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On 12/12/2005, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has entered into an MoU with the NGO Council, recognising that institutionalized partnership between municipal bodies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) / civil society organizations (CSOs) is critical for promoting Good City Governance. Read the full text of the MoU.

This web section on Karmayog is a joint MCGM-NGO Council-Karmayog initiative to disseminate important information and to act as an interface between MCGM, NGO Council, CSOs and the citizens as provided for in the MoU.

The various sections below shall contain MCGM information which the NGO Council considers relevant for citizens such as rules, policies, procedures, circulars, tender notices, advertisements published in newspapers and/or displayed at Ward Offices, contact information, etc. which may or may not be displayed on the MCGM web-site.

 - Charter for the MCGM - Local Area Citizen Group Partnership 2006 - Complete Rules (w.e.f. 1st Apr 06) 

 - BMC Solid Waste Rules 2006 - Municipal Solid Waste (Prohibition of Littering and Regulation of Segregation, Storage, Delivery and Collection) Rules 2006 

 - BMC Budget 2006 - 07

 - Policy Guidelines on the Grant of Permission for Display of Sky-Signs and Advertisements u/s 328 & 328A of MMC Act 1888 

 - MUMBAI CITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2005-2025 - Future Development Perspective
 - Citizen Charter 

Organisational Structure of various departments       

      Municipal Commissioner
      4 Additional Municipal Commissioners (City, Eastern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Projects)
      Deputy Municipal Commissioners (Zonal)
      Assistant Commissioners - City Administration (Ward Officers)

  24 Administrative Wards
Constituency Numbers & Area Description (of all wards)

   - Boundaries
   - Maps
   - Addresses of Wards and contacts of Ward Officers (Assistant Municipal Commissioners)
   - Contacts of others 
      -  BMC List of Complaint Officers & Telephone Numbers 
      -  Assistant Engineers (Environment)
      -  Deputy Health Supervisors (Solid Waste Management) 

  City Administration - Heads of Department
  227 Councillor Wards
BMC Delimitation of Councillor Wards as per State Election Commission (draft Notification) dated 8th June 2006

   -  227 Electoral Wards From February 2002 
   -  Boundaries of Councillor Wards in detail 
   -  Maps 

   2002 - 2007
   -  Contact addresses of all Corporators / Councillors - 2002
   -  Contact addresses of all Corporators / Councillors (I) - 2007 -2012
Contact addresses of all Corporators / Councillors (II) - 2007 -2012




BMC Tenders


- To provide service of Encroachment Removal Vehicles for Western Suburbs
- Tenders for Supply, Delivery, Operation & Maintenance of 48 nos. of Dumpers for City, Western Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs
- Tender for cleaning of roads & footpaths under "Parivartan Prakalp" Clean Mumbai Campaign: No. 206317 dt. 03-02-06 (marathi - pdf)
- BMC SWM Dept invites bids for composting/ vermicomposting or bio-gas projects 
- SWM Dept invites bids for Consultancy Services 

Tender notice for supplying the non hawking signboards for demonstration of hawking and non hawking zone in M west ward

Gardens / Trees
- Tender Notice for Census of trees published in various newspapers on 25 April 2006
- Tender for census of existing trees upon all lands with in Municipal Jurisdiction
- Topographical survey for Tulsi, Vihar and Powai Dam dt.19 April 2006
Disaster Management
   - Supply and delivery of 24 nos. of Excavator loaders under disaster Management including Comprehensive operation and maintenance for five years.


  Press Releases 

 List of BMC Publications:
English, Marathi 

MCGM Circular dt. 3 Jan 1996 informing Delegation of Powers to Ward Officer  
  -  MCGM circular no. AMC/C/6856/SWM of 31-3-06 informing of Non-Biodegradable Dry Waste Collection Centres in all wards

    Solid Waste Management
- MCGM circular to use vermiculture bin for disposal of wet waste dt. 9 Jan 2003      
- MCGM circular for measures to handle debris lying on footpaths and roads dt. 14 Nov 05 (pdf)
     Immediate steps to be taken for maintaining cleanliness in wards: No. AMC/C/8015/SWM dt.17.08.05 (pdf)
     Instructions to Officers for removal of existing debris across key roads in Mumbai: No. AMC/C/636/swm dt.19.10.05 (pdf) 
     Identifying spaces which can be used for SWM infrastructure/facilities: No. AMC/City/2665/swm of 16.12.05 (pdf)
     - Proposed Trade Refuse Charges for Hotels & Restaurants (pdf) 
     - Proposed Trade Refuse Charges for Hotels & Restaurants (pdf) (old) 

    Parks / Gardens
     - MCGM circular dtd. 8/5/02 on development and maintenance of gardens / recreation grounds / traffic islands through sponsors on adoption basis (pdf) 
     - MCGM circular for the provision for insisting arrangement for rain water harvesting (pdf) 

    Municipal Schools
     - Revised delegation of Powers to concerned officers dt. 3 Aug 1998 (pdf)
     - Circular to grant permission for utilizing municipal schools to registered organisations dt. 11 Dec '92 (marathi) (pdf) 
     - Rules for utilization municipal school space (pdf)
     - Renewed rental rates for registered organisations using municipal space dt. 21 Sep 2000
     - List of municipal schools allotted to private parties for Balwadi (pdf) 
     - Municipal schools area allotted to NGOs & other institutions (pdf) 
     - List of municipal schools allotted for night high schools (pdf)

    BMC Patrika 

June-July 2005
- Landscaping And Maintenance of Garden and Lawns  
          - Conversion of Organic Waste by Vermiculture Method  

       May 2005
          - 34th National Safety Day/Week Celebration 
          - Antarnad gives new look to Paediatric wards of Civic Hospitals  
          - Polyethylene Therephthalate (PET) Recycling Unit at Bandra  
          - Colleges to undertake rainwater harvesting  
          - Smart Loos by the Street Side  
          - BMC goes under to give surface succour. Micro Tunnelling at 14 more points in City  
          - Know your ward - G/North Ward  
April 2005
          - Sterlite Foundation hands over 1400 Computers to BMC Schools  
          - Using handcarts and vending of costly items by hawkers are prohibited   
          - Action will be initiated against unauthorised use of water   
          - Know Your ward:  F/North ward,  G/South   

March 2005 
- Rain Water Harvesting Awareness Campaign
          - Know Your ward:  E ward  F/South Ward  

       Feb 2005
          - Know your ward: D Ward

Jan 2005 
          - Human Milk Bank at K.E.M. Hospital
          - Know Your ward: A ward, B ward, C ward

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