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Company: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Income 2005-2006 =  Rs 8000 Cr (rounded off)
Net profit after tax (05-06) = Rs  1800   Cr (rounded off)
Karmayog CSR Rating- 2/5

CSR activities:

TCS has always recognized the responsibility Corporates should have towards the wider communities they operate in. Be it girl child education in South Asia in collaboration with UNICEF or adult literacy programs in South India, TCS believes in using IT as an instrument for social development and change. Other TCS' community initiatives have been in areas addressing environmental and civic problems; setting up and maintaining infrastructure for urban beautification, pollution reduction and healthcare; waste management in the office environment, tree plantation and water treatment.

Environment policy :
TCS' commitment to environment stems from the TATA Group's abiding concern for environment and society. TCS is in the Information Technology (IT) consulting business, which by its nature of operation has low impact on the environment. TCS will strive to provide a healthy work environment to all its employees, and conduct environment friendly business at all its offices. To achieve these goals, TCS has published this Environment Policy. In line with its continuous improvement process initiative, TCS will continuously enhance its environment policy, which encompasses air, water, natural resources, people and their interrelation.

TCS' environment policy aims at improving environment management by setting higher standards, and optimising the use of power, water, consumables, and other natural resources. It also aims at reducing pollution by minimising the waste generation from business operations. The policy focuses on environment conservation as an essential element of TCS' business philosophy and infrastructure. The main objectives of the policy are:

·Respect health, safety, and environment issues of employees, clients, vendors and local community.
·Optimise energy and power consumption, and the use of consumables and hardware through recycling or reuse.
·Increase environment awareness in employees, and motivate them to participate in and promote organization endeavours to protect the environment.
·Integrate environment conservation, health and safety measures in the design of new facilities.
·Comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations concerning environment, safety and health.
·Drive common solutions, consistency and continual improvement, for more efficient and effective Health, Safety and Environment measures.
·Monitor policy implementation, and report performance to stake holders periodically.
All TCS employees are expected to support the Environment Policy. The policy will be implemented at all TCS offices, within a three dimensional framework comprising Employees, Management, and Work-place, as mentioned below:

All TCS employees should be concerned about the environment. TCS will make all its employees aware on how work practices affect the environment. For example, wasteful use of electricity or paper at work place depletes natural resources and adds to pollution caused by the generating/manufacturing units. Similarly safe work practices protect the environment by mitigating health risks and accidents. As members of the TATA family, and responsible citizens of the country, TCS employees should observe environment- friendly behaviour, both in and outside the work place.

TCS management will define health, safety and environment goals and objectives, identify roles and responsibilities for policy implementation, measure performance, and allocate necessary resources. It will integrate resource planning with health, safety and environment concerns. Two-way communication will be established with employees, clients and vendors to promote and share health, safety and environment initiatives. The Management will also initiate ISO 14001 certification for different locations in a phased manner.

Work Place
TCS managers will review the work environment and suggest improvements in line with this policy. The policy will also initiate energy conservation, waste recycling, and paper reduction, in priority areas. The measures and initiatives emerging as a result of this policy will be documented as processes. These processes will also ensure compliance with applicable health, safety, and environment regulations in all offices of TCS. A continual improvement plan will be initiated to achieve excellence in environment management.

Tata Consultancy Services to power the future of Child Genius:Youngest M-Tech student at IIT Madras to get support for education and research Mumbai, India, 24th August, 2006In its continued efforts to develop young scientific talent in the country, Tata Consultancy Services, a leading global IT services and consulting firm, announced that it would support the professional aspirations of S. Chandra Sekar, the 15 year old M.Tech student at IIT Madras. Chandra Sekar, the youngest engineering graduate in the country, will receive a package of grants worth over Rs 7 lakh for his education including tuition fees, research activities, technology infrastructure support, global project experience as well as mentoring from senior executives at TCS. In addition to his costs at IIT Madras, TCS will also support the student's research, travel and project expenses which will allow him to explore his ideas and interact with the global academic and research community. TCS will also get one of its senior Chennai-based executives to act as a mentor to the student during his days at IIT and guide him in his choices of research and profession. The association between TCS and Chandra Sekar also represents a new model for collaboration to develop R&D talent in the country. Chandra Sekar's research interests in the areas of computer network security and cryptography are synergistic with TCS' own R&D efforts in these areas. This will allow Chandra Sekar to work on exciting global projects in this area, using the latest in technologies. Commenting on the initiative, Mr. S. Ramadorai, CEO & Managing Director said, "Being a pioneer of the IT industry, TCS realize that talent needs support to realize its true potential and as a company, we have always encouraged our young minds to seize opportunities that the global arena offers." He added: "Chandra Sekar is a talented student focused on technology and TCS' effort is to ensure that he has the best learning opportunities." Chandra Sekar graduated out of an engineering college affiliated to Anna University, Chennai during 2006 to be regarded as India's youngest engineering graduate. He is also regarded as the world's youngest Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer at age 10 and a Cisco Certified Network Associate at 11. .

Amount spent on CSR : No information regarding the amount spent on CSR was available on the homepage .

Contact details : Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
Air-India Building, 11th Floor
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021
Phone: +91-22-6750 9999Fax: +91-22-67509344
Web address : http://www.tcs.com