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CSR 2009 Details of Bank of Baroda Ltd., Baroda, Gujarat
Bank of Baroda Ltd. - Corporate Social Responsibility Activities are as follows
 Company Profile
 Company's Slogan Performance Next. The Baroda Next Effect. India's International Bank
 Company's Vision -
 Company's Mission To be a top ranking National Bank of International Standards committed to augmenting stake holders' value through concern, care and competence.
 Special Notes -
 Company Type Public Sector
 Industry Sector Banking
 Products / Services 1. Banking and Financial Services
 No. of employees 38063
 Other locations of factories / offices 3146 branches across India and abroad. 10 Zonal and 43 regional offices
 Financial result for time period April 2008 - March 2009
   -Sales Rs. 18393 Crores
   -Profit before tax Rs. 3343 Crores
   -Net profit after tax Rs. 2227 Crores
   -CSR Budget Not Disclosed
 CSR Activities
 Trust / Foundation for CSR No
 CSR Areas 1. Community Welfare
2. Physically Challenged
3. Poverty Eradication
4. Rural Development
5. Vocational Training
6. Women
 Three main CSR activities 1. Rural devevelopment
2. Women's empowerment
3. Vocational training
 Publish Sustainability Report No
 Member of Global Compact No
 CSR activities in brief

Pg. 17, Annual Report


Business and Social Initiatives


The Bank introduced various initiatives/strategies during 2008-09 to harness the emerging opportunities for rural and agricultural lending as follows.


To augment the agricultural advances, the Bank conducted special campaigns viz. Kharif campaign for Crop Loans and Investment Credit Campaign disbursing Rs 1,364.77 crore and Rs 855.58 crore respectively.


The Bank organized 2,702 Village Level Credit Camps and disbursed Rs 1,708.86 crore  to 1,42,351 borrowers during 2008-09. The Bank has identified 350 Thrust Branches across India to enhance Agriculture lending which constituted 32% of total agricultural lending as at end-March 2009.


The Bank formulated various area-specific schemes tailormade to the needs of local requirements, particularly where there is a concentration of industries like Rice Mills, Cold storages, Poultry units, etc. The suitable concessions in rate of interest, charges were allowed under these schemes to garner maximum business outsmarting competition. As many as 18 area-specific schemes were formulated to increase the agricultural lending.

Towards effective use of technology in rural & agricultural lending, the Bank has introduced IT enabled smart card based technology for financial inclusion. At present, the smart card based financial inclusion is being implemented at Raibareli and Sultanpur districts of Uttar Pradesh on pilot basis. So far 18,000 smart cards have been issued. Currently, Bank has 262 ATMs in Rural and Semi-urban areas and 225 rural branches and 525 semi-urban branches are under Core Banking Solution.


The Bank co-sponsored the “Bhimthadi Jatra”, a state level exhibition for women SHG products, held at Pune in November 2008, which was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture, Shri. Sharad Pawar. In all, 1,359 SHGs exhibited their products and generated sales revenue of Rs 288 lacs during the exibition. Around 50 SHGs of our Bank from the state of Maharashtra participated in the exhibition.


The Bank has adopted Dungarpur district (Rajasthan) which is primarily a tribal district and one of the most backward districts in the country, for total integrated rural development and 100% financial inclusion towards its Corporate Social Responsibility. The project was launched on 1st October 2007. The Bank has already achieved 100% financial inclusion in Dungarpur district. So far credit of Rs 21.81 crore to 10,720 borrowers is disbursed for Dairy Development, Cultivation of High Value Crops, Vegetable cultivation, etc. Various other developmental activities like training, scholarships to girl students etc. are also being done under the project.


The Bank has adopted 101 villages (101 “Baroda Centenary Year Villages”) for total integrated development spread over three years and 100% financial inclusion. The Bank has also provided social infrastructure like solar lamps, bus stand shelters, hand pumps, community halls etc. in 55 villages by giving grant of Rs 45.84 lacs. The Bank has allocated Rs 2 crore for this purpose. Baroda Grameen Paramarsh Kendra (BGPK) -an initiative undertaken by the Bank to help the rural community by providing Credit Counseling, financial literacy and other services like information on the prices of agricultural produces, scientific farming, etc. The Bank has established 52 BGPKs as on 31.03.2009. With four additional Baroda Swarojgar Vikas Sansthan (BSVS) centers opened during 2008-09, the total number of BSVS has gone up to 16. The BSVS in Raebareli and Ajmer are exclusively meant for women entrepreneurs. The BSVS are the institutes for training the youth and imparting knowledge and skills required for taking up self-employment ventures. During 2008-09, 8,274 youth beneficiaries have been trained out of which 4,762 have established self-employment ventures. Out of the total 21,039 beneficiaries trained by these centers so far, 11,569 have established their self-employment ventures.


The Bank has initiated various measures to achieve Financial Inclusion.

The Bank had adopted 500 villages for 100% Financial Inclusion, and this has already been achieved in all 500 villages. The Bank has also achieved 100% financial inclusion in 12 of its lead districts i.e. Dungarpur (Rajasthan), Pratapgarh, Raibarely, Fathepur, Rampur, Sultanpur (U.P.) Nainital, Udamsinghnagar Districts (Uttarakhand,) Dang, Dohad Panchmahal districts (Gujarat) and Shivher (Bihar). Besides, the Bank has achieved 100% financial inclusion in 10,000 villages in various districts identified by State Level Bankers Committee (SLBC).


The Business Facilitators Model too has been implemented across the country to accelerate financial inclusion of the excluded segment as well as to augment agricultural portfolio. Business Facilitators will mainly canvass loan applications for the Bank for which the Bank will pay them compensation. Individuals including retired Bank and Government staff, NGOs, Farmers clubs and SHGs are engaged as agents to improve our outreach in the rural and semi-urban areas. The Bank has so far engaged 49 business facilitators.

The Bank also signed MoUs with CmF (Centre for Microfinance) to focus on skill upgradation for Micro Finance activities for rural and agricultural business and formation of quality Farmers Clubs, Self Help Groups and providing special training to them through the CmF.

Pg. 21, Annual Report

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Bank has always believed in making a difference to society at large. As a responsible corporate citizen, it has been its vision to empower the community through socio-economic development of underprivileged and weaker sections. During the year 2008-09, the Bank further intensified its efforts in this direction. Most of the Bank’s social activities are linked to rural masses, i.e., adoption of 101 villages across India for their all-around development and providing financial assistance for development of infrastructure facilities like setting up village libraries, community hall and solar lighting systems in villages. The Bank has also established Swarozgar Vikas Sansthan for imparting training to unemployed youth, free of cost for gainful self employment and entrepreneurship skill development which help them improve their family economic status and also gives a boost to the local economy in those locations. The Bank has established Gramin Paramarsh Kendra for providing credit counseling and financial literacy for rural masses across country. The Bank coordinates its CSR activities with its Micro-finance and Self-Help Group (SHG) financing. The Bank has developed relationships with 91,536 SHG and has extended credit facilities of Rs 636.00 crore through SHGs, whereby million of households have been beneficiaries of financial inclusion. The Bank has also adopted Dungarpur District in Rajasthan for total integrated rural development and 100% financial inclusion as described in the earlier section.



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 Company Contact Information
 Company Name Bank of Baroda Ltd.
 Registered Address Suraj Plaza 1, Sayaji Ganj
Gujarat, Baroda - 390005
 Phone (0265) 2361852(10lines)
 Fax (0265) 2362395, 2361824, 2361806
 Email id
 Year of Establishment 1908
 Name of the Chairman / CEO Mr. M. D. Mallya
 Designation Chairman & Managing Director
 Karmayog CSR 2009 Rating 2 / 5
 Karmayog CSR 2008 Rating 0 / 5
 Karmayog CSR 2007 Rating 0 / 5
 Posted on : 18 Nov, 2009