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Details of the CSR activities of the 1-500 companies for the year 2007-2008

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Dabur India Ltd.


Sales (2007-2008) = Rs. 2120  crores (rounded off)

Net profit after tax = Rs.320  crores (rounded off)

CSR Budget= Not Available


Karmayog 2008 CSR Rating:  3/ 5


CSR activities:

Corporate Citizernship 

When our Founder Dr. S. K. Burman first established Dabur, he had a vision that saw beyond the profit motive. In his words, "What is that life worth which cannot bring comfort to others." This ideal of a humane and equitable society led to initiatives taken to give back some part of what Dabur has gained from the community.


Our major initiatives in the Social sector include:

·        Establishment of the Sustainable Development Society, or Sundesh, in 1993 - a non-profit organisation to promote research and welfare activities in rural areas;

·        Promoting health and hygiene amongst the underpriviledged through the Chunni Lal Medical Trust; and

·        Organising the Plant for Life programme for schoolchildren - to create environmental awareness amongst young minds.



Sandesh is the resource centre that works towards the development and upliftment if the rural populace. It offers a range of facilities from health posts to skill development for the rural community. It also acts as an in house training and information centre for farmers


Sundesh has several programmes such as Adult literacy, diagnostic and healthcare facilities, organising health camps, cutting and tailoring , training, bee keeping , animal husbandry and self help groups for farm development and reducing poverty. One of the key programmes is promotion of SHGs through NABARD. The mission of this group is to promote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural prosperity through effective credit support , related services, institution development and other innovative initiatives. Under this initiative finance is provided for farm activities like minor irrigation , animal husbandry, farm mechanization , land development , horticulture, plantation and medicinal crops. Even non farm activities like rural industries , artisans, handicrafts, handlooms , rural housing etc are financed under this programme

Today there are 94 active groups with SUNDESH under NABARD, of which 54 groups had been graded , while 48 groups are linked to the bank.


Jayanti Gramin Vikas Swarojgar Yogjna. This initiative was designed for the economic development and upliftment of families living below the proverty line. Today, the programme boasts of over 63 SHGs influencing the lives of over 700 poor people and 48 groups that are credit linked. The total number of groups under this project has topped 63. Of this, 55 groups were 1st graded by the bank and CCL was done for 49 groups. About 29 other groups had been 2nd graded and 27 groups were sanctioned loan by the bank.




Our commitment to Environment

 Ancient wisdom of conservation

From times immemorial, Indian sages and men of wisdom have understood and appreciated the value of nature and its conservation. Our ancestors recognised that if we grabbed from nature beyond what was healthy, it would lead to all round degradation, and even the extinction of humanity. That is why nature was sanctified and worshipped in the form of gods and goddesses.


 Dabur upholds the tradition

Today, we at Dabur also value nature's bounty. Without the fruits of nature, the vision of Dabur would never have been fulfilled. And that is the reason for our unfailing commitment to ecological conservation and regeneration. We would like to follow the principles of our ancient texts, which say:


"Dehi me dadami te" - "you give me, and I give you".


Back to Nature

Rare herbs and medicinal plants are our most valuable resource, from which all our products are derived. Due to overexploitation of these resources and unsustainable practices, these plants and herbs are fast reaching the point of extinction. In view of this critical situation, Dabur has initiated some significant programmes for ecological regeneration and protection of endangered plant species.


Plants for Life

We have set up the "Plants for Life" project in the mountainous regions of the Himalayas. Under the project, a high-tech greenhouse facility has been set up for developing saplings of rare and endangered medicinal plants. Fully computer-controlled and monitored, this greenhouse maintains the highly critical environmental parameters required for their survival. We are also developing quality saplings of more than 20 herbs, 8 of them endangered, through micro propagation.

In addition, satellite nurseries spread across mountain villages and contract cultivation of medicinal herbs helps in maintaining the ecological balance. These measures have also helped provide local cultivators the scientific knowledge for harvesting herbs and a steady source of income. So that they are not forced to exploit the environment to earn a livelihood.


Living a Green Heritage

These are significant steps that can contribute to a better world for coming generations. To whom we would like to bequeath a world not bereft of nature. But full of flowering and fruit bearing trees, animals, birds and humans living in good health and complete harmony.




 http://www.dabur.com/en/about/Commitment/toSociety.asp ( Corporate Citizenship )



Annual Report ’07-’08 ( pg 21 )



Contact Information:

Dabur India Ltd.

8/3, Asaf Ali Road,

New Delhi – 110 002


Phone        : 011- 23253488

Fax            :

E-mail        : investors@dabur.com

Website     : www.dabur.com/



Industry Sector: FMCG


Products / Services:  Manufacturing of Natural health care products. To name a few are ponds, nivea



Other locations of factories / offices:  Factories – Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Uttarakhand

Branch Offices – Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Delhi, Chandigarh, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, Chattisgarh. & Overseas.



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