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For NGOs
List of Services Offered / Available (514+) in Mumbai for nonprofits by individuals, companies, or NGOs. Some services are free, others are discounted.
Form for NGOs in need of services, in Mumbai / Outside Mumbai. The requirement would be listed in the directory of services needed by NGOs on Karmayog website.
Registered NGOs* can log in to their web-page and fill the form.
Unregistered NGOs can fill the form from Karmayog website.

For Service Providers
List of Services Needed by NGOs (24+) List 2 (25) List 3 (6) in Mumbai / Outside Mumbai. You may help the NGOs by meeting their requirements and providing them with free or discounted services.
Form to Offer Services useful for nonprofits / public in Mumbai / Outside Mumbai.

* Registered NGOs means the NGOs registered on Karmayog.