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Source -  Ministry of Information & Broadcasting    

Directorate of Advertising &Visual.Publicity

 Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

Seeking empanelment with DAVP?

DAVP empanels newspapers/periodicals for the purpose of release of
advertisements - classifieds or display - on behalf of different
ministries/departments of Government of India, Public Sector
Undertakings and Autonomous Bodies. At present, more than 160 PSUs
and Autonomous Bodies are taking the advantage of DAVP's services.
More than 2500 newspapers/journals in Hindi, English and regional
languages from all over the country are on DAVP's panel.

Seeking empanelment with DAVP?
Fill up the application form carefully and give correct information…
The newspapers/periodicals seeking empanelment with DAVP should apply
on a prescribed Application Form for Fresh Empanelment/Renewal of
Rate Contract. It is available free of cost at DAVP's Reception
counter and also in PIB offices throughout the country. The
application form can also be obtained from associations of small,
medium and big newspapers where it is supplied by DAVP. It can be
downloaded from DAVP's web site The empanelment form
complete in all respects should be sent to:

The Director
Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity
Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
3rd Floor, P.T.I. Building, Sansad Marg, New Delhi - 110001
Fresh applicants are free to apply any time of the year.
Make sure that you have attached the following documents with your
 RNI registration certificate (photocopy)
 Date of first publication
 Three clear copies of current rate card without any cutting or
 Specimen copies of the last four months (for dailies); six months
(for weeklies and fortnightlies) and one year (for monthlies).
 RNI circulation check certificate.
 ABC Circulation Check Certificate for January to June/July to
December or CA certificate verifying the circulation.
 Attested photo copy of the latest Annual Return to RNI
Incomplete applications will not be accepted and are liable to be
Empanelment strictly as per revised Advertising Policy…
The empanelment of newspapers/periodicals is done as per revised
Advertising Policy of the Government of India which came into effect
from 1.5.2002. DAVP empanels newspapers and journals of current
affairs, which are published daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
Before applying ensure that your publication also meets the following
Minimum circulation…
A minimum circulation of 2000 paid copies per issue. Relaxation,
however, is made in case of Sanskrit newspapers/journals and those
published from Jammu and Kashmir, backward, border or remote areas or
in tribal language or primarily meant for tribal leaders. The minimum
paid circulation in such cases, has to be 500 paid copies per issue.
RNI/ABC/Chartered Accountant should certify the circulation.
Minimum print area…
Newspapers/periodicals should have the following minimum print area
to be acceptable for Government advertisements.
Periodicity Print area not less than
Dailies 1520 std. col. cms.
Weeklies, Fortnightlies  700 std. col. cms.
Monthlies 960 std. col. cms.
Regular publication for one year…

A newspaper should have an uninterrupted and regular publication for
a period of not less than 12 months before it becomes eligible for
empanelment. All applications for empanelment are placed before the
Panel Advisory Committee (PAC), which meets at frequent intervals.
The following members, besides one representative each from the
Associations or big, medium and small newspapers recognized by the
Press Council of India constitute PAC:
Director General/Director, DAVP - Chairman
Addl. PIO, PIB  - Member
Registrar, RNI - Member
Deputy Secretary / Under Secretary,Ministry of I&B - Member
JD (Advtg.) DAVP - Member
Do not submit any false or fabricated information …
If at any stage, any publisher is found to have submitted false or
fabricated information, its empanelment is liable to be cancelled.
Empanelment is also immediately cancelled/suspended if the
circulation of a publication is declared un-established by RNI/ABC.
Don't worry if PAC has rejected your application …

Even if the PAC has rejected your request for empanelment or has
noticed any deficiency, you will be communicated either way. You may
apply afresh after removing the deficiencies. Such requests can be
made to DAVP once in a year only.