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Home > Details of CSR of 1-500 companies - 2008 > Details of CSR of the 1-500 companies for the year 07-08

Details of the CSR activities of the 1-500 companies for the year 2007-2008

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Bharti Airtel Ltd.


Sales (2007-2008) =Rs.25700 crores. (rounded off)

Net profit after tax =Rs.6200 crores. (rounded off)

CSR Budget =Not available

Karmayog 2008 CSR Rating:   3/5

See Karmayog Comments below


CSR activities:

At Bharti, CSR is a way of life. Each department and employee strives to be sensitive to the stakeholders and environment within their work context. Bharti encourages employees to take decisions and design business-linked processes that are sensitive to communities and environment.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Bharti encompasses much more than only social outreach programs. It is an integral part of the way Bharti conducts its business. The essence of Bharti’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in the ‘Corporate Values’, which stem from its deepest held beliefs. These Values are:

  1. To be responsive to the needs of our customers
  2. To trust and respect our employees
  3. To continuously improve our services – innovatively and expeditiously
  4. To be transparent and sensitive in our dealings with all stakeholders

 We encourage our employees to take decisions and design business processes, keeping in mind the following:

Ethics, fairness and being correct

Meeting and going beyond compliances and legal requirements

Showing respect and sensitivity towards stakeholders and communities, and

Nurturing the environment

We practice our CSR beliefs and commitments through a three-pronged approach:

Engaging with stakeholders

Ensuring stakeholder sensitive policies and practices

Undertaking programs for our employees, community and environment

Bharti Airtel sensitizes its employees towards CSR issues at various forums. We feel that it is important that each employee should understand the importance of environmental, social and economical aspects while taking business decisions. At Bharti, each employee is sensitized towards CSR issues and thus operations at the ground level are influenced. Such sensitization exercises have resulted in many socially and environmentally sensitive decisions on the ground. For example, Confidence Plan for hearing impaired people, covers noise-making DG sets at extra cost, investing in consumer awareness campaigns to ensure safe use of mobile are some examples of the above.


Community Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in, and built upon, the stated ‘values’ of Bharti – the institution. These values guide all our activities and each employee is encouraged to take decisions and design business-linked processes that are sensitive to communities and environment.

We have an obligation to fulfill to society and the communities in which we operate, and help improve the quality of life for everyone, today and in the future.”
Based on the basic guidelines and direction provided in the Code of Conduct, Bharti has undertaken many community programs.

Bharti’s contribution to society is structured through two channels, namely,
(a) Bharti’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives, including initiatives undertaken by way of employee mobilization as well as running environment related programs; and
(b) Bharti Foundation, a separate vehicle established in 2000 to lead the CSR agenda of Bharti Group of Companies

(a) CSR Initiatives at Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel has a nation-wide presence that has grown at an exponential rate in the recent years. Each local office undertakes special programs for the local community, thereby reaching out to people. Many projects like material collection drive and blood donation camps are organized for the welfare of the underprivileged community. Bharti constantly searches for new, innovative ways of reducing the consumption of resources, with the aim of leaving a better and greener earth for future generations.


Response to Disaster
Bharti Airtel’s response to Tsunami Disaster: Bharti Airtel undertook the following initiatives for immediate relief and rehabilitation to Tsunami victims:

Built a mobile network in Andaman & Nicobar islands in less than 3 months to aid rapid rehabilitation of the island

Donated Rs. 1 Crore to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, in addition to contributions from employees  .Created 29 Airtel Crisis Communications centres in Tamil Nadu

Raised resources for Tsunami victims by initiatives such as a ‘Benefit Cricket Match’

Employees of Bharti Airtel also contributed through a Donation Collection Drive, with a difference. All employees were not only given the freedom to choose the amount they wished to donate, but also the agency they wished to donate to.
One if the most memorable actions was the heroic way in which a Bharti employee re-established connections after Tsunami hit Tamil Nadu. After being washed away by the wave, this employee went back to work on restoring connectivity for the struck region. Word of his dedication spread within Bharti and he received tremendous response from his fellow Bhartians. Over 80 emails addressed to him were and presented to him in recognition.
Bharti Airtel’s response to Assam, Bihar and West Bengal floods: Bharti Airtel also partnered with an NGO to provide relief to the flood victims in the flood hit areas of Assam, Bihar and West Bengal. A ‘Material Collection Drive’ was undertaken across Bharti offices, for collection of material such as clothes, utensils, footwear, blankets, dry ration and monetary donations. 55 cartons of clothes and 65 kilos of ration were dispatched, in addition to monetary contributions.

Bharti Airtel during Mumbai Floods: Bharti Airtel employees climbed up the towers to restore the networks so that our customers could conveniently reach its employees.

Bharti Airtel’s response to Kashmir earthquake:
Bharti Airtel’s ‘Rapid Response Team’ responded to the Kashmir earthquake by bringing more than 2000 food packets and water bottles to the affected area. Money, clothes, woolens and blankets were also collected from employees to distribute among earthquake victims.

Other initiatives of Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel employees have undertaken varies initiatives to reach out to the local community. Some of such initiatives are listed below
Airtel Ashiana for underprivileged children at the Mohali office of Airtel

BIL North tied up with an NGO to distribute daily surplus food to needy children

Airtel Experience Centre by Access MP… for the benefit of the benefit of visually impaired people as well as people from deprived section of society

Mobile Services Jammu & Kashmir donated free medicines, stationery, clothes and other utility items at the ‘Missionaries of Charity Home for Destitutes’

Mobile Services MP & CG supported the ‘WalkaThon’ to create awareness about diabetes on ‘World Diabetes Day’, organized by the Indian medical Association

Airtel Maharashtra & Goa team visited the Thalassemia Ward of Sassoor Hospital to interact with children as well as the families affected

Airel Kerala team visited an old age home and shared a day full of fun with the members of he home

A tree plantation drive was carried out by Access-NCR, Access-North and Access-UP West Circles, where in free tree saplings were planted.
Airtel Madhya Pradesh & Chhatisgarh planted trees on its fourth ‘Circle Inception Day’
In Tamil Nadu, Airtel has adopted a corporation park in Chennai city.

Mobile Services Rajasthan supported the ‘Red Ribbon Caravan’ initiative of the Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society, to spread awareness about HIV/ AIDS. During the month-long campaign a caravan of fve vans covered 32 districts of Rajasthan, to spread the awareness of HIV/ AIDS.

Airtel Delhi organized a Blood Donation Camp in association with Indian Red Cross Society


(b) Bharti Foundation

Although CSR is executed at all levels in the organization, the Promoters of Bharti Enterprises established Bharti Foundation in 2000 with a vision,
“To help underprivileged children and youth of our country realize their potential.”
Bharti Foundation’s mission is to create and support programs that bring about sustainable changes through education, use of technology and information and best practice sharing.
Bharti Foundation has established itself the goals of improving accessibility and quality of education at the school level for underprivileged children, and to provide education and training opportunities to youth.




Source:  http://www.bhartiairtel.in/index.php?id=261





Karmayog Comments: No information on CSR inititatives available last year.



Contact Information:

Bharti Airtel Ltd.

(A Bharti Enterprise)

Qutab Ambience (at Qutab Minar), Mehrauli Road,
New Delhi
- 110030


Phone No.      : 11 4166 6000

Fax                 : 11 4166 6011/12

Email              : ir@bharti.in

Website          : www.airtel.in/wps/wcm/connect/airtel.in/airtel.in/Home


Industry Sector: Telecommunications


Products / Services: Telecommunications



Other locations of factories / offices: Offices in all parts of the country.



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