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15 November 2006

ACB launches M-PAC: Mumbai - Pact Against Corruption with NGO Council and Karmayog

Anti Corruption Bureau, Maharashtra State, has announced the launch of a long-term program "Mumbai - Pact Against Corruption" (M-PAC) involving collaboration with civil society including NGOs and Activists.

The Main objectives of this program would be as follows:

a) To build social conscience and consciousness amongst citizens so as to prevent corruption
b) To build a sustained mechanism for ACB to engage with citizens and citizen groups and vice versa
c) To facilitate joint programs with NGOs, Citizen groups, Educational institutions, etc. to disseminate information, create awareness, provide guidance, and invite & receive feedback
d) To recommend systemic improvements in policies or procedures of various government organizations
e) To encourage citizens to come forward to lodge complaints with ACB
f) To act as a channel for citizens to access / approach ACB

It is indeed heartening that NGO Council and Karmayog have come forward to partner this initiative of Anti Corruption Bureau. We would work together, inter alia, in the following ways:

g) Meet at regular intervals, such as monthly, and ensure follow-up activities
h) Involve other organizations and individuals in our endeavours as needed
i) Review yearly the implementation of M-PAC and make public the contents of the review
j) Display activities of M-PAC on ACB and Karmayog websites k) Take any other steps so as to achieve the declared


Anti Corruption Bureau, Maharashtra, Madhu Industrial Estate, 1st Floor, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai 400 013. Tel: 24921212, 24922618, Fax: 2492776. Email: acbwebmail@gmail.com Website: www.acbmaharashtra.org
Toll-free phone line 1-800-222021

Contact Persons reg. M-PAC are: Dr. P. Saravade, ACP, and Shri H. Karkare, IGP.

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Do let us know how you would like to get involved.

Vinay Somani
Convenor - NGO Council
and www.karmayog.org


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