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For NGOs
List of Materials Available in Mumbai (156+) for nonprofits, provided by individuals, companies, or NGOs.
Form to Request for Materials (Clothes, Books, Computers etc.). These requirements would be listed in the directory of materials needed byNGOs on Karmayog website.
Registered NGOs* can log in to their web page and fill the form
Unregistered NGOs can fill the form from Karmayog website.

For Material Providers
List of Materials Needed by NGOs (13+) List 2 (55) in Mumbai / Outside Mumbai.You may help the NGOs by meeting their requirements and providing them with donated or discounted materials.
Form to Offer Materials (Clothes, Books, Computers etc.) useful for nonprofits.
- for donors in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane
- for donors outside Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane

* Registered NGOs means the NGOs registered on Karmayog.