decision to make helipads in mumbai city.
                 63    Preethi Anuroop,     Feb 24, 2010
              Hi, I certainly agreed with the above. For few people convinience common people shouldnt suffer. Its not a need, its a want and goverment should understand that if all higher class people also start having these wat will happen? its not fair and shouldnt be allowed
                   62    Deepak Kadam,     Feb 23, 2010
                          Dhara has given us a picture of Mumbai which has already turned into NY city.  There were some mention of Singapore earlier but it got sort of scrapped or forgotten on the papers. Hard to accept but we are living reality day in and day out. Even after a decade of travelling on the same road, I still take 50 mins to reach my office on my bike when I should be taking only 30 mins.  This is again because of wastage of infrastructure spending- Very few of the city's flyovers are at the places where they are necessary. Rest are all at WRONG places. A planned infracture cannot be wrong because it is a product of many responsible minds. We are the ultimate sufferers as always.   
                     61    leena,     Feb 23, 2010
                            Hello All, I beleive this will result in increase in Terrorist activity at the cost of tax money of Mumbaikars, as we will need more police staff to control and monitor their activities. First we invite trouble and then we will act like we are trying to control and regulate it. The corrupt only get more corrupt and richer. Regards.
                       60    mohd faizan khan,     Feb 23, 2010
                              I do not support the policy of allowing helipads atop of private buildings and we have already made our views known to the Authorities. mohd faizan khan secretary alazhar educational human welfare society budaun
                         59    Pradeep Rastogi,     Feb 23, 2010
                                Re: Helipads in Mumbai on roof tops!

                      Which other developed or under-developed country has this program in existence that you are trying to copy?
                      Seems like the brains in Maharashtra are slipping down to the heels!
                      Maybe the minister has been reading too many JETSONS Comics!

                           58    Deepak Kadam,     Feb 23, 2010
                                  I believe this will only benefit the rich who have little concern for anybody elses existance on the planet. This facility of allowing the private helipads atop residential buildings is purely unjustified and unnecessary.   
                        Concerns like severe noise pollution, privacy breach,  security challenge, accidents and health risks will be on high rise. 
                        As it is our govt. is inefficient in controlling these issues.

                        There are hardly any govt run ambulances sponsored and made available by them to the middle and the poor class people. 
                        There is no control over traffic menace on the roads. You give yourself a target to meet the timeline on any given day and set out to do it, you will never meet the time unless you have to forget about all other priorities of that day and only focus on meeting the timeline.  
                        Wastage of  infrastructure is overlooked when a signoff for new project is being considered.  
                        Even young and healthy people cannot walk without bumping into each other on the walk throughs or the pavements, forget about the old and the handicapped ( I apologise to use this word). Surprisingly we always see renovation of pavements every year. I sometimes wonder they do this to decorate the frontview of the shops along the pavements. 

                        Instead of causing environment and mankind hazzards like the private helipads atop residential buildings, govt. should look at something that will help the mass and also charge fairly in return. The collection from the mass will definitely be too enormous than collectedfrom the few rich ( if they pay at all ).  

                             57    Barbara Thyab Ali,     Feb 22, 2010
                                    Excuse me please!!! The handicap people are a special asset to those who employ them, they work more than the normal ones and are more loyal too.... Nambikkai Foundation at Kottaram is an example of these people who do their own work and sell their art work too.Do not under estimate the handicap people.... The mute are an asset to all industries if given the chance to prove this.
                               56    Dhara,     Feb 22, 2010

                            I am all for having helipads in the city. In fact it should be there in all major cities of India. Let us think about the future and not concentrate on the narrow visions of today.

                            The advantages are many, disadvantages according to me none.

                            1. With buildings going taller, helipads will become a necessity in the event of emergencies that cannot be reached or solved from ground level. Emergencies like terrorism, fire outbreak, war like situation, medical, etc...

                            2. I predict in a decade we'll have cheaper and far better design flying vehicles, hence it will become a necessity to have helipads for landing purpose.

                            3. Having helipads on top of certain tall buildings or larger complexes helps in transportation, emergencies, etc...

                            4. Lets think of the future, once the Mumbai city said and thought that the city will not have too many cars and hence never created roads and other infrastructures, within few decades its become a major problem due their narrow-mindedness. Why do we hence assume that there wont be any flying vehicles or cheaper and smaller version of helicopters that cannot be afforded by many in near future? Prepare for the future right now.

                            We can't keep having wires hanging from one building to another and cables and towers kept haphazzardly and criss-crossing the building tops and roads. We need to create proper city structures that will also include landing gears on top of buildings and other open grounds and also to create a more systematic city-line.

                                  B.P.Udwadia,   Feb 22, 2010
                                         1. With buildings going taller, helipads will become a necessity in the event of emergencies that cannot be reached or solved from ground level. Emergencies like terrorism, fire outbreak, war like situation, medical, etc... We are concerned about daily use, not emergencies. 2. I predict in a decade we'll have cheaper and far better design flying vehicles, hence it will become a necessity to have helipads for landing purpose. Like outdated technology that is handed on a platter to us? 3. Having helipads on top of certain tall buildings or larger complexes helps in transportation, emergencies, etc... OK for this only 4. Lets think of the future, once the Mumbai city said and thought that the city will not have too many cars and hence never created roads and other infrastructures, within few decades its become a major problem due their narrow-mindedness. Why do we hence assume that there wont be any flying vehicles or cheaper and smaller version of helicopters that cannot be afforded by many in near future? Prepare for the future right now. Mass rapid transits and metro is the answers to many things. Know how many can seat in a copter?Only emergency use is ok. Prepare for that and learn from it.
                                    B.P.Udwadia,   Feb 22, 2010
                                           Get a load of this.Idling motorcycle 70 dB Busy Traffic 75 dB Accelerating motorcycle 80 dB Electric drill, weed whacker at 6 feet 85 dB Screaming Child 85 dB 95 dB Jack Hammer 100 dB Helicopter 105 dB Normal speech at 3-5 feet. Idling motorcycle sounds twice as loud as normal conversation, because 10 dBs louder. Motorcycle at full throttle sounds twice as loud as at idle, because 10 dBs louder. This is the predicted noise level that nearby residents will hear at night with windows closed. Imagine sleeping through the noise of an electric drill at the foot of your bed. Jackhammer another doubling of the noise level. Helicopter at 100 feet is 50% louder than a jackhammer. What is the mumbaikars definition of tall buildings? Like tall buildings in NY. USA?
                                   55    B.P.Udwadia,     Feb 22, 2010
                                          yes, we are in it together
                                     54    B.P.Udwadia,     Feb 22, 2010
                                            Ok, so lets have some race course road traffic jams and delay everyone in the process. We are nowhere near the facilities of foreign countries. Study what we have first.
                                       53    Vimal,     Feb 22, 2010
                                              How to build a consensus on these and present it to authorities? It must have enough strength Jay Shri RadheKrushna
                                         52    Nilesh,     Feb 22, 2010
                                                State Govt is agent of big business houses.
                                           51    Narinder Nayar,     Feb 22, 2010
                                        I do not support the policy of allowing helipads atop of private buildings and we have already made our views known to the Authorities.

                                        Narinder Nayar
                                        Bombay First
                                             50    Sonal Tambwekar,     Feb 22, 2010
                                                    Private helipads should be allowed only for hospitals restricting them for patient use exclusively.
                                               49    Mallan Kurian,     Feb 22, 2010
                                                      [1] Once these helipads come up, the political class will become even more disconnected to the city's mass transport system (the widening of the Nasik highway became a priority only after the NCP chief got frustrated with the driving time to Nasik from Mumbai). This means that all mass transport projects will become non-issues. The CM's trying to disguise the helipad proposal as "one of the many traffic management solutions". Hogwash.  

                                            [2] The helipad solution will benefit around  1,000 people of 20 million, i.e 0.00005% of Mumbai. Pitiful.

                                            [3] If there's a crash, and there will be (maintenance will be awarded by political connections, not on merit or expertise) the population per square 100 metres will mean enormous loss of life. 

                                            [4] If high quality mass transport systems are implemented on a priority basis, there won't be a need for helipads. In fact, helipads should be used for providing emergency services to the city, such as the Fire Brigade, Search & Rescue, and Ambulance.
                                            [5] Let the CM first demonstrate the political will, to implement high quality mass transport systems, and only once all proposals have been implemented, should there be even a discussion on the helipad proposal. High Quality & Safe Mass Transport Systems FIRST, and then we'll talk VIP heli-hell.     
                                                 48    Barbara Thyab Ali,     Feb 22, 2010
                                                        Correct me if I am wrong please!!! Is the Government going to fund these Helipads and Helicopters or the aircrafts etc??? I was under the impression that its the Rich and the Wealthy Business houses who need these things and they are going to be the ones to fund the entire project>>>> Then why should the government be pulled into this matter???? Its for them to charge heavy taxes for the same.... insurance companies can get to employ more staff on the field to book insurance claims etc.,. employment to many is what I am looking at on the long run... plenty of money will come into the tax sector where by the needy the ones who cannot work, unable to hold a job will also be taken good care off, the special needs can be hired to sit at the sites of these Helipads, and watch the entrance and exit too.... those who are able to handle wheel chairs etc... give the deaf,dumb and blind some jobs too... yes things likethis can create employment to many...

                                              Money from the Rich and Wealthy can be used in this manner not the money from Government of India.... other more needy things are there to be taken care off by the Government of India today......Teach a person to Fish, and the person wont go hungry any day... Teach a person to grow own food, even roots can make the person stay well for the rest of ones life.... UK and USA , they all ate Potaoes even Russia and other countries their staple food being roots.... why cant we Indians follow this too...??? Vegetables grown at home are the best too.... much more than Meats today!!!!
                                                   47    shyam anand,     Feb 22, 2010
                                                          This is just to regularise the one constructed by Mukesh Ambani, we donot need such helipads on buildings at all what about the safety of neighbours and the adjoining areas ?

                                                It is just to facilitate the richer classes
                                                     46    Kalyankrishnan,     Feb 22, 2010
                                                  The Mah Govt.'s priorities are skewed. We have massive problems - lack of adequate power & water, hapazard growth of infrastructure, detereorating Law & Order, to name just a few. Instead of Helipads, more skywalks and safe road crossings are required. Mah Police have practically abdicated their responsibilites whether it's law & order or traffic. Criminals and goondas have a field day. So wake up Mah Govt. and get your priorities right. Citizen should also need to hone their civic sense and civic responsibilites.
                                                        B.P.Udwadia,   Feb 22, 2010
                                                               A big WOW to you.
                                                       45    sudarshan juyal,     Feb 22, 2010
                                                              instead of promoting more eco efficient modes of transports like bicycles, govt is blatantly working towards the interests of few vulgurly rich brats, who care a damn for the people... they are nothing but power and profit hungry lot... (350 croe for a yatch as a birthday gift... and an obscenely expensive residential buildings for private use... there are are umpteen numbers of examples to quote). we should demand for separate lanes for bicyle riders... and absoltely resist such ridiculous plans to convert cities into helepads and airports...(today choppers and tomorrow it will be vertical take off  aircrafts like sea hawks).... in the times of global connectivity thru the net they should use skype and other conferencing systems and leave the common folks at peace...... these unimaginative rich persons be told to reduce their footprint so that their accumulated wealth can be enjoyed by their future generations... otherwise there will be little left for them... theirs and ours future generations will be born in the hospitals and will be doomed to stay their on life support systems... thanks to their greedy forefathers , who sacrificed the future for their present...
                                                          B.P.Udwadia,   Feb 22, 2010
                                                                 I agree with you. The rich have a gym. workout but cant bicycle. (they may not have ever ridden one in their life). In fact they seldom do anything. Their peons and juniors work for them. There is no question about saving time as there are cellphones etc etc. So all this is for a big showoff by them
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