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Company: Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Ltd
Income 2005-2006 =Rs 4000 Cr (rounded off)
Net profit after tax (05-06) = Rs 1700 Cr (rounded off)
Karmayog CSR Rating- 1/5

CSR activities:
Shri S.K.Jain Chairman and Managing Director NPCIL presented a cheque of Rs. 5 Cr., as NPCIL's contribution, towards Prime Minister Relief Fund for Tsunami to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India on 10th Jan, 2005 in New Delhi.
Public awareness and Welfare Activity Cell (PAWAC) was recently created at Tarapur with the twin objective of increasing the awareness drive on nuclear power and channelising the welfare activities. Blood donation camp, eye camp, pulse polio programme etc., are other main features of the community service rendered by NPCIL to the local population in the adjoining areas of the nuclear plants.
So far, more than 3000 patients have been benefited and medicines distributed by the mobile medical facility at RAPS alone. A medical welfare scheme was conducted by the Kaiga project. Free medical examination of local villagers was conducted.

Sr. No


Description / Nature of Job



Shri V. F. Chaudhari High School , Mandvi

Donated of 2 nos. Personal Computer and nos. 2 Printers


Utar Buiyadi Kanya Vidyalaya, Bedkuvadur

Donated of 2 nos. Personal Computer and 2 nos. printers


Primary school of Bedi and Kalavyara.

Donated cotton carpets, shirting and note books.


Shri Vanvashi Vidyalay, Vankla-Kakrapar

Donated science equipments


Primary school, Bedi

Donated of 2 ceiling fan & 4 tube light fittings


Primary school, Vadi faliya, Moticher

Construction of Mid-day meal kitchen shed.


Moticher village

Organised deaddiction camp with the help of Brahmakumaries center Vyara. In this camp more than 250 villagers were counseled and given medicines on free of cost.


Shri Vanvashi Vidyalay, Vankla Kakrapar

Donated 6 tables and 6 chairs.


Shri Vanvashi Vidyalay, Vankla Kakrapar

Financial Assistance approved for construction of additional classrooms & laboratory in the Vanvasi Vidyalay, Vankla-Kakrapar, by the Board of Directors of NPCIL.


Uttar Buniyadi Kanya Vidyalay, Bedkuvadur

Financial assistance for construction of additional classroom & library hall, approved by Board of Directors of NPCIL


Taluka Development officer, Mandvi & Vyara

Distribution of Stainless steel plates to the pripary school of Mandvi & Vyara talukas for Mid-day meal.




Secondary School Mandvi Dated 27/06/2004

General & Dental Medical Camp arranged in co-operation with Art of Living Group.


Community Center, KAPP Town ship, Anumala, Dated 06/11/2004

Organized Ayurvedic Medical Camp in Co-Operation with District Ayurvedic Hospital , Unchamala on the eve of Celebration of Dhanvantary Ayurvedic saptah by the State Government.


KAPS Hospital , Anumala Dated 7 & 8 Jan. 05

Eve Camp Organized - 563 patients were examined and 63 patients were operated for cataract.


Motocher Village

General Medical Camps Organising at fixed location Moticher village


Unchamala Village

Gereral Medical Camp is Organising at fixed location in Unchamala village




Gram Panchayat, Nanicher

Financial assistance @ 25% contribution for construction of inner roads


Primary School Nanicher

Financial assistance @ 25% contribution for construction of Mid-day meal Kitchen shed.


Primary school of Mandvi Taluka

Contribution of 25% on behalf of the villagers for construction of mid-day meals kitchen shed for 16 nos. of Primary Schools of Mandvi Taluka


Sr. No


Description / Nature of Job

Echinition / Seminar / Workshop


Public Awareness Exhibition Surat

Public Awareness Exhibition arranged on celebration of Gujarat Gaurav Divas.



Public Awareness exhibition arranged in the Energy Expo-2004 an International Exhibition & Conference at Ahmedabad.


Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute, Surat

Public Awareness exhibition organized in the Mindbend-2005 programme.


KAPS, Auditorium hall

One day Seminar for Primary teachers of surrounding villages.


Amount spent on CSR NPCIL presented a cheque of Rs.5 Cr-to Prime minister relief fund,

Contact details : Nuclear Power Corporation Of India Ltd
Vikram Sarabhai Bhavan, Anushakti Nagar, Mumbai - 400 094.
Tel:+91-22-2599 3000 / 25991000 +91-22-2556 3350 / 2599 4020
Web address : http://www.npcil.nic.in