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CSR 2010 Details of Wipro Ltd., Bangalore, Karnataka
Wipro Ltd. - Corporate Social Responsibility Activities are as follows
 Company Profile
 Company's Slogan Human Quotient at Wipro
 Company's Vision Spirit of Wipro >> Intensity to Win - Team, Innovate, Excel. >> Act with Sensitivity - Thoughtful and responsible. >> Unyielding Integrity - Honesty and fairness in action
 Company's Mission -
 Special Notes -
 Company Type Indian Multi National
 Industry Sector Information Technology, Software and ITES
 Products / Services 1. Personal Computer
2. I.T. Software
3. Vegetable fats and oils (Edible Grade)
 No. of employees 108071
 Other locations of factories / offices Refer Pg. 82 of Annual report 2009-10 for list of 53 development centres and plant locations across India.
 Financial result for time period April 2009 - March 2010
   - Sales Rs. 27651 Crores
   - Profit before tax Rs. 5510 Crores
   - Net profit after tax Rs. 4631 Crores
   - CSR Budget Not Disclosed
   - Remuneration of MD/CEO Rs. 8 Crore
 CSR Activities
 Trust / Foundation for CSR Wipro Cares
 CSR Areas 1. Children
2. Community Welfare
3. Disaster Relief
4. Education
5. Employee Welfare
6. Energy
7. Environment
8. Healthcare
9. Physically Challenged
10. Poverty Eradication
11. Vocational Training
12. Women
 Three main CSR activities 1. Environment
2. Education
3. Energy
 Publish Sustainability Report No
 CSR activities in brief

Women of Wipro: Empowering Women to Create their Future

The Women of Wipro (WOW) council launched various initiatives to facilitate, enable and empower women employees. Panel discussions with internal women leaders, mentoring programs for high potential women, workshops and development programs and a Women of Wipro website enable women to grow in their careers.

These initiatives have ensured a consistent increase in women representation in various levels in the company over the last few years. Representation of women in Wipro has increased from 19% in 2004 to 29% in 2010.

Enabling people with disabilities

While Wipro has always attempted to be an equal opportunity employer with zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind, we have added greater focus by consciously creating more career opportunities in Wipro for people with disabilities. As a visible change, access guidelines have been made an integral part of our building guidelines so every new building is designed for better accessibility.

The changes we have made to our recruitment, training and other policies enable persons with disabilities to build meaningful careers in Wipro. The past year saw us recruiting from management and technical campuses and through consultants to welcome persons with disabilities into mainstream roles. We have recruited 20 such people in the last 2 years.

We’ve also begun structured education to sensitize our managers on diversity, anti-discrimination and anti-harassment through classrooms as well as online programs. We believe that these efforts have laid the foundation for a diverse talent team in the future.

Our efforts were recognized in the form of NCPEDP Shell Helen Keller Award for 2009 given to Wipro as an organization and to one of our employees for being a positive Role Model amongst the physically challenged people.

-- Pg 26 - 27 of Annual Report


Wipro is built on a foundation of values - Spirit of Wipro. These values drive Wipro. Acting with Sensitivity is one of the three values and is manifested in our approach to stakeholders & ecology. Our journey towards ecological and social sustainability is an integral part of Wipro’s view of Good Citizenship. As a responsible global organization Wipro would like to lead the way in sustainability practices.

Ecological Sustainability at Wipro. Guided by our conscience.

It is an accepted fact that the current path to economic progress is ecologically unsustainable. This brings us to the moot point of choices.

The most obvious being that if each one of us - organizations and individuals in the global society, adopt an ecologically sustainable path, we have the best chance of shaping a secure and happy future.

EcoEye is Wipro’s initiative towards ecological sustainability that has today become a concerted organization-wide program. It’s this lens of ecological sustainability that is transforming the way we do business and engage with all our stakeholders.

Our sustainability framework is pivoted on engaging with multiple stakeholders in areas of vital and common interest, founded on an unchanging bedrock of integrity and values.

Our customer stewardship program in Sustainability offers an integrated portfolio of solutions in Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency, Water Treatment, Green Lighting, Green PCs, Green Datacenters and IT for Green Software Solutions.

Wipro’s Green PC is a complete case study in sustainable product design, energy efficient
operations and extended responsibility for e-waste. Wipro’s Green PC models are 100% Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant. Recently we launched a model that goes beyond RoHS compliance and is PolyVinylChloride (PVC) and Brominated Flame Retardants (BFR) free. 100% of our laptop models and 70% of our desktop models are Energy Star 5 rated.

These ratings represent an energy efficiency of 10-15% and thus enable customers to save energy and reduce their corresponding Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. Wipro was the first Indian IT company to launch an extensive ‘take back’ program in 2006 for customers to return their end-of-life desktops and laptops. With more than 16 such collection centers across India, it has set the standard for responsible e-waste management.


Social Sustainability

A sustainable business does not exist in a vacuum. Its sustainability is directly related to the well being and sustainability of the society in which it is embedded. Wipro's social an community initiatives are based on the belief that business has a clear responsibility to contribute to the creation of a just, equitable and humane society.

For almost a decade now, we have been engaged in social transformation initiatives. From the time we began, we decided to engage in social issues with sensitivity, rigor and an open mind, and most importantly with responsibility. This led to wide consultations and brainstorming, resulting in our decision to work in three areas:

School education, through Wipro Applying Thought in Schools

Towards increasing employability, through Mission10X

Towards addressing the immediate concerns in society, through Wipro Cares

Wipro Applying Thought in Schools (WATIS)

WATIS is a focused initiative towards systemic reform in school education in India, to improve the quality of education. A partnership of over 30 organizations with specific projects on the ground is at the core of this initiative, involving over 1000 schools across 17 states.

We continued our journey this year by expanding our reach to a wider community. Some of the key themes of the work were:

An initiative to create quality literature for children and about education

We supported a two year project for writing a book titled ‘What Did You Ask At School Today?’ by Kamala V. Mukunda and was published by Harper Collins.

Strengthening the Wipro Education Fellowship network

Launched in 2007, this program provides individuals with opportunities to create shareable learning for schools and the larger education community.

The assignments are either commissioned books, research/documentation assignments, creating good educational literature or even working on a specific school intervention or Wipro project based on needs. Two Junior Fellows have completed their Fellowship and we currently have 7 Fellows working on projects in two broad areas:

– learning, observing and documenting the experience in some of our school projects

– a project of own interest, related to school education or children’s literature

Expanding the community of partner organizations

A new Holistic School Engagement project was initiated with Center for Education and Voluntary Action (CEVA) in Chandigarh. We work with the New Public School (NPS), Chandigarh in creating a teaching-learning environment based on experiential and participative practices.

We partnered with Udaan-Janvikas, Ahmedabad to help the organization build a resource center for educators. Udaan’s work is with children who primarily depend on government schools and the work is focused on influencing the government school system.

We initiated a new project with The Teacher Foundation in 12 schools in Bangalore which aims at making schools emotionally safe places, where the interaction with children is sensitive.

We are currently working on 22 long-term projects with 20 partner organizations,10 of which are Holistic School Engagements.

Extending advocacy efforts to parents and teachers on the importance of conceptual understanding in the learning process

This year we reached out further by recording student misconceptions as videos to schools and also conducted teacher and parent workshops. We engaged with around 500 schools and educators through these sessions. This gives teachers and parents insights into how children think about various concepts and thus better support the learning process. We have made these videos available to more than 9,000 schools.


Mission10X, a not-for-profit trust of Wipro, places great emphasis on the creativity of the learner. It also aims at enhancing the learning ability of engineering institutions in India and their response to the challenges of employability.

Our affiliations with institutes and universities saw distinguished thinkers, educationists and leaders from the academia provide the necessary stimulus to be thrust into the right path.

To facilitate this exchange and create a web enabled community of engineering faculties, we augmented the Mission10X portal with storage and access mechanisms. Faculties across the country are now able to create engineering assets, document and share them using the portal. Currently the number of innovative assets (in 18 engineering disciplines) stands at 3,370.

Mission10X set out to reach and empower 10,000 engineering faculties with innovative learning methodologies by September 2010. The year 2009-10 saw an accelerated growth aided by affiliations with reputed universities and by end of year the mission has successfully empowered over 7,777 faculties across 19 states in India.

Wipro Cares

The focus of Wipro Cares is on education & healthcare for marginalized communities, and environment & disaster rehabilitation.

Education: We work with partners to create an engaging atmosphere where children can spend a few hours a day at informal learning centres. These centres double up as bridge schools and aim to get out-of-school children back into the mainstream.

Some of our initiatives aim to provide additional support to bright students from poor families by providing books or opening up their world through interactions and motivation.

Healthcare: Our mobile clinics reach the communities around our factories and provide healthcare to those who cannot come to the centre. We provide primary health care services and focus on both preventive and curative treatment.

Environment: Wipro Cares undertakes activities in the community under its EcoEye charter. We have adopted and developed Lake Manikonda in Hyderabad. This year we worked to increase its water holding capacity, built a bio-fence and installed a water purifier system to ensure that the incoming water is clean.

Disaster Rehabilitation: In areas affected by disasters, Wipro Cares works on rehabilitation, to provide long term support to the community, to restart their lives. In 2009-10, Wipro Cares ran a pilot project in parts of Bihar affected by the Kosi river breach. We provided ecologically sustainable infrastructure such as eco-sanitation, solar lights and rain water harvesting in the community of Mandal Thola in Puraini village. We have also provided solar street lights, cobbled streets, raised platforms as shelters for animals, raised hand-sets and cleaned open wells among other activities.

-- Pg 29 - 32 of Annual Report

Corporate Social Responsibility

Reaching out to create new opportunities

Our commitment has never been limited to the processes and projects we execute in our daily functions at Wipro Technologies. Over the years, we have developed a clear road to realize our vision of taking our success to other sections of society who struggle to care for their own basic needs.


Wipro Cares

Realities keep changing in an unpredictable world. In the midst of this there arise crises that need to be immediately attended to and through Wipro Cares we strive hard to address this. From community relief and rehabilitation in times of disasters to education opportunities, health and wellness programs for the needy, we make sure that our work touches every level of society who needs our help. Our Wipro Care program is executed with the help of our employees who are free to volunteer their services and other recognized voluntary organizations who make sure the goal is never out of focus.


Wipro Applying Thought in Schools

Education is recognized as a key investment in Wipro, not only within, but also marked and leveraged as a social initiative. Through the Applying Thought in Schools initiative, we take our tagline seriously enough to build a network of social organizations committed to education reform. Education quality, research and interventions are clearly defined that our program explores.


Eco Eye

Our commitment to the ecology around us is as strong as our every endeavor. We believe that the future lies in sustainable solutions that will never interfere with our environment. With the formation of Eco Eye, we are now a business that incorporates better ecological balance in every project we execute.

Wipro Cares
Wipro Cares is our community initiative that helps marginalized communities living in our neighborhoods. This initiative is organized as a trust and works with funds donated by Wiproites and these funds are in turn matched by Wipro.

Our Operations
We have launched Wipro Cares projects in the following areas:
Wipro Cares has also volunteered efforts in various areas where extreme circumstances required humane interventions.

Wipro strongly believes that education is the basic enabler and through Wipro Cares we work with NGOs who in turn work with underprivileged children. We offer them opportunities for holistic development, run bridge schools and also train them in vocational skills. While supporting these education activities we also train teachers to engage with children who come from struggling backgrounds.

Education Projects

Back to the Future – A learning center for children

We work through an NGO called Towards Future to provide learning opportunities and bridge schooling. Our primary objective is to prepare the children to go to regular schools. We also provide them a nutrition supplement in this center.

Supporting girls to complete their high school

We work through an NGO called Rockfund that encourages and enables girls to pursue their education till 10th standard by providing them financial support. This is done through close interactions with the child’s parents and the schools. The parents have to commit their support in allowing the child to study.

Teachers Training Center - Parivartan

We work through an NGO called Door Step School to educate, train and equip teachers to educate migrant children.

Community Center to fulfill the need of children and adolescents

Our Work
We work with an NGO called Swadhar to address the needs of children of all ages in a particular area.


Rural Health Program

Wipro Cares launched Project Sanjeevani, its first rural healthcare project, on the 6th of November 2009, in Aurangabad district. It was launched in partnership with Savitribai Phule Mahila Ekatma Samaj Mandal (SPMESM), a reputed NGO, which has extensive experience in working in rural healthcare.

The project will cover nine small villages, all situated in and around Wipro’s Waluj factory. Over the next three years, Project Sanjeevani aims to build a sustainable Primary Healthcare system with the involvement of the local population. Towards this aim, the project will:

Wipro is aware and concerned about the state of the global environment and ecology. We believe that it is extremely important to create and maintain a sustainable environment in the community around us. Wipro Cares has been continuously working in various areas that contribute to a sustainable environment and some of these initiatives are reflected here.

Ecological Development of a lake in Manikonda, Hyderabad

The Manikonda Lake, measuring an area of about 8.84 acres, has been drastically shrinking over the last few years due to the developmental activities around it. Our objective was
We developed a unique niche for bio diversity by creating a natural habitat using locally available silt, stones, plantation of native species of trees, herbs and rooted macrophytes. This has significantly increased the number of birds such as herons, kingfishers and ducks visiting the lake.

Transplantation of trees in Bangalore

Till date, we have transplanted 40 trees from busy roads in Bangalore into public places. Another 30 trees have been transplanted into our own campuses.

'Less Plastic for Me' campaign

Along with an NGO called Saahas, that works in the area of waste management, we are creating awareness regarding the ill-effects of use of plastic. In this endeavor we have:

Disaster Rehabilitation
At Wipro Cares, we believe that the victims of disaster need our help and encouragement to rebuild their lives after natural calamities. Hence, we engage them to understand their needs to be able to provide them the support that will help them create a self sustainable environment.

Gujarat earthquake relief
Provided mobile physiotherapy units
Helped build a health center with a physiotherapy unit to provide care to patients
Orissa cyclone relief
Built a cyclone shelter equipped with a siren, life jackets and HAM station
This center also works as a school and is equipped with blackboards and benches
Our work in tsunami affected areas in Tamil Nadu

We have spent considerable time to understand the needs of the affected people and plan the rehabilitation program in this region. Given below are the details of the work that we have executed in the tsunami affected areas in India.

Pushpavanam Village

Our work in Pushpavanam village focused on creating livelihood, building houses and insuring the people against a similar disaster in future.
Kasturba Kanya Gurukulam

We worked with the Kasturba Gurukulam, a 65-year-old institution in Vedaranyam in Nagapattinam district, started by Mr. Vedaratnam, a freedom fighter, who donated all his land for this institution. It is a well-known pioneering institution that provides vocational training and education, and also helps girls to find jobs. In this regard we have taken the following initiative:


Bringing environment consciousness to the forefront
Sustainability is not just about protecting our natural environment, it also involves creating a better community, promoting a vibrant social network and reviving economic growth. Wipro’s sustainability initiatives are based on the belief that businesses today have a clear responsibility to contribute to the creation of a just, equitable and humane society.

Our initiatives in this area cover:
Wipro develops eco-sustainability
Energy and GHG efficiency
25% improvement in energy efficiency in the last 6 years due to adoption of green building standards based on LEED framework
44% reduction in use of printing paper through effective automated controls and behavioral changes
Water efficiency
32% of water requirement met through water recycling and harvesting
Waste management
Four biogas plants convert food waste to cooking fuel translating into a net reduction of 100 tons per annum
Wipro enables eco-sustainability initiatives for customers
Builds Green Data Centers that consume 10-20% less energy
Operates green certified (LEED) buildings that offer better working environment and economy
Helps in greening existing buildings that save energy and operational costs
Consults factories to go 'Green' and work efficiently under an eco umbrella

Sustainability Report 2008 - 09 is available on the website

Sustainability Report 2009 - 10 has not yet been published as on 1/2/11.

 Additional CSR Information -

 CSR Contact Person
 Name of contact person Mr. P. S. Narayan
 Designation General Manager, Eco Eye
 Company Name Wipro Ltd.
 Contact Address Doddakannelli Sarjapur Road Bangalore 560035
 Phone 080 28440011 Extn 226766
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 Email Id
 CSR Website / Section
 Company Contact Information
 Company Name Wipro Ltd.
 Registered Address Doddakannelli Sarjapur Road
Karnataka, Bangalore - 560 035
 Phone 080 28440011
 Fax 080 28440256
 Email id   
 Year of Establishment 1945
 Name of the Chairman / CEO Mr. Azim Premji
 Designation Chairman
 Karmayog CSR 2010 Rating 4 / 5
 Karmayog CSR 2009 Rating 4 / 5
 Karmayog CSR 2008 Rating 3 / 5
 Karmayog CSR 2007 Rating 3 / 5
 Posted on : 01 Feb, 2011