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Home > Details of CSR of 501-1000 companies - 2008 > Details of CSR of the 501-1000 companies for the year 07-08

Details of the CSR activities of the 501-1000 companies for the year 2007-2008. This section is currently being developed, and hence information and ratings displayed in this section are at a draft stage. We request you to please give us your comments, feedback and any more information that you may have regarding CSR activities of the companies listed here.

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Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.


Sales (2007-2008) = Rs. 18500 crores (rounded off)

Net profit after tax = Rs. 4500 crores (rounded off)

CSR Budget = Not Available



Karmayog 2008 CSR Rating: 4/5

See Karmayog Comments below:



CSR activities:


Corporate Sustainability at TCS – 42 page report as of Jan. 2009



TCS Maitree

Maitree was started with an objective of bringing TCS associates and their families closer and making them feel a part of the TCS extended family. Soon after, with a view to carry on the TATA tradition of enabling the community, the scope of Maitree was enhanced to include socially relevant activities and endeavors.

Maitree and the TCS Community:
Even while at work, you're never away from life. TCS-Maitree was established with an intention to strengthen the bond between TCS employees and their families, as well as provide a platform to encourage hidden aspirations and talents. It lends a deeper and broader dimension to the work culture at TCS. Over the years, Maitree has become a part of every TCS employee's life. From cracking quizzes to conquering tall peaks, from shaking a leg to bending it like Beckham, employees have reveled in the excitement and fun of all Maitree events. And that's not all. Workshops on theatre, yoga, origami, flower arrangement, chocolate making, and a host of others have allowed the employees to learn and know about things they always wanted to. All in all, Maitree provides everyone at TCS the opportunity to establish relationships that extend beyond work and thereby, help build bonds that makes work so much more fun.

Maitree - Even beyond the TCS Community:
In addition to working towards bringing our associates and their families closer, Maitree also strives to enable the development of the society. Our approach to social initiatives entails being pro-actively involved and working at the root level. Some of the projects we have undertaken include working with the differently-abled, aiding under-privileged children across various schools in Mumbai, and helping rural community in Vazapur, among others. Many programs initiated by Maitree, like employment opportunities for the differently-abled, HIV/AIDS sensitization, peer education, Green Audits to check the excess consumption of energy resources have now been accepted as best practices by the organization.


Read about some of our social initiatives:

Advanced Computer Training Centre for visually impaired
TCS pioneered an Advanced Computer Training Center (the first of its kind in India) for the visually impaired. This center, launched at the MN Banajee Industrial Home for the Blind at Jogeshwari, Mumbai, offers courses that are in sync with industry requirements, providing the visually-impaired with life-affirming employment opportunities.

TCS-Maitree has pro-actively worked towards providing an inclusive environment for the differently-abled. With the belief that people with disabilities offer incredible reserves of untapped potential and an alternative talent pool, TCS-Maitree has recruited more than 30 differently-abled people in various branches of TCS. The following are some of the roles in which the visually impaired persons are working in TCS:

·         Infrastructure Services Management

·         BPO processes

·         Learning & Development coordinator

·         Human Resource Manager

·         Global Helpdesk

·         Accessibility testing


Rural Development Initiative (at Panvel)
Wazapur (Raigad district of Maharashtra) is a village just off the Mumbai-Pune highway, near Panvel. In spite of being so close to the city, the village is devoid of even the most basic infrastructure and amenities. TCS-Maitree has been working at the ground level over the last three years to bring about development in the village. A sustainable model has been built to improve education, healthcare, and the environment in the area.


What started off as a children's education program has today grown into a larger movement with developmental activities in the areas of water supply, illiteracy, and women empowerment in addition to the focal point of education. Apart from setting up a primary and a secondary school, some other highlights of the education initiative are:

  • Mid-day meal scheme for Balwadi kids
  • Computer literacy program
  • A state-of-the-art science lab

Taking up the cause of women empowerment, TCS-Maitree launched the WEP (Women Empowerment Program) where the women of the village were taught basic arithmetic and created awareness in health and hygiene. More than 25 women from three villages in the area have been trained in embroidery, stitching, and other textile craftwork over the last one year with help from the Women's India Trust. A new Gram Vikas Abhiyaan Kendra was recently inaugurated to facilitate income generation for the women.

TCS-Maitree has also made strides in the area of health, conducting HIV/ AIDS sensitization sessions as well as health check-up camps for the villagers and school children.


Thalassaemia Drive
TCS-Maitree is organizing lectures, poster displays, and voluntary blood donation drives across TCS offices to support those who suffer from Thalassaemia. In a partnership with Red Cross, TCS embarks on periodic blood-donation drives towards the treatment of Thalassaemia.

HIV AIDS awareness program
TCS-Maitree initiated TCS’ first steps in the area of HIV/AIDS Sensitization and Awareness a few years ago. The focus of the initiative is to treat HIV as a social issue, as against treating it as a solely medical prerogative. Associates across the TCS are participating in TCS-Maitree's aim to spread awareness and sensitize people about HIV/AIDS.

The highlights of this initiative are:

Commemorating World AIDS Day

Red Ribbon distribution at all offices

Online Quiz for creating more awareness s

Removing myths and misconceptions through articles

Peer Educator Program - Communicating with associates in their own language, through their 'peers'

mKrishi is an agro advisory system developed by TCS. It connects

farmers to their own eco-systems through specially developed applications on mobile phones. The application can support interactive and multimedia content to provide farmers the required information. In mKrishi, data from a farmer reaches the central server through a cell phone. Experts access this information on their PC and reply with their advice in the native language using Roman script. mKrishi’s features include: weather forecasts, pesticide and fertiliser advice, and market information.







Annual Report ’07-08



Karmayog Comments: Increase in CSR initiatives this year



Contact Information:

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

9th Floor, Nirmal Building

Mumbai - 400021

Maharashtra, India

Phone               :  022 - 67789595

Fax                   :  022 - 67789660

E-mail               :  anthony.lobo@tcs.com

Website            :  http://www.tcs.com/



Industry Sector: Computers-Software



Products / Services: TCS is into Information Technology (IT) consulting business and services



Other locations of factories / offices:

Corporate Office – Maharashtra (Mumbai)

Previous year’s CSR activities & rating: