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Miranda House committed to zero waste campaign

By Sanjay K. Gupta, N. Linthoi
Published in
toxicslink.org, 15/10/2004

Working towards zero waste on the Miranda House campus, Toxics Link has conducted many workshops over the last three months with the gardeners, canteen employees, students and teachers at the college.


The Zero Waste Management project at Miranda House (MH), Delhi, has been initiated with the construction of 12 pits for green waste and three barrels for canteen waste composting. A formal launch of the zero waste programme amongst the students, staff and teachers at Miranda House had earlier been done on July 28. Since then, Toxics Link has conducted several meetings and workshops over the last three months with the gardeners, canteen employees, students and teacher in charge. A training workshop on the knowhow of green waste garbage composting was also carried out. Through the awareness programmes held at the initiation of the project, the workers could understand the importance of composting easily. MH Vatavaran also performed a play on segregation, composting and recycling for a zero waste campus.

The different methods of composting were explained, in a step-wise manner, to the gardeners. Miranda House has agreed to keep a person to supervise the pits and maintain them once in a week, for the time being. Everybody, though, agreed that a full time worker needs to be trained and given the charge of the composting work to keep the project going smoothly. The final decision would be taken after consultations with the college authority. It was also agreed that at this stage only pit and barrel composting would be carried out with the application of Effective Micro-organisms, or EM, since getting cow dung is a problem. A demonstration of EM application for composting was shown to the staff; a worker started the process with a pit.

Toxics Link will constantly monitor the project along with Miranda House.