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Statistics of prevalence of sexual abuse in India

The first ever National Study on Child Abuse in April 2007, covering 13 states in India and a sample size of 12,446 children was released by Minister for Women and Child Development showing these stark reality figures:

• More than 53% children report facing one or more forms of sexual abuse

Almost 22% faced severe sexual abuse, 6% sexually assaulted

• 50% of sexual offenders were known to the victim or were in positions of trust (family member, close relative, friend or neighbour).

• 5-12 years group faced higher levels of abuse, largely unreported

• Boys were equally at risk as girls.

Severest sexual abuse in age group of 11-16 years.

73% of sexual abuse victims were in age groups of 11-18years.

Tulir- CPHCSA’s study in 2006, conducted among 2211 school going children in Chennai, indicates CSA prevalence rate of 42%. Children of all socio economic groups were found to be equally vulnerable. While 48% of boys reported having been abused, the prevalence rate among girls was 39%. 15% of both boys and girls had been severely abused.

Survey conducted in 2001 by SAVE THE CHILDREN, Sweden found that
 68%     had faced physical abuse
46.6%   faced severe abuse leading to injuries
32.2%   had their private parts touched by the abuser
20%      were forced to have sexual intercourse

In a survey with 350 school girls in New Delhi by Sakshi in 1997, 63% had experienced CSA at the hands of family members; and 25% of the girls had either been raped, made to masturbate the perpetrator or engage in oral sex.

Another 1997 study on middle and upper class women from Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Goa by RAHI revealed that 76% of respondents had been sexually abused as children, with 71% been abused either by relatives or by someone they knew and trusted.

Samvada’s 1996 study on students in Bangalore states that 47% of the respondents had been sexually abused; 62% of whom had been raped once and 38% of whom had suffered repeated violations.

URL - http://www.arpan.org.in/csa.html#anchor9csa