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Details of the CSR activities of the 501-1000 companies for the year 2007-2008. This section is currently being developed, and hence information and ratings displayed in this section are at a draft stage. We request you to please give us your comments, feedback and any more information that you may have regarding CSR activities of the companies listed here.

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Wipro Ltd.               


Sales (2007-2008) = Rs. 17500 crores (rounded off)

Net profit after tax = Rs. 3000 crores (rounded off)

CSR Budget: Not available



Karmayog 2008 CSR Rating:  3/5



CSR activities:

Wipro Cares is an initiative by the Wiproites, their family members and friends to contribute in the areas of education, community and social development. Wipro Cares philosophy is to utilize the collective wisdom of volunteers to bring long term benefits and satisfaction to the community, as we believe that providing funds alone will not help the community.This is a unique corporate experiment to channelise the contributions of the Wiproites matched by Wipro, and the desires of Wiproites to make meaningful contributions to society, on a continuous basis.
Wipro Cares contributes through two pronged strategy: providing rehabilitation to survivors of natural calamities and enhancing learning abilities of children from the under privileged sections of the society

Leaning enhancement :Wipro Cares has initiated Learning Enhancement Programmes at schools catering to the children from the under privileged section of the society. The main objectives of this programme is to improve the standards of learning, build confidence, ignite curiosity, broaden their awareness levels, improve their communication skills in English , build a healthy self-esteem and help them break through self imposed limits to achieve his/her greatest potential.In line with its focus, these programmes have been successfully implemented in Olcott Memorial School in Besantnagar, Chennai and Government Secondary School in Viveknagar, Bangalore.

The Olcott Memorial School in Besantnagar, Chennai is a 110 years old Tamil medium school run by the theological Society. Wipro Cares volunteers work with the students of classes 4 and 5 (total strength -120 children), for about two hours on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month. The Government Secondary School in Viveknagar, Bangalore in run in three different languages-Tamil, Telegu and Kannada.Volunteers who are comfortable in communicating in one of these languages take up the responsibility of each class where they devote 2 hours every Saturday. The volunteers work with children from class 2 onwards.As we go along, we plan to roll this programme in several more schools and in other cities.  

Wipro Cares volunteers devote 2 hours every Saturday with the ultimate desire to make learning fun for these children. Once the volunteer builds a good rapport with a group of three-four children, he or she would work on the holistic development of these children - to instill confidence among them, to build communication skills, encourage their creativity and thinking ability.

Makkala Jagriti - Wipro Cares Learning Centre:A Learning Center focused on providing enriching, exciting, safe and secure environment to children from under privileged sections of the society was inaugurated by Makkala Jagriti, and Wipro Cares in Bangalore. Makkala Jagriti is an NGO, whose focus is to work with underprivileged children in the area of education. The Learning Centre will also provide opportunities for contributing to the community to Wipro employees, their friends and families. They can get involved by interacting, involving, teaching & learning in mutually enriching way to reach quality-learning environment to the economically disadvantaged children in an integrated manner through the Learning Centre..

Summer Camp for Children : The idea of interacting with the children of the school using creative and innovative ways such as arts, crafts and other fun activities appealed to the Wipro Cares volunteers. It had two fold objectives: First, to stay in touch with the children that they were involved with during the summer break. Second, to make the summer holidays enjoyable for these children, who would otherwise have to spend time playing with mud and sand outside their homes, when their parents go to work. The activities also brought forth the hidden talents of these children (and the volunteers!) be it story telling with hand puppets, painting or clay modeling. 

A group of volunteers took on the additional responsibility of organizing the camp, with the support of the administration. They planned out different activities every Saturday.The summer camps also helped these children develop their skills, confidence and motivation to succeed not just in classrooms but in life.
Providing Basic Infrastructure at the School
For a child to come regularly to the school and stay interested in school activities, it is necessary hat the school is equipped with proper infrastructure. Moreover, research has shown that lack of toilets facilities for girls is the main reason for the high drop out rates among students.In the Government School in Veveknagar, Bangalore-India, Wipro Cares has constructed toilet blocks to cater to e student population. Along with that, we have provided a gate, which will ensure that the kids will not run out of the school to the roads, which may be dangerous. Small but thoughtful contributions from


Wipro Cares.

Wipro Cares has adopted Pushpavanam village in tsunami-ravaged belt of Tamil Nadu with a desire to rehabilitate survivors and rebuild the village. Our partner in this effort is BITsunami, a trust formed by the alumni of BITS, Pilani. 

Pushpavanam, about an hour's drive from Nagapattinam, has around 1200 house holds with a population of about 6000. It lost 19 people to the tsunami which washed away 200 houses; 500 families lost their livelihood and another 250 families were affected indirectly; 35 boats supporting around 200 families, an important means of livelihood were lost or damaged and almost all cultivable land (about 100 acres) was left barren, leaving both cultivators and the agricultural labourers without a means of livelihood.
What we did earlier in Orissa and Gujarat
The damage caused by these calamities was huge; thousands of lives were lost, lakhs rendered homeless, land owners suffered incalculable losses. The calamity affected people had to begin from scratch. 
Wipro Cares' contribution in both these states, which were hit by two calamities of hither-to-unseen dimensions, (Cyclone in Orissa in 1999 and earthquake in Gujarat in 2001) is unique.After mobilizing funds from Wiproites which was matched by Wipro, Wipro Cares set up a team to evaluate the damage during both these calamities. Our rehabilitation work was done after detailed discussions with the survivors and analyzing their needs.

Amount spent on CSR : No information regarding the amount spent on CSR was available on the homepage .













Contact Information:

Wipro Ltd.


Sarjapur Road

Bangalore 560 035

Karnataka, India

Phone               :  080 - 28440011 (Extn 6183)

Fax                   :  080 - 28440051 / 54

E-mail               :  investor.relations@wipro.com

Website            :  http://www.wipro.com



Industry Sector: Computers- Software



Products / Services: Information Technolgoy / Computers
(provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions)



Other locations of factories / offices: 

Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Bhopal



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