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This page contains posters, fliers, information leaflets, etc. that can be downloaded and used by people to raise awareness and spread the message about a particular issue or cause.

Please email us posters, fliers, instructions, etc. about your cause that people can download and print and put up in their work places (government / commercial), NGO offices, educational institutions, residential societies, vehicles, etc.

Notes for contributions to this page:
   It would be preferable if the material that you send can be printed and read easily on an A4 size sheet
   A short self-explanatory title for each poster and the category / subject that it comes under is required along with the matter to be     downloaded
   Please try and limit the size of file / image that is sent, so as to make it easy to download.
   If you would like to have credits / references for the material that you send, please specifically indicate the same.
   Please note that we will not format / re-size any material that you send us, so please ensure that is formatted as required.

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