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CSR 2010 Details of Nestle India Ltd., New Delhi, Delhi
Nestle India Ltd. - Corporate Social Responsibility Activities are as follows
 Company Profile
 Company's Slogan Celebrating the Spirit of India Creating Shared Value
 Company's Vision -
 Company's Mission -
 Special Notes Nestlé India is a subsidiary of Nestlé S.A., Switzerland. The world’s largest food and beverage company.
 Company Type Multi National
 Industry Sector FMCG and Consumer Durables
 Products / Services 1. Preparation of Milk Cream and Cereals
2. Noodles
3. Soluble Coffees
 No. of employees 4709
 Other locations of factories / offices Head office in Gurgaon. Branch offices in Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi. Plants in Goa, Moga (Punjab), Nanjangud (Karnataka), Cherambadi (Tamil Nadu), Samalkha (Haryana), Pantnagar (Uttarakhand)
 Financial result for time period January 2009 - December 2009
   - Sales Rs. 5167 Crores
   - Profit before tax Rs. 917 Crores
   - Net profit after tax Rs. 655 Crores
   - CSR Budget Not Disclosed
   - Remuneration of MD/CEO Rs. 1 Crore
 CSR Activities
 Trust / Foundation for CSR No
 CSR Areas 1. Community Welfare
2. Education
3. Environment
4. Rural Development
5. Vocational Training
6. Water
7. Women
 Three main CSR activities 1. Community welfare
2. Rural development
3. Women
 Publish Sustainability Report No
 CSR activities in brief

Nestle in the Community


Nestlé India has always focused on long term, sustainable and profitable growth and helped communities around its factories to improve their quality of life in a similar manner. Nestlé Agricultural Services has used the experience gained by Nestlé across the world to set up a system of direct and efficient contact with the farmers. Company veterinarians and agronomists supervise the milk routes and advise farmers on various issues including proper feed for the herds. Milk storage facilities have been set up close to the farmers. Veterinary services are provided free, and medicines provided at wholesale cost. The company assists farmers in artificial insemination programs for their cattle, provides subsidy and helps them in procuring loans.


Safe Drinking Water

Water is a scarce resource. In India, availability of clean drinking water is a major concern for many communities. Almost 200 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. Nestlé India is committed to improving the situation and believes that the first step is to create awareness in the communities around its factories. A key focus area of our Corporate initiatives is to help provide Clean Drinking Water and educate children in schools to conserve this scarce resource.


Education and Training

Nestlé supports initiatives to create awareness about the right to education and encourages the communities around its factories to send their children to school. Nestlé India employees have developed a special play 'Let Us Go to School' for this purpose. This has been staged amongst the communities around our factories, and its recordings screened at smaller gatherings along the milk routes.


The Company also recognizes the active role that village women play in adopting good dairying practices in dairy farms and regularly conduct special programs that help them.


Nestlé India supports local schools, helps in the maintenance of public parks and green belts, facilitates blood donation camps and health awareness programs. The key messages of conservation, hygiene, health and wellness are progressively built into the communities where the Company is present. All these initiatives strengthen the bond between Nestlé India and the community.


"Creating Shared Value is a very different approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), because it is not focused on meeting a set of standard external criteria, or on philanthropy. The idea of winners and losers doesn’t fit this model of CSR." Read more about Nestlé'a approach to corporate social responsibility on


Mark Kramer, Harvard University

As on 15-3-11, CSR information mentioned on the website is the same as the previous year.

 Additional CSR Information CSR Activities as mentioned in the Annual Report 2009

 CSR Contact Person
 Name of contact person -
 Designation -
 Company Name -
 Contact Address -
 Phone -
 Fax -
 Email Id   
 CSR Website / Section
 Company Contact Information
 Company Name Nestle India Ltd.
 Registered Address M-5A, Connaught Circus
Delhi, New Delhi - 110 001
 Phone 011 - 23418891
 Fax 011 - 2341 5130
 Email id   
 Year of Establishment 1912
 Name of the Chairman / CEO Mr. Antonio Helio Waszyk
 Designation Chairman and Managing Director
 Karmayog CSR 2010 Rating 2 / 5
 Karmayog CSR 2009 Rating 2 / 5
 Karmayog CSR 2008 Rating 2 / 5
 Karmayog CSR 2007 Rating 2 / 5
 Posted on : 15 Mar, 2011