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This section lists details of organisations and people that would like to receive books, magazines, CDs, etc. donated by you. It also lists details of Collection Centres, and other useful resources such as list of people with books to donate, list of books that you can purchase and donate, etc.

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Materials Needed by Nonprofits
NGO City Hyderabad
NGO State Andhra Pradesh
Will you arrange for pick up? Yes
Type of Materials Needed English and Telugu- Story books, drawing books, English Grammar books, 'easy to learn' maths books, hand writing improvement books, General knowledge books, children's news magazines like twinkle etc.,for children of 7yrs-18yrs age.
Description of Materials Ankuram-Sankalpam home for girls has the strength of 65 girls. Monthly once
Type of Materials Needed Same as above
Description of Materials Same as above
Type of Materials Needed children of age 6yrs to 12 years- clothes
Description of Materials chudidars/middies/tops and undergarments.
Type of Materials Needed
Description of Materials
contact person  
name Ms. Sumitra
phone number 04027017446
mobile 09396883703
email ankuram@yahoo.com
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