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Details of the CSR activities of the 1-500 companies for the year 2007-2008

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Colgate Pamolive (India) Ltd.


Sales (2007-2008) =Rs.1500 crores (rounded off)

Net profit after tax =Rs.230 crores (rounded off)

CSR Budget= Not Available


Karmayog 2008 CSR Rating:  2/ 5


CSR activities:

Colgate & the Community


Colgate employees worldwide share a commitment to the three core corporate values: Caring, Global Teamwork and Continuous Improvement. These values are reflected not just in the quality of our products and the reputation of our Company, but also in our dedication to serving the communities in which we do business.


Colgate – Palmolive India undertakes its corporate social responsibility through a variety of effective programs. Since 1976, the company has been delivering oral health education to children in rural and urban India in partnership with the Indian Dental Association (IDA). Colgate’s community outreach efforts have touched the lives of millions of children, providing the information, insight and inspiration they need for a healthy life and a healthy smile.


·        Reading is fundamental

For the past five years, Colgate in partnership with Pratham, has set up libraries for the underprivileged children in economically backward areas in Mumbai, to encourage and inculcate the habit of reading among these children. Colgate firmly believes education will empower these children for the future and help them to explore new avenues.


·        Making a Difference Together

This is what some of our donors have to say about their payroll giving experience, that allows our employees to donate towards social causes that benefit the less privileged. Colgate in partnership with the NGO, Navnirmiti, introduced ‘Universalizing Active Mathematics’, to make learning of Math easy. This is a pioneering teaching method aimed at demolishing the mental block among school children. This programme is conducted at Municipal schools in and around Powai.



·        Dominic Savio Summer Camp

Celebrating joy of fun for 27 years 

Colgate has been sponsoring the Summer Camp at the Dominic Savio since 1981. The camp is attended by students of the school as well as children from the nearby hutments. Almost 400 children between 6-16 years of age benefit from the creative workshops that are conducted at the camp. Children as they grow come back to conduct these camps as volunteers to help spread the joy.


·        Smiling Moments

For the past four years, Colgate has been sponsoring the Inter-Mumbai Cricket Tournament for the physically challenged organized by Omkar Krida Mandal, an NGO. This is an event that salutes the spirit of these undaunted sportsmen who despite their disability play with a fierce competitive spirit.


·        Running For a Good Cause

This was the third year of Colgate’s participation in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon held on 20th January 2008. This year 56 participants put on their running shoes to participate in the big event to run for a cause. This year Colgate supported Network in Thane of People living with HIV/AIDS (NTP+), an NGO. The contribution/pledges supported the education and nourishment of the children infected & affected by HIV/AIDS thus allowing them to live a life of dignity


·        Sharing Joys

For the past several years, Colgate-Palmolive India has been supporting the Madhu Mehta Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization, in Mumbai that hosts a Diwali Party for the less privileged children of the city of Mumbai, bringing them joy, cheer and happiness on this festive occasion. These special guests are treated to a variety entertainment program performed by professionals. Filmstars who grace the occasion add to the glitter of the evening. A talent parade for them to showcase their own dancing and singing skills is a part of the event. A sumptuous sit-down dinner is laid out and the evening comes to a close with fireworks and large gift hampers for each child.


·        Caring Community at Baddi

Welfare of the local community is an integral part of our values around the world, and we respect the contribution made by our employees. At the plant in Baddi, our employees volunteer their time and effort to support community initiatives.


Ø      Lending a Helping Hand:

Volunteers demonstrated their commitment to society by creating a safe and protective environment for the children of the Government Primary and Secondary School in Jharmajari, HP. They helped in construction of the boundary wall of the school. Entry of vehicles was restricted in the area, so the children are safe from external dangers and can now play fearlessly within the school compound. The volunteers also maintain the ecology of the school premises by maintaining the greenery. Team work of this kind is even more satisfying when the time and effort invested has made such a difference to the children.


Ø      Building Environmental Awareness:

Every year, our employees at Baddi invite children from the local schools in Jharmajari to celebrate the ‘Environment Day’. These children are educated to create and sustain healthy natural outdoor spaces.


Ø      Oral Health programme:

To create awareness and promote the importance of good oral hygiene, free dental check ups were carried out for the children at Kinnaur district. In addition about 15,000 dental health packs of toothpaste and toothbrushes were also distributed to children. Close to 5000 childrens' lives have been touched till date, through this programme.



·        Colagate Oral Health Month – October 2008

Mission : Zero Tooth Cavity


 1)  Public Dental Check-ups

Ø      In – clinic check-ups

Ø      Factory check-ups

Ø      School dental camps

Ø      Mobile Vans 


 2)  Oral Hygiene Awareness Activities

As a responsible corporate citizen, Colgate has been at the forefront in spreading awareness about good oral hygiene. Believing that the Mouth is the gateway to good oral hygiene, Colgate with its initiatives like Bright Smiles Bright Future™, the School Contact Programs in practice since 1976 and with the introduction of the Oral Health Month in 2004, has left no stone unturned to contribute towards the oral health of the nation.


 3)  Little Dentist Program

At Colgate, we believe in instilling oral hygiene habits from an early age. This year through the “Little Dentist Program”, Colgate seeks to make children the true ambassadors of Oral Health. An estimated 1.5 Lakh children from 190 schools across 7 cities will learn about good oral health practices and also help in spreading the message of good oral hygiene to the community.



Colgate's Bright Smiles, Bright Futures 

The Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures oral health educational programme worldwide was developed to teach children positive oral health habits of basic hygiene, diet and physical activity. This programme also encourages dental professionals, public health officials, civic leaders and, most importantly, parents and educators to come together to emphasise the importance of oral health as part of a child's overall physical and emotional development.


Under this programme, conducted by Colgate-Palmolive, India, children in primary schools receive instructions in dental care from members of the dental profession nominated by the Indian Dental Association. Education is imparted with the aid of audio-visuals and printed literature created by the company. Free dental health care packs, including samples, are also distributed by the company to encourage good oral hygiene.


The Teachers Training Programme is an integral part of the School Dental Health Programme, conducted regularly across the country to promote preventive dental health care. Colgate also launched its first-ever online school curriculum featuring fun and entertaining activities. For more information, visit www.colgatebsbf.com.


Teachers Training Program 

Training in the basics of oral health care is imparted to school teachers. This helps them play a significant role in preventive oral care by inculcating good oral care habits in the students. The Teachers Training Program forms a vital part of the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Program.


Till date, 2,35,000 teachers have been trained under the program.


National Oral Health Program 

Colgate-Palmolive India continues its march in the area of spreading oral health awareness through the School Dental Health Education Program. Under this Program, over 72 million school children in rural and urban parts of the country in the age group of 6-12 years have been reached out till date. Members of various IDA local branches and professional oral care organizations organized the Program across the country with the help of audio-visual aids, posters, charts and demonstration of right brushing techniques.


Colgate Professional Program 

Key to the success of Colgate's efforts at improving oral care in India is the close relationship it has forged with the dental profession under the company's Professional Program. Going back to over two and half decades, the Professional Program unites the company and various bodies of dental professionals, such as the Indian Dental Association, in working towards realising shared objectives.


The Program works towards improving oral health awareness and oral care on a mass scale. Leveraging the dedicated and voluntary efforts of the dental profession, oral care awareness is created and spread through appropriate mechanisms such as exhibitions, the use of audio-visuals, lectures, demonstrations, teacher training Programs and the organisation of dental health weeks and check-up camps. The message of good oral care is additionally reinforced through the distribution of attractively designed and user friendly patient education materials.


Ø      "World No Tobacco Day" observed 

Colgate-Palmolive India, in association with the IDA (Indian Dental Association), organized a one-day program in the cities of Bangalore & Mumbai, to observe 'World No Tobacco Day'.


In Bangalore, public awareness was raised about the ill-effects of smoking on health while discouraging smoking. A procession led by more than 550 dentists promoting the cause was also organised. A poster competition was conducted and over 38 posters with powerful sketches & statements highlighting the harmful effects of tobacco were displayed. The Bangalore Mahanagara Palika Corporator inaugurated the exhibition. Prizes were given out to the winners of the competition.


In Mumbai, population has always been one of the city's major struggles. While the number of hospitals treating cancer has grown & the number of patients thronging these facilities has grown even faster, there is little attention being paid to cancer education. Colgate-Palmolive, India in association with the Indian Dental Association & The Rotary Club of Bombay, Chembur (West), organized an awareness camp at Chembur Railway station to address the steady rise in tobacco related cancers. Banners were displayed stressing the grave implications of tobacco consumption. Literature on oral cancer was distributed to the passengers and others present.



Colgate-IDA Activities 

Colgate actively and closely supports the efforts of Professional Dental Associations to continuously update the knowledge and skills of dental professionals through various fora. Colgate today is the major sponsor of almost all Dental Conventions, Seminars, Conferences and specialised workshops. In collaboration with the Indian Dental Association, IDA-Colgate Continuing Dental Education Programs are regularly organised all over the country, exposing the practicing dental professional to the latest advances in dentistry.


The Colgate-IDA BDS Scholarship 

In the field of academics, Colgate encourages striving for excellence by instituting Gold Medals for students topping in the BDS final examination at the university level. Additionally, IDA-Colgate scholarships are awarded at the college level to students who top in each year of the BDS course. Research grants are also provided to meritorious students undertaking post-graduate research work. The top merit holders in each of the four years receive cash prizes and certificates.





( Annual Report 07 – 08, Pg.8 )



Contact Information:

Colgate Pamolive (India) Ltd.

Main Street, Hiranandani Gardens,

Powai, Mumbai - 400 076. 


Phone         : 22-67095050

Fax            : 022-25705088

E-mail        :

Website     :  http://www.colgate.co.in/



Industry Sector: Personal Care


Products / Services: Toothpastes, brushes



Other locations of factories / offices:  Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland (Oral Care Only), Italy, Mexico,

                                                            Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK



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