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Source - TOI    
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BMC, NGOs start cleaning up beaches
Mumbai: Hours after the immersion, as garlands, broken idols and plastic waste lay strewn, operation clean-up began at Mumbai’s beaches. Armed with rakes and beach-cleaners, BMC workers, NGOs and some party workers started scrubbing operations in the wee hours of Sunday.
    The battalion had an arduous task at hand: to re-immerse more than 3,000 idols that were washed ashore during the high tide at the Girgaum, Juhu, Dadar, Versova and Mahim beaches. This was in addition to scooping out layers of flowers, thermacol and other paraphernalia that follows the Ganesh idol into the sea.
    “The sea spewed out the broken idols at each of these beaches during high tide. We had to employ boats to reimmerse idols once the tide subsided,’’ said Dhananjay Dabholkar from Aniruddha Samarpan Pathak, a voluntary organisation that has been lending the civic body a helping hand at the beaches after every immersion for the past three years.
    Volunteers ranged from school children to senior citizens wading through the muck and picking up the waste with their hand gloves.
    At Juhu beach, Congress candidate Priya Dutt launched a clean-up drive where thousands of party workers spread out on the beach. “After the deluge, Juhu beach was under a three-feet-deep layer of waste. The onus of keeping beaches clean doesn’t lie only on the BMC. Post Ganesh Chaturthi, Juhu beach has seen everyone from NGOs to college students come forward on their own to help in the clean-up drive,’’ said Dutt.
    “Since the beginning of Ganesh Chaturthi, the city has been generating an additional 2,000 tonnes of waste per day. On Sunday, the massive clean-up drive yielded a lot of waste and some more waste is expected to spill ashore after the high tide on Monday,’’ said a civic official.