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This section contains newspaper articles on Child Labour.

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Dashed dreams through NIT lens

- Students shoot documentary on Child labour 



A child worker washes dishes at Jamshedpur. File picture 

Jamshedpur, Jan. 25: Their theme may be similar to Slumdog Millionaire but the content is different. They are talking about real-life stories of the have-nots who are forced to labour at the tender age of seven or eight.


Students and professional of the steel city are trying to help the child labourers through making a film on them.


There are many people who talk about child labours but few extend a helping hand towards them. Sachin Goyal, Hussain Zafar and Jishnu Paul, three students of National Institute of Technology (NIT) with Bikrant Tiwary, a professional at an insurance company, has decided to called the shots and make a film on child labourers of the city.


The motive behind the film is to make people awareness what kind of life these children lead. The film would appeal to the audience to help these children dream and realise their dream and have a better future. Tiwary, who is the president of a voluntary organisation Child Labour Welfare Society, already works for the child labourers.


The shooting of the film has already started where the team of four showed the areas of the city where child labour is rampant. The Tatanagar railway station, Sakchi bus stand, market area of Sakchi and Bistupur are some of the places where they have shot the film.


“We do see it everyday but nobody cares. Everybody is aware that child labour is illegal but we hardly do something to change it as these children help many among us in our daily lives. Since films are considered to be a strong mode of communication, we thought this would be the best way to attract people’s attention. The film will also tell them how to contribute to the children’s future,” said Tiwary.


The budget for the film is around Rs 5,000 which is borne by Tiwary. If Tiwary is the producer then the direction is being given by all the four.


The students are putting in their creative best to shoot the 10-minute film.


“Bikrant Tiwary is the protagonist and the film is shot like he is narrating the story. It is funny that there is not one director but four. We hope our audience would like our work. Some shots have already been taken and hopefully we will complete it within 20 days,” said Goyal.


The NIT students say their inspiration has been their seniors at college. Their seniors were involved with many socially useful work. Some NIT students used to teach in an informal school by the welfare society in Bistupur and the juniors — Sachin Goyal, Hussain Zafar and Jishnu Paul — are following their footsteps and exploiting their creativity.


The organisation and the team also plan to appeal to cinema hall owners to screen their film before a film starts or approach the retail outlet management to make it run before the public.


“We are going to approach cinema hall owners and retail outlet management to screen the film as it would help us come near to our goal. If The shooting has started about three days ago and I hope it will be complete soon,” said Tiwary.


URL : http://www.telegraphindia.com/1090126/jsp/jharkhand/story_10440424.jsp