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Get involved in YOUR city and locality - Improve Your World Last updated on - Tuesday, June 30, 2009 
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 Get involved in YOUR city and locality 
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    On a particular issue that you would like to take up, Karmayog offers you an online space where you can discuss, invite feedback and get support.
  1. Write or upload your petition / your issue
  2. Any person can comment on what you upload /post
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Posted DateMessage No.CategorySubjectByNo. of Page ViewsNo. of ResponsesDate of Last Response
Apr 16, 20146561 Vocational Training  Vacancy for Life Skill cum Community Mobilizer  Sinjini Ghosh90 
Apr 16, 20146560 Vocational Training  Vacancy for Life Skill cum Community Mobilizer  Sinjini Ghosh140 
Apr 16, 20146559 Co-operative Housing Societies  Email ID of Registrar of Co-op Soc, Pune required  F. Motiwala150 
Apr 07, 20146550 Housing / Shelter  Needed  Ravi Shrivastava480 
Apr 01, 20146548 Autism  Funding Help for Autism NGO  Sujata B920 
Mar 26, 20146547 Miscellaneous  Jobs required for Differently abled  Indian Para athletes920 
Mar 26, 20146545 BMC / MCGM  Office Renovation Permissions  Ajay840 
Mar 25, 20146544 Environment  Earth Hour 2014  Sanjay Shinge710 
Mar 25, 20146543 Donors  Humble Request to Dear Vinay Somani & NGO Leaders.  Amrendra Shukla680 
Mar 23, 20146542 Karmayog Chapters  Appeal for one year "Gyan-Setu Fellowship" program  Kaustubh Deshpande680 
Mar 23, 20146541 Karmayog Area Clubs  Appeal for one year "Gyan-Setu Fellowship" program  Kaustubh Deshpande650 
Mar 23, 20146540 Education  Appeal for one year "Gyan-Setu Fellowship" program  Kaustubh Deshpande820 
Mar 23, 20146539 Youth  Appeal for one year "Gyan-Setu Fellowship" program  Kaustubh Deshpande600 
Mar 17, 20146534 Education  Needed  viswanath.g480 
Mar 13, 20146533 Miscellaneous  Translation works undertaken  B.V. Kishore Kumar480 
Mar 09, 20146527 Education  need your economical support.  Vivegapriyan P350 
Mar 05, 20146509 Education  Syamantak "School Without Walls"  Sachin Desai480 
Mar 04, 20146508 Donors  Financial Aid needed for operation  Deepak390 
Feb 23, 20146501 Roads  Mulund East Road Development/Expansion Plans  T.P. Viswanathan580 
Feb 21, 20146500 BMC Schools  Imparting Computer Education in BMC schools  Kajal Haryani660 
Feb 10, 20146487 Event Announcements  India Youth Fund Call for Applications  Shruti Menon860 
Feb 07, 20146478 Jobs Available  Job available - Coordinator, Sponsorship Program  Sudhir Deshpande970 
Feb 07, 20146477 Donors  "Needed Medical Aid"  Sanjay S, Waghmare720 
Feb 07, 20146473 Mumbai Development Plans  M/E ward MCGM officer not taking action against  son of the maharashtra850 
Feb 05, 20146472 Judiciary  College Reservation Plot in Borivali(west)  Smt. Meera Kamath690 
Feb 04, 20146471 Safety    Mr Aldmeda480 
Jan 28, 20146437 Housing / Shelter  Demolitions in Maharashtra  S V Eswar750 
Jan 27, 20146435 Information Technology  welcome to a social network website  ajitkumar t joki820 
Jan 21, 20146432 Public Health  IMC Inclusive Innovation Award 2013  Selby Nambisan660 
Jan 20, 20146431 Miscellaneous  Delhi scenario reminds Tamil saying  N.S.Venkataraman640 
Jan 17, 20146429 Corporate Social Responsibility  First Step Against Corruption  ravi kumar Goyal550 
Jan 15, 20146426 Education  Required fund to expand our teaching space  Tony Dcosta540 
Jan 15, 20146425 Volunteerism  Needed volunteers for fund raising for an NGO  Sudhir Deshpande800 
Jan 15, 20146424 Jobs Available  Job Available  Vaishali790 
Jan 13, 20146422 Housing / Shelter  IMC Inclusive Innovation Award 2013  Selby Nambisan630 
Jan 13, 20146421 BMC / MCGM  Corruption in H E ward on illegal encroachment  Manoj Varma630 
Jan 07, 20146410 Event Announcements  Dance Movement Therapy Workshop (Jan.23-25),  Prof. Lata Narayan880 
Jan 04, 20146392 Kidney  Kidney Transplantation Assistance Required  ABHISHEK SINGH590 
Jan 03, 20146390 Co-operative Housing Societies  Co-op. Housing Socities  Hasmukhlal Harilal Jain740 
Dec 31, 20136388 Personal Health  Meditation+ Discussion to overcome Fear and Sorrow  Sunny Dasgupta1150 
Dec 24, 20136370 Miscellaneous  Colours TV -Stop making fun of physical appearance  Enakshi Kapur890 
Dec 22, 20136369 Animal Welfare  Problem of Street Dogs  Vivek Gupta890 
Dec 22, 20136368 Education  Learning Un Learning Experiential enquiry on Being  Jinan Kodapully780 
Dec 17, 20136367 Children  ngo products needed  Chaitanya1090 
Dec 16, 20136366 Water  Starting a social enterprise  Kiran940 
Dec 02, 20136355 Corporate Social Responsibility  Workshop on NGO Brand Building: 9-11 Dec  Laxmikant Deshpande1440 
Dec 02, 20136354 Event Announcements  Workshop on NGO Brand Building  Laxmikant Deshpande1070 
Nov 28, 20136345 Public Health  free health check up for school going children  dr shekhar nath1440 
Nov 27, 20136344 Education Scholarships  Scholarship after Std. X  Sonali Jain1320 
Nov 26, 20136343 Senior Citizens  help for senior citizen  5700 
Nov 26, 20136342 Senior Citizens  help for senior citizen  5620 
Nov 26, 20136341 Senior Citizens  help for a 74 years lady  5360 
Nov 20, 20136337 Environment  sustainable living  Aditi Shah1160 
Nov 15, 20136327 Physically-Challenged  FREE Jaipur Foot, Caliper & Crutch Camp at AIROLI  Dr Ravi S Kumar1150 
Nov 11, 20136326 Jobs Available  Available Job  Vaishali Dhruva1290 
Nov 09, 20136325 Event Announcements  ALACRITY 2014 [SIEM]  ALACRITY 2014 [Surendra Institute of Engineering & Management]740 
Nov 07, 20136312 Jobs Available  Social Worker  Felex Thomas880 
Nov 05, 20136301 Housing / Shelter  Dharavi Redevelopment Project  Sachin Kadam780 
Oct 29, 20136295 Anti-Corruption  fraud by bmc& Sra.  faisal khan1150 
Oct 25, 20136291 Career Counselling  A Guide Book for NGOs  Dr.Gopinath1210 
Oct 21, 20136286 Disabilities  plz help ngounder specialschool .  sushma anil pawar1180 
Oct 21, 20136285 Gandhigiri  Should T N Government. close tasmac liquor shops?  N.S.Venkataraman1940 
Oct 21, 20136284 Zoo  Byculla Zoo - Immediate Redevelopment required!!!!  Kavya1050 
Oct 19, 20136283 Gandhigiri  WHAT COLLEGE STUDENTS THINK ON GANDHIAN PHILOSOPHY  N.S.Venkataraman1010 
Oct 15, 20136275 Miscellaneous  LL INDIA ESSAY COMPETITION ON INDIAN DOCTORS  N.S.Venkataraman1020 
Oct 13, 20136273 Education  Second Inter School Essay Competition for – M/E Wa  alex isaac1330 
Oct 12, 20136272 Anti-Tobacco  CSR Activities in Ludhiana , Punjab  Amandeep Singh1230 
Oct 11, 20136271 Jobs Available  Required Paid Part Time Volunteer  Sonali1190 
Oct 08, 20136269 Cancer  Needed- MSW for Cankids at Nagpur units  Dr Dhanshri S Pradhan1050 
Oct 07, 20136268 Urban Development  Expert inputs needed for Mysore City Master Plan  Bhamy Shenoy860 
Oct 06, 20136265 Governance  NEED FOR REFERENDUM ON TELANGANA  N.S.Venkataraman920 
Oct 04, 20136262 Volunteerism  "Spirit of Volunteerism” Thinking beyond random ac  Pravin Jamdade810 
Oct 03, 20136261 Disabilities  Need Help for a 4 yrs Child  Muzaffar Khan1030 
Oct 02, 20136260 Volunteerism  Become VIP and not VIP  Ashok Goyal (WQAINDIA)920 
Sep 25, 20136257 Human Rights  SEP25-Need help for worker exploitation by pltd co  Richa Bansal1900 
Sep 25, 20136256 Senior Citizens  Sr citizens in society needs ramp for wheelchair  Smita Ghia1110 
Sep 24, 20136255 Disabilities  New Book on VOCATIONAL EDUCATION, training and reh  Akshay Jain1280 
Sep 20, 20136252 BMC / MCGM  art. issues around kurla station  M. Raval1500 
Sep 19, 20136250 Disabilities  WARN  chinmay kar1150 
Sep 19, 20136249 Education  CommFest'13, Saturday, 21 September  Vijay Menon1310 
Sep 19, 20136248 Community Projects  uttrakhand releif camp  R.K.Agarwal1350 
Sep 18, 20136247 Disabilities  Needed"  rajesh r agarwal1130 
Sep 16, 20136245 Volunteerism  Mumbai Marathon Bibs available  Vaishali1120 
Sep 13, 20136243 Government Commissions / Reports  Electrol Reforms  Deepak Sethi1320 
Sep 13, 20136242 Corporate Social Responsibility  CSR nil for companies  Rahul Brahme1150 
Sep 12, 20136241 Miscellaneous  Vacancy  Bhavani RV1600 
Sep 12, 20136240 Co-operative Housing Societies  Transfer charges in excess of rs 25000  M S SURI1340 
Sep 11, 20136238 Mentally-Challenged  Needed funding to our MR @Earlyintervention Proj.  T KRISHNA KUMARI1200 
Sep 10, 20136237 Corporate Social Responsibility  Re: CSR  Dayanand Jadhav1350 
Sep 06, 20136231 Disabilities  WARN  chinmay kar1240 
Sep 05, 20136229 Governance  MISSING FILES REFLECTS MISSING HONESTY  N.S.Venkataraman1310 
Sep 04, 20136228 Helplines  Dhanvanthari Welfare Trust - All lands sales -Reg  Dr. S.H.Pasha1210 
Sep 03, 20136227 Cancer  Can-India Conclave  Dr. Karishma1510 
Sep 03, 20136226 Women  Need Funds for SHG  Ravi Narayan Rai1000 
Aug 30, 20136223 Governance  UPA GOVT’S UNCHARITABLE REMARKS ON JUDICIARY  N.S.Venkataraman1180 
Aug 30, 20136222 Professional Profiles  Avlb. Media Solutions for NGO's  Vikram Kumar1280 
Aug 29, 20136221 Coastal Regulation Zone  CAN CRZ BE USEFUL FOR MUMBAI ?  Adolf Tragler1720 
Aug 27, 20136220 Miscellaneous  CAN LAW PREVENT ACID ATTACK ON WOMEN ?  N.S.Venkataraman1480 
Aug 27, 20136219 Hostels  shelter needed to a poor student in hyderbad  Chaitanya1060 
Aug 27, 20136218 Co-operative Housing Societies  corruption in co-operative hsg. society.  vijaysingh chauhan1170 
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