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Details of the CSR activities of the 1-500 companies for the year 2007-2008

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Canara Bank Ltd.


Sales (2007-2008) =Rs.14200 crores (rounded off)

Net profit after tax =Rs.1565 crores (rounded off)

CSR Budget= Not Available


Karmayog 2008 CSR Rating:  3/ 5


CSR activities:

Rural Upliftment

1.      Rural Clinic Services-

Rural clinic service is a novel and unique rural health service scheme in vogue in our Bank since 1983. The twin objectives of the scheme are to provide medical facilities to backward villages not having access to basic medical care and to provide self-employment opportunities amongst unemployed doctors to set-up their clinics in the remote backward villages.

The scheme provides an opportunity to qualified doctors in Allopathy / Homeopathy/ Ayurveda or any such other discipline of medicine recognized by the State or Central Government/Universities recognised by All India Medical Council/Board of respective disciplines.

The identified, qualified doctors are assisted under the scheme through a rural branch as regular clinic or Part time Clinic basis for a period of one year. The identified willing doctors as per the scheme norms are eligible to get an incentive and cost of medicines for dispensing it free of cost to poor patients.

So far, the Bank has assisted 487 doctors to set up rural clinics in remote rural areas.

2.      Rural Service Volunteers

The Bank pioneered an innovative scheme called Rural Service Volunteers in the year 1982. Under the scheme, the Bank provides an opportunity to willing and interested workmen staff to work for rural development on full time basis, for a minimum period of 2 years. The scheme aims at bringing total transformation in socio-economic fronts of 2-3 selected backward villages, through coordinated approach. So far, 146 workmen staffs have worked as RSVs.

3.      Jalayoga Scheme

The scheme introduced in the year 1996 to commemorate Bank's 90th year of establishment to provide safe drinking water to SC/ST/Backward communities of rural areas coming under lead districts of the Bank. Acute shortage of drinking water faced by the impacted community has driven the Bank to respond to their needs. Governments alone cannot meet the basic needs of the people and this has prompted the Bank to take up community development projects like JALAYOGA.

The Bank through its operating mechanism identifies the areas for implementation of the scheme. The necessary land is allotted/granted by the Village Panchayat/ Village Development Committee. The Bank funds the project and implements through its branches.

A sum of Rs. 3.00 lakhs per project is released and any extra cost towards the project is to be borne by the local bodies. After completion, the system is handed over to the local bodies for future maintenance and servicing.

4.      Harikalyana Yojana

To mitigate the socio-economic problems of SC/STs, the above scheme was launched during 1988. The scheme aims at development of SC/ST colonies through a locally appointed animator. The scheme provides a grant assistance of Rs. 5,000/- to the selected youth to acquire productive assets for gainful employment and income generation. An additional grant of Rs. 10,000/- is provided for promotion of developmental activities like literacy classes, health care, cleanliness campaign, tree planting, sanitation, drainage and other extension programmes. The role of animator is catalytic in nature to bring about socio-economic transformation in the community.

The scheme has been implemented in about 390 SC/ST colonies.

5.      Rural Resource Development Centre

RRDCs are physical nuclei structures promoted by the Bank during 1988 for the benefit of cluster of villages. The objectives of the scheme are to harness and facilitate the available local resources for the development of villages and its management by the villagers. Under the scheme, the Bank provides a grant assistant of Rs. 50,000/- for construction of RRDC building with contributions from villagers in the form of land and labour.

Presently, 19 RRDCs have been established in various parts of the country.

6.      Mobile Sales Van

Women Empowerment

A Pioneer Effort for Helping Women Entrepreneurs for Markets-

·        Canara Bank, as part of its Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives has sponsored a Retail Mobile Marketing Van for Display cum Sale of House hold products, articles made by Self - Help Groups, Small women entrepreneurs, Artisans, Self Employed women etc.

·        This van is custom built high tech, solar powered, equipped with computerized billing, swiping machine for credit/debit card acceptance. This marketing van will be stationed in important locations of Bangalore to enable the citizens of the city to see and purchase the products manufactured by artisans and other underprivileged women entrepreneurs. This Mobile Van thus provides a platform for publicity of products in the entire city instead of being restricted to one area/locality.

  • This is a hand holding effort by Canara Bank in support of small women entrepreneurs, SHGs, Artisans etc to get them access to market channels for their quality products. It is a unique effort in helping the disadvantaged groups in marketing their products.

Women's development leads to development of nation!

Caters to all training needs of women to become an entrepreneur.

Are you an enterprising woman looking forward for business opportunities, skill training and a space for exhibiting / selling the products you have manufactured?

Approach the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) for Women of Canara Bank at e-mail Id hoced@canbank.co.in

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development for Women was established at the Bank's Corporate Office, Bangalore during 1988 with an objective of assisting the potential women entrepreneurs to select income generating activities and starting ventures of their own.

Subsequently 30 such CEDs were opened and are functioning at all Circle Offices. The CED at corporate office brings out a newsletter VIKAS every bi-monthly.

CANARA BANK has been in the forefront in the service of common man ever since its inception in 1906. The illustrious founder Sri A Subbarao Pai has shown the way how the Banks could play an important role in solving the social problems. Ever since the birth of this Bank, a noble tradition has been built up and has set many examples for others which has earned a high place for Canara Bank.

Birth of Social Action Section - In order to monitor and oversee the implementation of social welfare activities through all branches Social Action Section was formed in August 1971. It was renamed as Social Banking Cell in July 2001. The Bank is conducting the following activities at Head Office as well as in 30 Circles of the Bank covering all the branches/Offices.


Activities of Social Banking Cell


TRAM Campaign
Ten Rupees a Month, popularly known as TRAM Campaign, is intended to actively involve all staff members in the welfare activities. Under this programme students, patients suffering from major diseases, disabled from weaker sections of society are assisted. Every year about Rs. 6.00 lakh is contributed from the employees for helping the needy people.

Blood Donation
With the active cooperation of the staff, every year around 5000 units of blood is donated by staff members and able to save many precious lives.

Health Camps
Canara Bank through its branches is conducting various types of health camps both in rural and semi urban areas which lack medical facilities.

Welfare Activities for Students
Every year more than One Million Rupees is spent for Primary Education by providing Notebooks, School Bags, Uniforms, Educational Aids, etc. Poor meritorious students of Government Schools are honoured every year. Many orphan students are helped financially to continue their education. Many orphan and slum students are sponsored for free computer training to help them to earn their livelihood.

Self Employment and Career Guidance
For students and unemployed youth these programmes are conducted to guide them to choose their career path.

Assisting the Victims of Natural Calamities.
Initiating relief measures to the victims of drought, flood, earth quake cyclones by providing clothes, food, utensils etc through voluntary contributions in cash and kind from our employees and also arranging contributions from the Bank.

Assisting the NGOs
CANARA BANK is always assisting the NGOs working for the welfare of disabled, orphans, senior citizens, destitutes and conducting programmes in coordination with them.

Source: www.canarabank.com/English/Scripts/RuralDevelopmentSchemes.aspx




Contact Information:

Canara Bank

Head Office

112, J. C. Road,

Bangalore-560 002


Phone        : 080 22221581/22221581/582/0490/ 0491/1788/1789/1790/ 1984/1985/1986

Fax            : 080- 22248831  

E-mail       : hosecretarial@canbank.co.in

Website     : www.canarabank.in/



Industry Sector: Bank



Products / Services: Financial Services



Other locations of factories / offices:  All over the country


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